Inside: 37 Cool Blog Ideas for Teens {Lifestyle + Teen Life}

If you have a teenager who is interested in blogging, it may be a good idea to help them find some fun, appropriate, unique blog topics for teenagers. There is often a lack of direction when it comes to expressing themselves through their writing, so having some helpful topics to look through might just inspire that creativity to motion.

Teen Blog Topics

Teenage Girl Blogs to Follow

These fun blog posts about teenage life are great to follow and pull inspiration from. They are full of great tips, tricks, and advice for teenage life.

By Sophia Lee: Sophia Lee started her blog in her teens with the goal to help high school and college students get through life easier. She claims to be the millennial Martha Stewart and honestly… I can see it!

Modern Teen: You can learn tips on college, teen life, studying, money, fashion, relationships, and more! If this isn’t one of the best blogs for teenagers then I don’t know what is.

Teen Vogue: Teen Vogue is possibly the largest blog for teenagers on this list with millions of monthly viewers and a diverse teen audience. This blog covers all things politics, current events, identity, style, and culture. Clearly different from the other blogs mentioned so far.

Fran Acciardo: Fran, the true teenage lifestyle blogger, has grown her blog to such an impressive point that it’s hard not to like her! Her blog focuses on college, travel, music, style, and so much more through the eyes of a young adult. If you want a classic blogger that simply shares her life and what works for her, definitely check out Fran Acciardo’s blog for some inspiration.

Blog Writing Topics for Teens

Let’s start with some easy and fun blog ideas for teens. Food and beauty are great topics for teens to write about!


If you include food-related blog posts on your blog then you’re not limited to just posting recipes. Maybe you eat out a lot with your friends and have some great recommendations you want to share with your readers? Maybe you are really into healthy eating and want to share some tips on what to eat on a healthy diet?

1. Your favorite spots to eat.

2. Ideas for easy snacks/appetizers.

3. A list of your favorite food documentaries/tv-shows.

4. Your food diary.

5. Do a home version of Chopped!: Grab a friend, or sister, brother, your mom, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, pick some unusual ingredients for one another and try to come up with a three-course meal. This could definitely be a very fun post!

Blog Writing Topics


Naturally, I had to include some ideas for all my fellow beauty bloggers! When it comes to beauty, the possibilities are truly endless and you’re not limited to only writing product reviews (although who doesn’t love reading those?).

6. Product Review: Maybe try reviewing a different product, something that no one else has talked about yet?

7. “Everyday” Products

8. Makeup Tutorial

9. Hair Tutorial

10. Skincare Routine

11. Favorite Hairstyles

12. What’s in my makeup bag.

13. Monthly Favorites.

14. Compile a list of beauty “dupes”.

Cool Blog Topics Teenagers Can Write

Fashion and lifestyle are more great blog ideas for teens. They are topics that teens would excel at writing at and it give them a great purpose to share their ideas.


Similar to food bloggers, if you’re a fashion or style blogger, you’re not just limited to posting OOTD’s.

15. 10 ways to style… (a white shirt, a leather skirt, converse shoes, etc)

16. Tips for shopping: If you’re a fashion or style blogger you probably love a good bargain, maybe there are some tips that you can share for saving money, finding good deals and/or coupons, etc.

17. Do a budget outfit post- give yourself a $50 limit for example to spend at Forever 21 or other store and create an entire outfit

18. Style Must-Haves (staples)

Cool Blog Topics


Lifestyle blogs are probably amongst some of my favorites to read. I love seeing little glimpses of other people’s lives (I think it’s our nature.. you know, being  a little nosey 🙂 )

19. Day in your life

20. Places you’ve visited (say, you’ve visited Paris or NYC, write up a post on best places to go and see, etc. maybe you have some tips about organizing a weekend getaway? )

21. Share your skills: We’re all good at something, whether it be creating fun makeup looks, cooking, writing, photography. Share your skills with your readers, try to teach them something new, give them some tips. Posts like these usually have a lot of value and are really timeless.

22. What’s in my bag

23. 10 things to be happy about

24. Talk about your morning routine

Teen Blog Topics

Here are a few more of our favorite blog ideas for teens. Talking about their personal life, thoughts, and dream is a great place to start on the blog world.


Sometimes getting a little personal on your blog can pay off big time. You don’t have to share all of your secrets, but maybe by sharing a personal story, you will find that some of your readers can relate to you and this can spark some interesting discussions.

25. Write about your dreams for the future.

26. Summer bucket list.

27. Write about who and what inspires you.

28. How do you stay creative?

29. Share some high school tips.

30. List of your dreams and goals for the future.

31. Share the best piece of advice given to you by someone else.

blog ideas for teens


Some of my favorite bloggers blog a lot about..blogging! It’s always helpful to see others share their resources and tips.

32. Share what keeps you motivated.

33. Interview another blogger.

34. Share some photography tips: If that’s something you’re passionate about.

35. Show off your blogging/photography equipment: Give some tips about same to others.

36. Share some of your favorite blog posts from fellow bloggers.

37. Share some things that you’ve learned on the technical side of blogging.

More Fun Ideas Teens Will Love

If you like these fun blog ideas for teens then check out a few more of our favorite ideas for teens.

  • Trendy Nail Ideas for Teens – We are obsessed with these new trendy nail trends. They are colorful, creative, and totally fun. Now don’t get me wrong, there are still some challenges when it comes to this trend and teens, like cost, maintenance, and should I allow my 13-year-old to wear acrylics? Lucky for you, we have come up with the ultimate list of fun nail designs that won’t break the bank, will look good on any age of teen, and don’t require talon like nails to be done.
  • Hairstyles for Teens – From beachy waves and messy buns to epic braids and super straight sleek hair, there are literally hundreds (and hundreds) of hairstyles to inspire teen girls! So, if your favorite girl is looking for a new hairstyle this season, we’ve gathered the cutest hairstyles around to give her the inspiration she needs!
  • Cute Date Ideas for Teens – With their nails and hair done, these teens obviously need a reason to show them off (other than Instagram of course). What better way to show off your new style than on a date. These fun teen date ideas are perfect for those teens that may or may not be able to drive or lack in the money department. Each is still a blast and makes for a great first-date idea.

Blog Ideas for Teens