Inside: Best experience gifts for teenager they’ll love.

Gift-giving is one of my favorite things to do, so you can imagine my excitement when an opportunity to give a gift to someone I love arrises. Whether it be a birthday, Christmas, or graduation, I am always eager to give the best gift I can.

But lately, I have realized that, when it comes to gifts, a lot of them just end up taking space. Sure the initial excitement was there, but slowly it fades, and then you are stuck with something cluttering up your room. I want to give gifts that create memories, and I have found the best way to do that: Experience gifts.

Top Experience Gifts for Teenager

These are gifts that are based on doing something rather than getting something. There are so many different gift ideas that I could touch upon, but that would take all day. So today, I am going to focus on sharing some of my best experience gifts for teenager.

Exciting Experience Gifts for Teenager

I thought we could jump in with both feet, so here are some of the most exciting experience gifts for teenager. They are going to love these but remember that each gift is highly personal. You are not going to want to give tickets to an escape room to a teen who is claustrophobic, so just keep your teen in mind when picking these.

1. Concert Tickets – I don’t think you can ever go wrong with concert tickets. However, you may have to plan a little bit in advance for this idea. Make sure you are choosing an artist that your teen is passionate about, and see when they tour!

 2. Big Game Tickets – This is another great one, but you need to be in season for this idea to work. So if your teen loves sports and their favorite happens to be having a game…get some tickets to go!

3. Spa Tickets – Teens don’t really get the opportunity to get pampered very often. Why not spoil them with a spa trip? The best part is, you get to go with them if you want. Now THAT sounds like a great time. Facials and pedicures, anyone?

Experience Gifts for Teenager

4. Broadway Tickets – Hopefully, you live near a big city or THE big city(New York), so this one is more doable. But how amazing would it be to go see a broadway play?

5. Outdoor Adventure Park – Many cities have these, and they are always loads of fun, full of rope bridges, zip lining, and more. See where the closest one is to you and book tickets!

6. Get Them New Bike – This is super simple and yet always a winner. You often think about getting kids a bike when they are younger, but teens don’t really get new ones. Change that!

7. Create and Build a TreeHouse – As they get older, they are going to want some more alone time and free space to figure out who they are. What cooler of a place to do that in than a tree house that they built? With the help of you and a carpenter, of course.

8. Movie Theater Yearly Pass – Why let the fun stop after one experience? Pay for a year’s worth of movies, that way they get the gift that keeps on giving.

9. Bus Pass – Another simple but great one. For those city teens who won’t get a car until they are well into adulthood, it is time to take advantage of public transit.

10. Get A New Camera – This one would pair nicely with a photography class, as I listed in the section below. How cool would this be?

11. Hot Air Balloon – I think this idea is a once-in-a-lifetime one. Hot air balloons are so cool, and yet most of us never even come near one in our lifetimes. Change that for your teen early on.

12. Escape Room Idea – As I said, this one is not for anyone who is claustrophobic, but rather it’s for those who love a good puzzle.

Experience Classes for Teens

Experience Classes for Teens

Next up, I thought I would cover some more educational options. These will truly stick with your teen for their life. When choosing a class to gift them, think about any goals they have or things that they have wanted to learn. My little sister wants to play the guitar, so I am thinking about gifting her guitar lessons for her birthday.

13. Cooking Classes

14. Crafting Class

15. Gardening Class

16. Dance Classes

17. Martial Arts

18. Music Classes

19. Fashion Lessons

20. Photography Classes

21. Creative Writing Classes

22. Cake Decorating Classes

23. Theater Lessons

24. Video Game Making Classes

Top Experience Gifts for Teenager

Top Experience Gifts for Teenager

And, of course, I had to save my trump cards for last. These are definitely some of the more big-ticket items, but if this is a big occasion, then I think it is totally worth it. Below are some of the best ideas that will have your teens picking their jaw up off the floor when they get this present.

25. Disney – Though Disneyland may feel like a kid thing, I promise you that it never stops being fun. Especially for teens, who now have better stamina than they did when they were 8. They can spend the whole day in the park!

26. Universal – Universal is more geared towards an older audience, plus Harry Potter World is there. So if you have any Potterheads that would love this, perhaps this is the gift to go with it.

27. 6 Flags – This one is strictly for the roller coaster riders out there, seeing as six flags are full of some pretty intense ones. I have never seen so many loops on one ride below. Good luck!

28. Knottsberry Farms – This one is fun for the whole family. So I think you should definitely check it out!

29. San Fransisco – Now, we are getting into the big cities. Think about what city your teen would enjoy most. Pick that one. San Fran is such a fun choice.

30.  LA – LA is a bit bigger, but it is super cool. So much to see!

31. Portland – Portland, Oregon, is a unique city that loves to keep it weird. Lot’s of fun to be had here!

32. New York – The big apple is a dream for many teens. Help make theirs come true.

33. Classic Road Trip – You can never go wrong with a classic road trip.

34. Cross-Country Road Trip – This is a super fun one, so pack well.

35. Go To Europe – Probably the biggest ticket item, but it’s too cool not to at least mention.

36. Their Dream Destination – Enough said.

So…do you know which experience gift you are going to choose? I hope so. And if you haven’t come across the one yet, that’s okay. These ideas should have given you a good jumping-off point to start from.

Gift-giving is such a magical thing. You get to spread a little joy while showing the person that you love how much they mean to you. Experience gifts have that extra little oomph that puts them in the category of ‘presents I will never forget.’ And I think that is my favorite thing about them.

If you are still on the hunt for teen gift ideas, I have you covered. My expertise stretched farther than just experience gifts. So take a look at these and see if there is anything that would make the teen in your life happy.