Inside: How long is a high school football game? Tips for surviving the long games.

So…you are going to a High School Football game. My guess is that you don’t know too much about Football since you chose this article, and that is okay! I have been where you are before. So let me impart the wisdom that I have gathered from years of home games.

I answer the age-old question, “How Long is a High School Football Game?” And “Is it over yet?”. I also give you some pretty epic tips on how to pass the time as you wait for the clock to count down.

How long is a high school football game a survival guide

Football can be confusing, but it can also be extremely fun…if you know how to survive it. I wish I had had these tips when I was going to my very first football game. But at least I can say that I am helping other people now. Isn’t that what it’s all about? So grab your nachos(oh shoot, that was a spoiler alert from the ‘how to survive section’), and let’s get into this.

How Long Is A High School Football Game?

Typically a High School Football game will last anywhere from 2 hours to 3 hours, depending on the game. Yep…that is a very long time, especially for someone who is just getting into football. So let me break down why it lasts this long. I feel like the more you know about football, the better your experience will be.

Why is a High School Football game 2.5 hours long?

So in High School Football, the quarters are a little shorter, running at 12 minutes in length. There are four quarters in total, and I know what you are thinking, “Uhm, hey. That math isn’t mathing. That would mean that the game’s total length would be less than an hour.” Yep, I know.

Just be happy that you are learning this before you get there. Do you know how frustrating it is to realize how slowly that time ticks down? It’s worse than my microwave.

So here is the deal: You have to add 20 Minutes for half-time, which puts us at about an hour and ten minutes. Now here is the kicker(pun totally intended). Every time there is a time-out or a penalty called, the timer is put on pause. So all in all, you can expect another full hour to be added to game time.

Now, if there is a tie, that is when the game is stretched to nearly 3 hours. They have to extend the game, which causes more time. So what do you do during this time while you watch the game…I can help you with that too.

How to survive a high school football game

How to Survive a High School Football Game

Now we get into the fun stuff: how to survive(and maybe even enjoy) a high school football game. There are tons of great tips here. If you listen to them all then you are in for a wonderful night. So listen up!

Step One: Wear Comfy/Warm Clothes

Depending on where you live, chances are you are probably going to get cold during the night. These football games take place during the colder months, and those metal bleachers can really get to you

. So it is very important to prepare by choosing a cute outfit that is comfortable AND warm. Unless you live somewhere super warm out. Then still make sure to bring a jacket, to sit on at least.

Step Two: Meet Up With Friends

This is a crucial step. You HAVE to meet up with friends. Otherwise, you are just sitting alone all night, and that is no fun whatsoever. So plan ahead of time to meet up with some people from class. Sure, you might see a lot of people you know there already, but it is different from having a core group of people that you KNOW will be there.

Step Three: Bring Money For Snacks

This is also a very important step. This game is all about snacks, at least for me. At every football game, there is a concession stand that is full of nachos, hot dogs…basically, all of the junk food that you could ever dream of. It is your job to stalk up on it. Enjoy it with every fiber of your being; the food is why you are actually there. Okay, jokes, but you know what I mean.

Step Four: Route for your Home Team

It doesn’t get much more awkward than cheering for the wrong team. So even if you don’t quite know what is going on, make sure that you are at least cheering for the right side. You have no idea how annoyed people will get if you mess this one up.

Plus, it is actually a lot of fun to see your team succeed. If you go to more games, you will slowly learn what the plays mean and what to look for. Then it’s all uphill from there! It’s loads of fun to go to a football game when you actually know what is going on. But for now, just hold onto your friends, your food, and your extra jacket that you are using as a cushion.

What to do during half time

What to Do During Half Time

Now half, time is one of the best times of the game. You aren’t too cold yet, you still have more room for food, and you get to have a little entertainment break with the band or the cheerleaders. There are quite a few things you can do during halftime.

I would recommend getting up and stretching. You have most liked sitting for over an hour while you devoured the consession food, so it is only right that you do your body this kindness and get some circulation before your blood turns to nacho cheese. Walk around, talk to people, and mingle a little.

You can also take your time and watch the cheerleaders. They really don’t get enough credit for doing those flips. But the most important thing you can do is to GET MORE SNACKS. That way, you don’t have to get up in front of anyone if you need more. Also, try to get back to your seat before the game starts so you can get a good spot again. There are no savsies in football.

how long is a high school football game

How Long Is A High School Football Game? Conclusion

So, now you know the answer to the ultimate question: How Long Is A High School Football Game? It’s about 2.5 hours! And now that you know how to survive, you may actually find yourself having fun.

Okay, all jokes aside, football IS fun. The energy from the crowd, the food(yes I am stuck on that), the people…it’s actually pretty amazing. So get out there and have some fun. This is one of those must-have High School experiences! Just please, for the love of all that is good, bring comfy clothes.

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