Inside: 53 Ideas for Family Photos with Teens

Let’s be honest here… Planning family photos can sometimes be a HUGE headache. I remember when my kids were younger and we would do family photos, it usually consisted of some arguing about outfits, crying (from both kids and myself), begging for smiles, and some strong bribing.

But as my kids have gotten older family photos have become actually enjoyable. We laugh, have fun, and there is very little bribing. (still a little though :))

The one challenge I have come across when it comes to planning family photos with teens is posing. Sure, a good photographer will have a direction for you, but I like to preplan our sessions so that we get the most bang for our buck.

These cute, casual, and classic poses are great for creating non-cheesy photos. Check out our favorite poses for teens, their siblings, and you all together and get the photos you have been dreaming of.

Family Photo Ideas with Teengers

Best Locations for Family Photos

Here are a few of our favorite locations for your family photos with teens.

Open Landscape

Our first photoshoot location is an open landscape. Generally, photographers love the background and depth that come with this setting.

Choosing a wide and long field allows you to express your love for nature and the green or colorful scenery. More so, the vast space can be the ideal place to let go of any restrictions or willingness to be anything but flexible.

You can take the shoot while standing or walking through the field with your hands running in between the flowers. Or you can lay down so that the grass gives the ideal backdrop for your photograph.

Unique Buildings

Buildings with remarkable sights can also serve as the ideal location for your pictures.

Historical locations can be home to some of the best and overlooked ancient architecture and landmarks. These historical sites can add the right amount of history to your photoshoot.

From retro dinners, old theaters, industrial hotels, industrial parks, and barns, old structures can help you create new memories.

Greenhouses, Nurseries, or Botanical Gardens

Have you ever thought of combining a home feel with outdoor beauty? That’s what each of these can offer your images. The lighting and calmness that characterize these places allow the photographer to capture your best look.

You can equally choose to have the plants and flowers as your foreground or background. This can create very impressive and unique-looking photos.

Botanical gardens are ideal because everything is manicured and well taken care of to provide lush and beautiful greenery for your photoshoot. This does come at a price as most botanical gardens might require you to purchase a ticket for admission, but in our opinion, it is well worth it.

In the City

Cities can have a wide and dynamic range of great locations for your photoshoot depending on where you live. From big cities to small towns there are bound to be several options you can pick from.

Colored walls are common places in most parts of the world, and you can find them easily using Instagram location tags.

A lot of people find old walls boring and lacking the light needed to make the photographs look powerful. However, colored or textured walls produce additional light which brightens both your look and outfit.

Taking photographs on a rooftop can be fantastic since it will provide a larger view of the scenery around you! You can ask around for the nearest place with a rooftop or get permission to use a popular spot. Another amazing aspect of rooftops is that they offer maximum lighting irrespective of the time of the day. Sunrise, sunset, or nightfall will always produce striking illusions with the right angles.

Staircases have also been one of the most popular and ageless photoshoot locations. Sitting, walking, standing, or leaning are great photoshoot poses that come naturally on staircases. Additionally, a staircase can give the right texture and tone to the photo, ensuring that your photo stands out.

Other great spots in the city include:

  • Parking Garages
  • Train tracks
  • Themed Bars
  • Bus Stations
  • Playgrounds
  • Book Stores
  • Coffee Shops

Beaches, Lakes, Bridges, and other Ocean Areas

If you love nature, you’ll get the best of Florida’s freshwater springs, islands, beaches, and lakes.

For the best background, you can choose anywhere around mangroves, bridges, and rock piers. If your looking for beautiful views of sunrise or sunset the beach is the perfect place to capture this. Again, if you love the tropical look that’s typical of coconut palms and white sandy beaches, then a sunset or sunrise photoshoot in these areas will leave you feeling relaxed and immersed in nature.

Natural scenery not only improves the quality of the photos but also gives the photographer the opportunity to blur the background for an artistic touch.

Family Photos with Teens

1. Front Facing Family Photo in the Trees

2. Family Laughing in a Field

3. Teen Between the Parents

4. Smiling at Each Other

5. Close Together with Arm Around One Another

Family Photos with Teens

6. Sitting on Stairs – Parents Looking at One Another – Kids Looking Ahead

7. Teens at Different Depth Than Parents

8. In a Field – Kids Sitting with Parents Behind

9. All Sitting on Ground Casually

10. Sitting on a Tree, Looking at Each Other

11. Causally Sitting with Mom

12. Together with Family Pet

Mother and Teenage Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

13. Mother and Daughter looking at each other

14. Flower Crowns in a Field

15. Sweet Mother Kissing Daughter on Cheek

16. Daughters Hugging Mother

17. Mom Holding Daughter Close – Head to Head

18. Hugging with Daughter Looking at Camera While Moms Looks at Daughter

Mother and Teenage Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

19. Trendy and Colorful Mother-Daughter Photo

20. Sitting Back to Back with Heads Together

21. Mother Hugging Daughter and Laughing

22. Casual Hands in Pockets and Smiling at Camera

23. Moms Arms Wrapped Around Daughter

24. Mother and Daughter Beauty Shot

25. Older and Younger Daughter with Mom Photo Idea

26. Simple Headshot of Mother and Daughter

Mother and Teenage Son Photo Ideas

27. Son Laughing with Mom

28. Mom Hugging Son – Son with One Arm Around Mom – Heads Together

29. Mom and Son Baseball Photo

30. Holding Teens Head and Laughing Together

31. Cute Kiss on the Cheek Pose

32. Simple Mother Son Pose

33. Side Hug and Looking at One Another

Mother and Teenage Son Photo Ideas

34. Walking in a Field Together

35. Moms Head on Shoulder – Photo Taken From Behind

36. Casual Mother and Son Photo by the Bay

37. Sons Arm Around Mom

38. Mom with Two Teen Sons

39. Mom with Tween Son Photo Idea

Teenage Sibling Photo Ideas

40. Simple and Classic Brother and Sister Pose

41. Older and Younger Siblings Laughing Together

42. Tween Brothers Photo Idea

43. Fun Bother and Sister Pose

44. Older Siblings Photo Idea

45. Brothers Leaning on Bridge

46. Sisters Laying Head to Head

Family Photos with Teens Siblings

47. Back to Back Sisters Holding Hand

48. Casual Hand in Pocket and Head on Shoulder

49. Arms Around Neck

50. Group Hug

51. Walking and Laughing Together

52. Playful Sibling Photo Idea

53. Brother and Sister Sitting Back to Back

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Family Photos with Teens