Inside: Best Christmas Spirit Week Ideas for holly, jolly fun!

I am so excited that we are entering into Christmas season. So many amazing things happen during this time of year: The weather is changing, magic is in the air, and even school get’s more fun. Today we are going to focus on the latter with Christmas spirit week ideas.

Christmas spirit week is a week during the school year that dedicated each day to a different Christmas theme. This is similar to the regular spirit week that happens during the school year, but this one is more geared towards the best holiday in the world. Okay, I may be a little biased because Christmas is my bread and butter.

Cutest Christmas Spirit Week Ideas

Today I am going to go over some of the different days and their theme. I also gathered some awesome ideas for you to use to participate in this awesome week. So take a look at these ideas and get some inspiration for your own Christmas spirit week. There is plenty here for you to look at.

Christmas Spirit Week Ideas

So I separated each day and added a list of ideas for each of them. For the days that require a special outfit, I included outfit ideas and other ways that you can be festive. Take a look through these to get an idea for

Monday: Wear Festive Colors

The first day of the week starts off simply: You just have to show up wearing festive colors. You can take this as far as you want to. Perhaps you want to dress head to toe in green and red, or maybe you are happy enough just wearing a cute sweater. It is really up to you. So look through these simple ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

1. Plaid Red Skirt Festive Idea

2. Gingerbread-Themed Sweater – I honestly would wear this daily for the entire month of December, I love it so much. Adding it to my cart now.

3. Red Christmas Sweater

4. Snowflake Knitted Sweater

5. Adorable Snowman Sweater – I am a pretty big fan of this one as well. How cute are those little snowmen?

6. Little Trees Crew Neck Sweater

7. Candy Cane On Sweater – You can never go wrong with a candy cane-themed sweater when you are going for a festive look, don’t you think?

8. Green Sweater Idea

Tuesday Teacher Gift Day

Christmas Spirit Week Ideas – Tuesday: Teacher Gift Day

Next up, we have one of my personal favorite days: Teacher gift day. I love this day because it allows for students to show their teachers how much they appreciate them. Now, if you are in high school, chances are you have more than one teacher. So in order to save your wallet, the rules are that you old have to bring a present for your homeroom teacher.

9. High School Teacher T-Shirt

10. White Heart Ornament with Rainbows – This is adorable and affordable while also giving the teacher a gift that they can keep for the years to come.

11. Apple Necklace

12. Teacher Appreciation Gifts  – I love this little makeup bag. It just shows how hard it is to be a teacher and how much you appreciate what they do by showing up every day.

13. You Matter, Unless You Multiply Yourself Science Gift

14. Keep Calm and Pretend It’s On the Lesson Plan – Who said that being a teacher means you have to be perfect? This is probably the cutest thing I have seen yet!

15. My Favorite People Call Me Teacher

16. Not All Superheros Wear Capes, Some Teach – I am not crying, you are. And when you give this to your teacher, they definitely will be.

Wednesday: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We couldn’t have a Christmas-themed week without incorporating an Ugly Sweater into there, now could we? Honestly, it’s so funny to me that this has become such a mainstream thing for people celebrating the holiday today. Ugly Christmas sweaters are like pugs: So ugly they are somehow cute.

17. Mini Elf Ugly Sweater

18. Christmas Llama Sweater – This is super adorable and absolutely hilarious. Be prepared for some truly epic jokes coming your way.

19. Christmas Tree Button Up Sweater

20. Silly Sweater in Red, Green, and White – Red, White, and Green are the perfect combination for this Christmas sweater. It’s too cool.

21. Cute Tree Hoodie

22. Dog with Glasses on Sweater – I am not sure that I have ever seen a sweater that is this violently Christmas-themed.

23. Black Chicken on Green Sweater

24. Christmas Gorilla Sweater

Christmas Spirit Week

Christmas Spirit Week Ideas – Thursday: Christmas Character Day

Now here is a super fun one: the idea here is that you have to show up dressed as your favorite Christmas character. Since Christmas movies and shows are so prevalent, this shouldn’t be very hard. There were lots of Grinches during my last year of High School. I was dressed as Cindy Lou Who…with the hair and everything.

25. Elf on a Shelf

26. Snowman Costume – As I said before, you can truly never go wrong with a snowman.

27. Buddy the Elf Costume

28. Mr. White Christmas and Mr. Green Christmas

29. Cindy Lou Who  – I just had to include this costume, seeing as I dressed up as this as well for my Christmas Spirit week. I love this girl’s costume, though; she killed it! Get it…because its the actual Cindy.

30. Christmas Glass Globe

31. A Christmas Carol – If you are brave enough to wear a night dress to school, then you basically have no other choice then to be the main character of a Christmas Carol.

32. Funny Jello Cake Outfit

Christmas Spirit Week Friday: PJ Day

Friday: PJ Day

This Friday is typically the last school day before Christmas breaks, so what better way to get through it than by not getting out of your pajamas? You get to wear your Christmas eve PJs to school to make it feel like everyone is waking up on Christmas day. The person with the most festive PJs is the winner!

33. Pajamas in Plaid

34. White Long Set of Pajamas – I think these are super cute and would be even cuter on Christmas day!

35. Button Up Red Plaid Pjs

36. Plaid Red and White Onesies – I don’t think you can ever be too old for a onesie. They are cute and cozy; how could you say no to them?

37. Cute Reindeer Slippers

38. Matching Pj Set with Friends – Make it even cuter by matching your PJs with your friends. You can have the simplest PJs, but if you match them with people, it seems so put together!

39. Cute Couples Pajamas – If you have a High School Sweetheart, you simply have to match them!

40. Adorable Christmas Pajamas

A few additional inspirations

41. Famous Actor from a Christmas Movie!

42. Anything light up

43. The best Christmas tie

And there you have it! Now you know all about Christmas spirit week and have some inspiration for how to participate during yours. Though this week’s themes can vary from school to school, these are some of the most popular ones, so you can count on at least a few of these to be a part of yours.

Christmas time is one of my favorite seasons for so many reasons, but most of all, it’s because we take mundane days and turn them into something to look forward to. That is what life should be about!

So you see why I am so passionate about Christmas Spirit week. Now get out there and spread some Christmas cheer!