Inside: 53 Ideas for Family Photos with Teens

So, get serious for a minute… Organizing a family photo shoot isn’t always a picnic. When my children were younger, taking family photos always resulted in heated debates over what to wear, tears (on everyone’s part), a lot of pleading and bribery to get the desired number of smiles, and a squished nose or two.

However, as my children have gotten older, we have found that taking family photos can be a lot of fun. Having fun and not having to bribe each other too often is a major part of our dynamic. still a little bit, though.

When it comes to organizing family portraits with teenagers, I’ve found that finding a comfortable pose is the biggest obstacle. A professional photographer will likely point you in the right direction, but I like to come up with a game plan ahead of time to make the most of our time together.

Take your photos in style with these adorable, timeless, and down-to-earth poses. Get the family photos you’ve always wanted by trying out some of our tried-and-true suggestions for poses that include the teen’s siblings and you.

Family Photo Ideas with Teengers

Best Locations for Family Photos

Some of our favorite spots for taking family photos with teenagers are listed below.

Open Landscape

The first place we’re going to take pictures is in a wide-open field. Photographers tend to favor situations with plenty of depth and scenery like this one.

By selecting an expansive field, you can show how much you appreciate the beautiful surroundings. In addition, the vastness of the area can be the perfect setting for shedding rigidity and embracing adaptability.

The picture can be taken either while standing still in the field or while strolling through the flowers with your fingers running among them. You could also just lay down on the grass to create a beautiful photo backdrop.

Unique Buildings

You can also take great pictures in front of a building with a breathtaking view.

It is not uncommon for significant pieces of historic buildings and monuments to be found in museums and other historical sites. Incorporating just the perfect amount of history into your photographs is easy at these landmarks.

You can make new memories in a variety of old buildings, such as barns, industrial hotels, old theaters, industrial parks, and even retro dinners.

Greenhouses, Nurseries, or Botanical Gardens

These locations are ideal for portrait sessions because of the flattering lighting and relaxed atmosphere.

Plants and flowers can function equally well as foreground or background elements. Photos made in this manner have the potential to be striking and original.

The lush and gorgeous greenery found in botanical gardens is perfect for any photoshoot because of the gardens’ meticulous maintenance. This may come at a cost, as admission to some botanical gardens may be charged, but we assure you that it will be money well spent.

In the City

Depending on where you call home, urban areas may offer a plethora of exciting photogenic settings. There are likely many alternatives available to you, both in large and small towns.

Most of the world is covered in colorful walls, and Instagram makes it easy to track them down by using location tags.

Many would prefer not to hang photographs on drab, old walls because they lack the necessary light to do the images justice. However, walls with color or texture reflect more light, illuminating you and your clothing.

Taking pictures from a rooftop is great because you can see more of the surrounding area. If you want to find the closest place with a rooftop, you can ask around, or you can try to get permission to use a well-known location. The fact that rooftops provide optimal lighting even in the middle of the night is yet another one of their many wonderful features. With the right perspective, any time of day—daylight, dusk, or night—can create stunning optical illusions.

One of the best and most timeless settings for photographs is a staircase. Staircases are ideal for photo shoots because they allow for a variety of natural seated, walking, standing, and leaning positions. As an added bonus, a staircase can add the perfect amount of texture and tone to your photo, making it stand out from the crowd.

Other great spots in the city include:

  • Bus Stations
  • Coffee Shops
  • Themed Bars
  • Train tracks
  • Playgrounds
  • Book Stores
  • Parking Garages

Beaches, Lakes, Bridges, and other Ocean Areas

If you’re a nature lover, Florida has plenty of  springs, islands, shorelines, and bodies of water for you to enjoy.

Background-wise, anywhere near mangroves, bridges, or rock piers will do. Sunset and sunrise on the beach are two of nature’s most breathtaking spectacles. Again, a setting sun or sunrise photoshoot in an area with trees and white sand beaches is a great way to unwind and feel one with nature.

Photographs taken in scenic areas not only turn out better, but also allow the photographer more creative freedom by allowing them to deliberately blur the background.

Family Photos with Teens

1. Front Facing Family

2. Laughing in a Field

3. Teen Between the Parents

4. Smiling at Each Other

5. Close Together with Arm Around One Another

Family Photos with Teens

6. Sitting on Stairs

7. Different Depths 

8. In a Field

9. Sitting on Ground 

10. Sitting on a Tree

11. Causally Sitting

12. With Family Pet

Mother and Teenage Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

13. Mother and Daughter

14. Flower Crowns

15. Mother Kissing Daughter

16. Daughters Giving Mom A Hug

17. Mom Holding Daughter

18. Hugging with Daughter

Mother and Teenage Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

19. Trendy and Colorful

20. Back to Back

21. Hugging Daughter & Laughing

22. Hands in Pockets

23. Wrapped Around Daughter

24. Mother and Daughter

25. Mom Photo Idea

26. Simple Headshot

Mother and Teenage Son Photo Ideas

27. Son Laughing

28. Mom Hugging Son

29. Baseball Photo

30. Holding Teens Head

31. Kiss on the Cheek

32. Mother Son Pose

33. Side Hug

Mother and Teenage Son Photo Ideas

34. Walking in a Field

35. Moms Head on Sons Shoulder

36. Mother and Son

37. Sons With Arms Around Mom

38. Two Teen Sons & Mom

39. Tween Son Photo Idea

Teenage Sibling Photo Ideas

40. Classic Brother and Sister

41. Older and Younger Siblings

42. Tween Brothers

43. Bother and Sister Pose

44. Older Siblings

45. Brothers Leaning

46. Sisters Laying Head to Head

Family Photos with Teens Siblings

47. Back to Back

48. Head on Shoulder

49. Arms Around Neck

50. Group Hug

51. Laughing Together

52. Playful Photo Idea

53. Sitting Back to Back

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Family Photos with Teens