Inside: Cutest Christmas outfits for a teenage girl to feel confident & cozy in.

Christmas is my favorite holiday for many reasons. Sure the gifts are great and all, but that isn’t it. My favorite things about Christmas are all of the little things. I am talking about baking cookies, wrapping presents, and picking out outfits for Christmas morning.

Today we are going to focus on the last one. I remember being a teenager and putting so much thought into my Christmas outfit. Every year they would range from cute and stylish to comfy and cozy.

No matter how I felt, I had an outfit that made me feel festive and confident, and I want to help you achieve that.

Trendy Christmas Outfit for Teenage Girl

So I found many adorable outfits for you to look through. Each one is festive, but they vary in terms of coziness. So if you like to wear dresses or pajamas on Christmas, there are ideas on this list for you. Check them out!

Cute Christmas Outfits for Teenage Girl

First up, here is a list of some of the cutest Christmas outfits you will have ever seen. Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of cool outfits, so hold on to your Christmas hats. It just gets better from here. Take a look to start getting your Christmas experience in motion.

1. Sweater in White and Patterns

2. Black Sweater with Gingerbread Men – I think this style of the sweater will forever be a winner around Christmas time. It reminds me of every hallmark movie ever.

3. Red and White Sweater with Jeans

4. Red, White, and Black Outfits

5. White Sweater with Plaid Skirt – There are quite a few of these skirt styles on this list. They are a timeless classic and can be styled in many ways.

6. Black and White Skirt in Plaid

7. Cute Grinch-Themed Sweater in Red – Grinch-themed clothing is always a win on Christmas. Just ask the grinch himself. I am sure he would agree.

8. Long Boots with Cute Sweater

9. White Sweater and Plaid Scarf

10. Classic White Sweater with Red Accents

11.  White Sweatshirt with Plaid Overcoat – These plaid overcoats are just so cute and festive. They are the kind of warm coat that you can wear the entire season.

12. Simple Outfit Idea with Plaid Sweater

13. Reindeer Jammies

Simple Christmas Outfits

Simple Festive Outfits

There have been years when the idea of putting a dress on when it is cold outside just sounded like the last thing I wanted to do. So for those of you who prefer cozy cuteness over chic cuteness, this is the list for you. I have a ton of ideas here that would be perfect for your Christmas morning outfit.

14. Red Sweater with Black Jeans

15. Simple Red Long Sleeve Shirt – You are going to be seeing a lot of red on this list, but what did you expect? Its Christmas!

16. Red and White Reindeer Sweater

17. Red Leather Pants – Yes, leather pants do count as a simple outfit. But this is only because the rest of the outfit is very simple!

18. Black Pants and Red Sweater

19. Adorable Cozy Outfit with Jeans

20. Puffer Green Sweater – This puffer vest will not only keep you warm but stylish too.

21. Cute Grey Leather Boots with Skirt

22. Adorable Sweaters with White

23. Pumpkin Spice Sweater  – Yep. Pumpkin spice has officially started moving from coffee to clothing. This is not a drill. Take a look at this color and try not to fall in love.

24. Cute Reindeer Sweater with Grey

25. Perfect Simple Plaid Skirt

26. Cute Sweater and Brown Skirt – Thankfully, this outfit exists to bring us all the dopamine we need. Especially during the darker months. Check this out to get your fix.

27. Brown Corduroy Sweater and White Shirt

Best Teen Christmas Outfits

This list is it for me. I mean, besides the last list, this is one of my favorites. It is full of many different kinds of Christmas outfits that range from subtle to in-your-face. After looking through all of these, I realize that a good Christmas outfit has to have a few things: Festive colors, a sweater, and Christmas cheer. Every single one of these ideas hits the trifecta.

28. Red Coat with White Top and Jeans

29. Cute Highwasted Skirt

30. Lovely Red Overall Dress

31. Simple Red Themed Outfit

32. Knitted Jumper with Green and Purple

33. Long Tan Jacket Over Skirt

34. Red Overalls with White UnderShirt

35. Off the Shoulder Sweater

36. Red Turtleneck Sweater with Red Boots

37. Red Plaid PJ Pants with Cute White Sweater

38. Red Plaid Skirt with Brown Boots

39. White Button-Up with Cardigans

40.Red Corduroy Dress

41. Cute Red Boots with Green Sweater Dress

42. Red Sweater with Blue Jeans and Boots

Trendy Christmas sweater Outfits

Trendy Christmas Outfits for Teenage Girl

Lastly, we have some of the most trendy Christmas outfits for teenage girls you will ever see. I find that trends are popular for a reason. Many people scoff at them but then end up buying them months later anyways. Let’s skip all of that nonsense and enjoy these cute styles here and now. Take a look to see which ones you like best.

43. Plaid Jacket with Grey Turtle Neck and Skirt

44. Cute Plaid Overcoat – These overcoats, what did I tell you? They are trendy for a reason! Check these out and please get yourself one. It is a sound investment.

45. Perfect Teddy Bear Jacket

46. Adorable Red Plaid Short Skirt with White Sweater – These short skirts may seem like a questionable choice with the cold weather, but they have isolated tights now.

47. Beige Reindeer Sweater with Red

48. Cute Black Shirt with Boots – These boots are a must when it comes to cozy and cute outfits. Not only do they make sense with the weather, but they are super cute too. Plus, they are of great quality!

49. Fall and Christmas Sweater

50. Suede Brown Dress – Suede is one of my favorite materials to see used in clothing because it adds a very unique texture.

51. Cute Book Nerd Sweater

52. Perfect Boho Sweater Idea – If you like your clothes in a bohemian style. Then you are going to go crazy for this awesome sweater idea.

53. Comfy Cozy Sweater and Joggers

54. Simple and Classy Outfit for Christmas – I think that this outfit is literally perfect. Take a look and see if it fits your style.

55. Cute Plaid Pancho

Christmas Outfit for Teenage Girl

I hope that you found these Christmas outfits for teenage girl helpful. In my opinion, this is when Christmas really starts; When you start planning the little things. If you think of every simple task as a Christmas tradition, everything will feel magical.

I know that it is easier to focus on the big things, but I promise you that you will find much more happiness when you focus on all of the little things. Like picking an outfit! These tasks are just small parts that come together to make one big experience.

If you are looking for some other Christmas activities to help make your December more magical, then you are in the right place, my friend. I did say that Christmas was my favorite holiday, didn’t I? So take a look at some of our other awesome ideas, and make your Christmas one of the best.