Teen Game Night Ideas for Families To Play

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Inside: Top game ideas for families with teens that you need to add to your holiday family time list. Navigating the world of teenagers can often feel like walking through a maze with a blindfold, right!? Especially when it comes to planning a family game night that doesn’t include eye-rolls and ‘too cool for this’ […]

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Best 80s Teen Movies To Build Character

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Inside: Best 80s teen movies that are a must see to build character. Ah, the 80s, a decade of neon colors, big hair, and unforgettable teen movies that continue to captivate audiences to this day. As I journey back to this nostalgic era, memories flood my mind with the infectious charm of John Hughes’ iconic […]

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45 Daddy Daughter Trips To Strengthen Your Bond

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Inside: Cutest daddy daughter trips that will strengthen your bond. When I was a little girl, my dad used to make special trips for just him and I. This meant so much to me, especially because I was a middle child. When you have other siblings, it can be easy to feel a little lost […]

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43 Behavior Contract for Teenager Sample PDF Templates

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Inside: How to create a behavioral contract for teenager PDF to guide your family discipline.  Watching your child grow from toddler to teen is a beautiful experience. Though once they reach that milestone, there are some less fun things that come into play. There are so many raging hormones rushing through them at any given […]

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8 Things You Should Stop Doing For Your Teenager

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Inside: 8 Things You Should Stop Doing For Your Teenager. So, your child is becoming a teenager! This time can be both terrifying and exciting. You no longer have to watch like a hawk to make sure they don’t throw themselves down a flight of stairs or choke on a lego, but you do have […]

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27 Best Teenage Daughter Quotes

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Inside : 27 teenage daughter quotes that offer inspiration and advice, including quotes that celebrate the bond between mothers and teenage daughters. Being a teenage girl is a special experience in a number of ways. It’s a period of rapid growth and learning, and it can be overwhelming and even scary. As a teenage girl, […]

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Best Chores for Teenagers + Tips for Creating Habits

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Inside: Chores for teenagers, favorite chore charts for teens & tips for creating habits Teens are all about freedom and independence, so being told what to do may not be their favorite thing. Expect some resistance and a bit of annoyance at first, especially if your teen didn’t grow up doing things around the house […]

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27+ Best Family Vacations with Teens (Fun for Everyone)

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Inside: The Best Family Vacations with Teens (Fun for Everyone). It can be challenging to organize the ideal family vacation when you have to please everyone, from the youngest child to the most discerning teen. When arranging the ideal vacation, it’s important to think about what will appeal to each member of the group. In […]

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Best 100+ Movies to Watch with Teens

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Inside: The Best Movies to Watch with Teens (100+ Ideas). One of our favorite things to do together as a family is to sit down with a bowl of popcorn, cuddled up in the living room with some cozy blankets, and settle in for a fun movie night. But there is usually one problem that […]

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53+ Creative Ideas Family Photos with Teens

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Inside: 53 Ideas for Family Photos with Teens So, get serious for a minute… Organizing a family photo shoot isn’t always a picnic. When my children were younger, taking family photos always resulted in heated debates over what to wear, tears (on everyone’s part), a lot of pleading and bribery to get the desired number […]

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