Inside: How to create a behavioral contract for teenager PDF to guide your family discipline. 

Watching your child grow from toddler to teen is a beautiful experience. Though once they reach that milestone, there are some less fun things that come into play.

There are so many raging hormones rushing through them at any given time, it’s pretty widely known that teens have some of the most challenging behaviors and feelings.

It’s not only an internal change for them but an external change for you. Now is the time for you to start creating some new rules, enforcing some boundaries, and giving them new freedoms.

It can be confusing for both parties honestly. There are definitely a few ways to help ease this transition over.

One of the clearest and most concise of which is constructing a behavior contract for your teen. I know, that sounds intense, but it’s really not.

Samples of Behavior Contracts for teens

What is a Behavior Contract?

A behavior contract is essentially an outline of the expectations your teen will now be facing as they grow older. Nothing too serious, but it will touch upon the different responsibilities they’ll have and how you would like them to act. It will talk about what kind of rights they have and will also include reassurances about how you will be acting as well.

These are actually a very helpful encouragement tool for when your teen is having a hard time with their behavior. It is so helpful because it basically answers any questions or concerns in a clear way.

This shows your teen how they are expected to act going forward to create a healthy and balanced home life. It is a very confusing time, and these contracts help to clear up that confusion.

Also, the act of signing your name to something has very powerful cognitive effects on the brain, and teens are more likely to follow through with what they are agreeing to.

You can find many of these contracts online. To help you get started I compiled a list of the different kinds that you can use from PDF Templates to Microsoft Word. Keep in mind that though there are many of these out there, there may not be one that will fit you and your teen’s relationship.

So I wanted to also include a sample behavior contract that you can use as a basis for writing your own. After all, every household is unique and it is very important that your contract reflects your and your teen’s needs.

Behavior Contract PDF template download file

Behavior Contract for Teenager PDF Templates

This first list is composed of PDF Templates and Behavior Contracts. These are pre-written for you and are super simple to download and then print. You could be having improved behavior in your child by the end of the day with how fast these work! Remember that these are not meant to a like an authoritarian ruling.

Your teen will make mistakes, every human does. But these will help to act as at least a guide for how they should be striving to act.

1. Printable Contracts

2. Simple Behavior Contracts

3. Editable Behavior Consequence Chart

4. Electronics Contract

5. Cute Behavior Contracts

6. Classroom Behavior Contracts

7. Homework Contract

8. Behavior Reflection

9. Editable Behavior Consequence Chart

10. Problem Solving Behavior Chart

11. Phone Contract

12. Self Reflection Behavior Questions

Behavior Contract for Teenager Word Document Ideas

For those of you who prefer to work with Word Docs, this next list is for you!

13.  Microsoft Word Behavior Document

14. Student Behavior Contract

15. Behavior Contract Free

16. Behavior Contract Ideas

Cute Behavior Contracts

17.  Allowance Behavior Contract

18. Behavior Contract for Tweens

19. Behavior Contract for Teens and Tweens

20. Curfew Contract

21. General Behavior Contract

Tween Behavior Contract

Behavior Contract for Tweens

Teens aren’t the only age bracket that would benefit from a behavior contract. It’s even better to start this tradition while they are younger so they don’t have to just try and guess what their role will be and how it will change over time. Like I said before, it can be so confusing when these things aren’t laid out.

It might make perfect sense to you as an adult but to a kid, they’ve never experienced this before. And so if you just start expecting them to act a certain way and to take responsibility for things without talking to them, you risk creating a lot of mental strife within your child.

Thus, these contracts help to make even your tweens more comfortable as they grow into the mini adults that they will inevitably become. Take a look at these!

22. Kid’s Chore Contract

23. Kids Allowance Contract

24.  Editable Homework Behavior Contract

25. Responsibility Contract

26. Chore Contract

27. Cute Behavior Contract for School

28. Cell Phone Contract

39. Summer Contract

30. Social Media Contract

31. Behavior Chart Bundle

32. Family Responsibility Chart

33. Screen Time Contract

34. Digital Behavior Chart Pack

35. Behavior Chart

36. Weekly Behavior Contract

37. Sibling Behavior Contract

38. Classic Empty Behavior Contract

39. Simple Behavior Contract

40. Cursing Behavior Contract

41. Clean Room Contract

42. Summer Activities Behavior Contract

Sample behavior contract for teenager

Sample Behavior Contract for Teenagers

Here is my sample behavior contract that you can use as a basis for writing your own more personalized one. Feel free to copy and paste this into your word processor of choice to get started.

   Name: _______________________                                                                      Date: ___________

I know I have the right to:

  • Live in an environment that is safe from judgment, harassment, and misconceptions.
  • Talk openly in a space that is supportive
  • Know what behaviors are acceptable and which will be subject to discipline
  • Have bad days
  • Make mistakes

I agree to:

  • Always try and convey my feelings in a calm manner that allows for discussion
  • Help out around the house when asked
  • Take care of my homework and duties
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Take a breather in moments of anger or annoyance
  • Behave respectfully
  • Keep my parents informed about the happenings in my life, such as school, friends, and any troubles that I go through
  • Do the best I can but remember that making mistakes is normal
  • Being responsible for my own actions
  • Try and see both sides of an argument
  • Keep my bathroom clean
  • Adhere to curfew rules

By signing this document, I acknowledge everything above to be true and will follow them to the best of my ability.

Name:_________________________ Signature: _________________________ Date: _________


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