45 Daddy Daughter Trips To Strengthen Your Bond

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Inside: Cutest daddy daughter trips that will strengthen your bond. When I was a little girl, my dad used to make special trips for just him and I. This meant so much to me, especially because I was a middle child. When you have other siblings, it can be easy to feel a little lost […]

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55 Father’s Day Questionnaire for Teens Top Prompts

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Inside: Best questions to include on a father’s day questionnaire for teens. Getting to know your Dad can be a whole lot of fun, and I think it is something that is taken for granted constantly. As a teen, you probably almost NEVER think about your Dad’s past. You are too busy figuring out your […]

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Life Changing Netflix Documentaries to Watch with Teens

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Inside: Netflix documentaries to watch with teens that will leave you thinking. I don’t know about you, but very little in this life leaves me feeling as inspired as a documentary does. I wish I had watched more of them as I was growing up because they are so informational and entertaining at the same […]

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43 Behavior Contract for Teenager Sample PDF Templates

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Inside: How to create a behavioral contract for teenager PDF to guide your family discipline.  Watching your child grow from toddler to teen is a beautiful experience. Though once they reach that milestone, there are some less fun things that come into play. There are so many raging hormones rushing through them at any given […]

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8 Things You Should Stop Doing For Your Teenager

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Inside: 8 Things You Should Stop Doing For Your Teenager. So, your child is becoming a teenager! This time can be both terrifying and exciting. You no longer have to watch like a hawk to make sure they don’t throw themselves down a flight of stairs or choke on a lego, but you do have […]

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