Inside: Can you go back to high school after dropping out? Everything you need to know.

High School can be a very stressful time in many people’s lives. It’s not surprising that some people don’t make it to the finish line. Whether it be because of family reasons, poor choices, or simply because they didn’t get enough help, many people drop out of High School every year.

If you have already dropped out, or are considering doing so…you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. The biggest being can you go back to high school after dropping out?

Can you go back to high school after dropping out. Photo of High School building.

I am going to answer this question as well as some other important ones today in an effort to help you see the full picture. Education is a blessing, and it can be very helpful as you navigate life so I always advocate for getting as much as you can. It’s never too late!

Can You Go Back to High School After Dropping Out?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to go back to High School after dropping out. There are even a few ways that you can go about doing this. If you are under 18, then you will be able to re-enroll and attend classes once again when you decide it’s time. You may be in a different grade, but any education is better than none.

If you decide to go back before you are 18, do not be ashamed of being in a lower grade. Know that you are beating the odds and making a very smart and brave decision. You rock!

If you don’t want to go back to classes, you can always opt to take the GED test, which acts as your High School Diploma. In fact, many teens who are extra smart will actually take the GED test before they are seniors so they can ‘test out’ of high school.

But it is known that a diploma is viewed as superior to a GED. With that being said, you can still get into college with a GED alone. In fact, my mother did. She was 20 years out of high school, got her GED, and went back to school. Now she is a nurse at 40. It’s never too late!

Can you go back to high school after dropping out as an adult? Photo of someone writing

Can You Go Back to High School After Dropping Out As An Adult?

This is another great question. The rules are a little bit different after you are older than 18, but don’t worry. You can always get your GED. The only thing you can’t do is re-enroll and go to class again.

What’s more, if you don’t feel confident about being able to pass your GED then there are plenty of adult education programs that you can sign up for that will help you get there. You just have to decide to go for it. Below are some great options for those of you looking to go get your GED.

  1. Adult Education and Literacy
  2. Adult Education Information

So how do you recover from dropping out of high school? You can take part in these programs that will help get you back on track. The links above are just a starting point for you. Most of the time your state and your county will have more specific programs that you can take part in.

What is the main reason students drop out of high school?

There are many reasons people drop out of school. According to this,

The top three school-related reasons high school students drop out of school are they (1) missed too many school days(43.5%), (2) they thought it would be easier to get a general education diploma (40.5%), and (3) they were getting poor grades or failing school (38%) (National Dropout Prevention Center, n.d.).

But with that said, I want to point out that there are many reasons BEHIND these reasons. You never know what is going on in someone’s home life. Things like unchecked mental health, unbalanced living conditions, and perhaps even undiagnosed disorders can stop people from finishing High School.

When I was younger, I had a friend who dropped out because she had to help take care of her siblings. Luckily she was able to go back a few years ago and she’s improved her life drastically since. You never really know what is happening, so practice being non-judgemental. For the sake of others, and yourself.

What Happens To A High School Dropout?

I cannot say for certain because everyone’s lives are different. But this Article states,

Over a lifetime, high school dropouts earn on average $200,000 less than those who graduate high school. In dropouts aged 16-24, the incarceration rates are 63 times higher than in college graduate groups. High school dropouts experience a poverty rate of 30.8 percent, more than twice that of college graduates.

These numbers are not very favorable. Isn’t it crazy how one simple thing can have such large ripple effects throughout someone’s life? You can make the change and avoid these things starting today.

Do students regret dropping out of high school? Photo of student with head in their hands.

Do Students Regret Dropping Out of High School?

Again, I cannot speak for every person who has dropped out but according to this study,

“Most students who drop out of high school in the United States admit they made a mistake by quitting and some say they might have stayed if classes were more challenging, according to a report released today.”

Sometimes regret is actually the thing that keeps us from making positive changes. We think that it’s too late, or we feel too shameful to try and set things right. If you relate to this, just know that if you were willing to make yourself a little more uncomfortable.

If you push yourself, you could achieve more than you might expect. Plus, you are already making yourself miserable by focusing on the fact that you didn’t finish. You might as well channel that misery into something good.

What Problems Do High School Dropouts Face?

There are many different kinds of problems that high school dropouts face, this article states that,  “There are countless studies to back that up, students who don’t earn a high school diploma are much more likely to face poverty, bad health, require welfare, and engage in crime.”

It doesn’t just affect your ability to get a job. It reaches into almost every aspect of your life that makes you safe and secure.

can you go back to high school after dropping out?

So as you can see, getting your High School Diploma is very important. Whether it is in the form of a GED or not, having one can have an insanely positive impact on your life. While not having one can be more detrimental than you could imagine.

I hope this answered the question, ‘Can you go back to High School after dropping out?” If there is one thing you take home from this, please let it be that it is never too late. Whatever your reason for dropping out was, you were and maybe still are just a teenager.

You can get your life back on track with a little bit of work and determination. I know you can do this! Education not only helps you financially, but it also helps you to navigate the world around you with more depth and grace. And who doesn’t want that?