Inside: 37 Cool Blog Ideas for Teens {Lifestyle + Teen Life}

If you have a teenager who is interested in blogging, it may be a good idea to help them find some fun, appropriate, unique blog topics for teenagers. There is often a lack of direction when it comes to expressing themselves through their writing, so having some helpful topics to look through might just inspire that creativity to motion.

Teen Blog Topics

Teenage Girl Blogs to Follow

These fun blog posts about teenage life are great to follow and pull inspiration from. They are full of great tips, tricks, and advice for teenage life.

By Sophia Lee:  When Sophia Lee was a teenager, she decided to start a blog to assist her fellow high school and university students. She likes to think of herself as the modern-day Martha Stewart, and I can see where she might have a point.

Modern Teen:  There are a plethora of resources available to help you navigate your way through higher education, adolescence, and the real world. I don’t know if there are better teen blogs than this one.

Teen Vogue:  With millions of unique visitors each month and a wide range of teen readers, Teen Vogue is undoubtedly the most popular teen blog on this list. Everything from politics and current events to personal style and cultural commentary can be found in this blog. Definitely distinct from the various blogs discussed so far.

Fran Acciardo:  Teenage lifestyle blogger and all-around nice person Fran has built up her site to such an extent that it’s hard to dislike her. Her blog is written from the perspective of a young adult and covers topics such as higher education, travel, music, and personal style. Fran Acciardo’s blog is a great place to find motivation because she is a classic blogger who simply writes about her life and the things that work for her.

Blog Writing Topics for Teens

Let’s start with some easy and fun blog ideas for teens. Food and beauty are great topics for teens to write about!


Blog posts about food are not limited to recipes if they are included. Perhaps you and your friends enjoy frequenting local eateries, and you have some fantastic suggestions you’d like to discuss with your audience. Perhaps you’ve got a lot of experience with healthy eating and you’d like to pass along some advice on how to better one’s diet.

1. Places you love to grab some grub.

2. Treats and appetizers that will make your viewers mouths water.

3. TV shows you highly recommend.

4. A day in the life of your diet! What you nosh on during the day.

5. Have a fun “Chopped” like challenge with friends or family members.

Blog Writing Topics


Naturally, I felt obligated to provide some inspiration for my fellow fashion and beauty bloggers. Writing about cosmetics can take you in any number of directions (and we all know how much fun those product reviews are to read, but come on, there are so many other things you could write about).

6. Product Review: If you’re going to review something, why not choose something that hasn’t been covered much?

7. Go to products you love.

8. How to apply makeup.

9. Favorite hair styles and how to do them.

10. Taking care of your skin.

11. Top beauty routines.

12. Show off your makeup bag and what is in it.

13. Monthly Favorites.

14. Your favorite hacks.

Cool Blog Topics Teenagers Can Write

Teens can also find inspiration in the realms of fashion and lifestyle when thinking of blog topics. These are areas in which teenagers typically excel, and providing them with an outlet to do so would be a great way to encourage them to express themselves creatively.


15. 10 ways to style an outfit.

16. Tips for shopping: I’m guessing that as a fashion or style blogger, you have a penchant for finding a good deal, and if so, perhaps you could share some strategies for doing so.

17. Do a budget outfit post- Set a budget, say, $50, to go shopping at a trendy store and put together an entire look.

18. Style Must-Haves (staples)

Cool Blog Topics


There are many types of blogs I enjoy reading, but lifestyle blogs rank high on that list. I find it fascinating to learn even the most minute details about other people’s daily lives (I guess it’s in our nature to be curious:).

19. Day in your life

20. Places you’ve vacationed

21. Share your skills: We all have our specialties, whether it’s in the kitchen, behind the lens, or at the vanity. Put your knowledge to use and show your readers some new tricks. The value and longevity of posts like these are generally high.

22. What’s in my bag

23. Discuss things to be happy about

24. Talk about getting ready in the morning

Teen Blog Topics

More of our recommended topics for teen bloggers to consider. One of the best ways to get started in the blogging world is to talk about one’s own experiences, ideas, and aspirations.


Putting yourself out there in a blog can pay off in a big way. You don’t have to spill the beans on everything about yourself, but sharing a specific experience may help your readers feel more connected to you and your work.

25. Discuss your plans and dreams for the future.

26. Show off your bucket list.

27. Write about what gives you inspiration.

28. Tips on how you have stayed creative.

29. High school tips and hacks.

30. Future goals.

31. Helpful advice.

blog ideas for teens


I’ve noticed that many of my preferred bloggers frequently write about blogging. It’s helpful when people like you share the tools and knowledge you’ve found useful.

32. Your motivation.

33. Interviewing a fellow blogger.

34. Photography tips

35. Show off your blogging/photography equipment

36. Some of the best blog posts you have come across from fellow bloggers.

37. Things you have learned about the blogging world.

More Fun Ideas Teens Will Love

If you like these fun blog ideas for teens then check out a few more of our favorite ideas for teens.

  • Trendy Nail Ideas for Teens – I’m not usually one to follow fashion, but I’m totally on board with the colorful nail art trend. The question is, “What’s not to love?” They are bright and original and have a ton of character. I want to be clear that there are still obstacles to this fad among teenagers, such as price and upkeep.
  • Hairstyles for TeensThe modern young woman has it made. Nowadays’ kids and teens have a lot more options than we did when we were young when it comes to attractive, adorable, and on-trend hairstyles. The hairstyle options for adolescent women are practically endless. To help you figure out what to do about your favorite girl’s hair this year, here are some of the season’s loveliest styles.
  • Cute Date Ideas for TeensWe remember how difficult it was for us when we were teenagers. Whether or not you have a driver’s license, we have some great date ideas that are suitable for teenagers. It may be difficult to find satisfying pursuits outside of school, depending on one’s personal situation. Yet, with some creative thinking, you may arrange some great dates that will keep you from growing tired of each other. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg! Your adolescent can make an impact without breaking the bank by going on low-key but memorable dates. See the 45 fun and creative dating suggestions for teenagers.

Blog Ideas for Teens