27 Best Teenage Daughter Quotes

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Inside : 27 teenage daughter quotes that offer inspiration and advice, including quotes that celebrate the bond between mothers and teenage daughters. Being a teenage girl is a special experience in a number of ways. It’s a period of rapid growth and learning, and it can be overwhelming and even scary. As a teenage girl, […]

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Best Chores for Teenagers + Tips for Creating Habits

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Inside: Chores for teenagers, favorite chore charts for teens & tips for creating habits Teens are all about freedom and independence, so being told what to do may not be their favorite thing. Expect some resistance and a bit of annoyance at first, especially if your teen didn’t grow up doing things around the house […]

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27+ Best Family Vacations with Teens (Fun for Everyone)

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Inside: The Best Family Vacations with Teens (Fun for Everyone). Planning the perfect family trip can be difficult especially when you have to consider EVERYONE in the family, including those picky teens. When you’re planning the perfect vacation you want to make sure to take everyone’s interest into consideration. Like adventure, entertainment, hobbies, and even […]

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