Inside: 27 Outdoor Games Ideas Teens Will Enjoy. 

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and you’ve got a group of teenagers at home. You know they are highly energetic and have tons of interests. Some of them, however, would rather stay indoors and be online all day.

What activities might help put their game face on?

In this article, we list some popular outdoor games that teens can enjoy playing with you, friends, or other family members. The best part about many of these games is that they can make up their own rules, like modifying them to suit the number of players or including some creative or personal elements or props!

Outdoor games teenagers will play

Fun Outdoor Games for Teens

Invite the teens out and have lots of fun with these outdoor games.

  1. Nerf Soccer: Who doesn’t like a game of soccer? This is an active way for teenagers to play any time of day. Just divide into two teams and let the teens score some goals!
  2. Touch Football: Another flexible game that allows you to modify the rules according to your kids’ interests. This is also a good way to bond with neighbors or family friends.
  3. DIY Backyard Obstacle Course: This is a fun obstacle course for teenagers that are great for both individual and team challenges. You can set up 2-3 obstacles that are suitable for your teenagers.
  4. Banana Foot Relay: Compared to other relay games, this game is more physical. Let your kids lay on the ground with their foot over another player’s head. They should pass the banana using their feet reaching the next player’s feet.
  5. Bucket Balance: Teens need to lay on the ground and try to balance a bucket full of water using their feet. They need to endure the game or they will be wet with water.
  6. Nerf Gun Wars: Teens play a lot of shooting games online. Why not bring them out and see if they can put their skills to the test with nerf guns? Just don’t forget to remind them of safety rules!
  7. Archery: Archery is a good way for teenagers to improve their muscular strength and motor skills.
  8. Hula Hoop: This activity is simple and fun, and packs a great workout too! You can set up an outdoor obstacle course that could include tree stumps or logs to jump over, barrels to roll on, and tires for them to jump around.
  9. Kite Flying: Another simple activity that your teenagers will enjoy doing outdoors is kite flying. Encourage the kids to make their own kite and the kite-flying experience will be more memorable.

Exciting Teen Outdoor Games

Here are more games to play outdoors and kill your teenagers’ boredom!

Summer games teens can play outdoors

  1. Mat Skipping: There’s more to the humble skipping rope than you think! This game can be played by 2-3 players at once, who will each have 30 seconds to perform as many successful skips of the rope as possible on a designated mat area.
  2. Velcro Toss and Catch: You can play this game by simply throwing a ball at someone and see if they catch it before it hits the floor. You can make it more challenging by throwing two balls at once.
  3. Hide and Seek: This classic game is a great way to get your teenagers moving around in the outdoors, especially when they have to search for you. Try different variations of hide and seek too.
  4. Hopscotch: In this game, draw up a hopscotch course on a pavement or grass patch. Make sure the course suits your teens’ ages.
  5. Crazy Ball: This game is similar to dodgeball, but with a twist! Instead of throwing balls at each other, they are allowed to use any part of their body to deflect the ball away from them.
  6. Ultimate Frisbee: Like soccer, this is a simple outdoor game that is suitable for older teens. Just make sure there are no heavy winds when you play!
  7. Build a Fort: Even teens have their inner kid inside. There’s nothing better than getting them to build a fort outdoors using whatever materials they can find. This activity will help improve their problem-solving skills and allow them to unleash their creativity.
  8. Tug of War: Remember this game from your childhood? This no-contact outdoor game encourages teamwork and cooperation, so it’s perfect for teenagers who want to form stronger friendships!
  9. Scavenger Hunt: Place clues in a designated route and let your teenagers find their way to treasure chests filled with surprises!

Thrilling Outdoor Games for Teens

These games are sure to make your teens come out to the sun for more fun!

Outdoor games for teens

  1. Musical Statues: Put on some music and watch your teenagers have fun as they freeze to the beat! Just make sure they don’t stand too close to one another, or you might end up with some toppled statues.
  1. Muddy Obstacle Course: This game is perfect for active teenagers who want to get their hands dirty and have some fun, too! Prepare a course of muddy obstacles such as slip and slides, muddy pools, and mucky pits for them to get through.
  1. Spider’s Web: Teens should pass through a spider web without them touching it. Teamwork and cooperation are needed in this game.
  1. Wall Ball: Draw up a course on the ground that they have to complete while throwing the ball on the wall, and watch them have fun as they try not to fall.
  1. Musical Chairs: This is one of the most well-known outdoor games for teenagers, where they will have to walk around an area while dancing to the beat of the music. Once the music stops, they have to find a seat before somebody else takes theirs.
  1. Fruity Ring Toss: This game is perfect for teens to hone their accuracy and throwing skills, which they can use for other activities in the future.
  1. Target Practice: If your teens enjoy playing with toy guns, this will be a fun activity for them to do outside. All you need is a target, which can be a balloon stuck on a pole. Give your teenagers their toy guns and let them take aim!
  1. Kickball: This is a popular version of soccer that can be played by groups. This game emphasizes both team playing ability and individual strengths.
  1. Blindfolded Obstacle Course: Give your teens a taste of life without sight by playing this fun obstacle course. Have them go through objects similar to what you find in the usual obstacle course, such as nets, walls, and mud while blindfolded. Since this is a slightly more dangerous version of an obstacle course, make sure to have more safety rules in place.

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