Inside: The cutest Halloween spirit week ideas to get you in the spooky spirit

Spirit week is one of the most fun times of the year. It is very needed, seeing as it helps to break up the monotonous nature of school and give the kids something to work towards. One of my favorite days of spirit week is Halloween Day.

Yep, spirit week is so powerful that it can decide that it wants a second Halloween…and I respect it. On this day, everyone dresses up in costume and comes to school.

Normally there will be themed games and an assembly where a costume contest will be held to determine who had the best costume.

Halloween Spirit Week Ideas

If your school is having Halloween day incorporated into spirit week, then you must be on the hunt for the perfect costume. Well, look no further. I put together a list of the best Halloween spirit week ideas to help you get started. Take a look!

Halloween Spirit Week Ideas

This first list is the perfect mixture of different Halloween costume ideas for girls. They range from simple to complex, so there is definitely something on here that matches the vibe that you are trying to go with.

Take a look at these and if you don’t find something you like then there are 2 other lists to go through that definitely will!

1. Gatorade Bottles – This one cracks me up because it’s so out of the left-field(had to make a sports pun because these are mainly used by athletes). Who would have thought to dress up as a Gatorade bottle? Genius!

2. Construction Workers – This one is simple, so for those of you who don’t have time to put into a costume just get yourself a reflective vest and a hard had and get to work…I mean school!

3. Toy Story Costume – Toy Story is a very popular movie to pull costumes from for high school students. This might be because they all watched it growing up so it’s a nostalgia thing but regardless…they are always a winner.

4. Bros – If you would like to keep it simple the only theme you will ever need is simply Bros. Yep…just dress like the coolest bro dudes in your school and you are guaranteed to get some laughs.

5. Care Bears –  I love the care bears costume because you can make them out of T-shirts or you can simply buy a set of onesies. Regardless they are simple and comfy and I am for it!

6. Pink CowGirls – Simple costume with an adorable finish. Just get a set of pink cowboy hats and then compile all of the pink clothing you have and wear it at once. Get your girls to do the same and you’ve got yourself a Halloween fit!

7. Mr. Worldwide – Try not to laugh when you are looking at this example. You will need a pair of sunglasses, a mustache, and a bald cap. This one is guaranteed to bring laughter wherever you go in the best way,

8. Senior Football Costume – Football is a very simple outfit but it’s great for Halloween week. Only as you don’t play football otherwise it’s not a costume, it’s just your uniform.

9. Fanny Pack Rock – Iconic, epic, timeless. These are the words I would use to describe the rock during his fanny pack and turtleneck era. He has come so far in so little time!

Simple Halloween Spirit Day ideas

Simple Halloween Spirit Week Ideas

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to put a lot of effort into a costume. This is nothing to be ashamed about. You already are in the middle of the school year, with plenty of work and things to take up your time… so let’s find you the best costumes with the least work.

This list is the 9 best ones I could find that don’t take very much time, effort, or money. Have a look.

10. 4 Seasons – Have everyone dress up as each season and then you have yourself the 4 seasons. All you need is someone dressed up as Franki Vally and you have the ultimate pun.

11. Hannah Montana – To feed off the nostalgia of the masses is my one aim when finding a good costume…this one will achieve that for anyone in high school. Hopefully, I mean. Perhaps they are too young for this show…ouch.

12. Pac Man – Pac Man is a CLASSIC Halloween costume and is the perfect way to get together and collaborate with your friends. Have one of you dress up as Pac Man and the rest of you will be the colored ghosts.

13. Marvel Costumes – Have each one of your friends dress up as a different marvel superhero. Then let the avengers assemble!

14. Winnie the Pooh – If you are looking for a simple costume that has maximum cuteness, then look no further. Winnie the Pooh is the best costume for this description. Get yourself a T-shirt and go to town.

15. Rugrats – Again, you can never go wrong when you are dealing with nostalgia. The rugrats are such a classic. Have your friends dress up as the gang with Tommy, Chucky, Phil, Lil, Dyl, Angelica, and Suzie.

16. Patriotic Costumes – Get you some red, white, and blue and that’s all you have to do!

17. Country Bumpkins – Go to your local thrift shop and pick up some oversized overalls and all the plaid you can find. Put them together and what hap you got? Country bumbkins of course.

18. Old People – Old people costumes worn by young people will never get old. Okay, I’m sorry…dumbest pun in the world because they obviously do get old, I couldn’t help it!

Cute Halloween Costumes For Friends At School

Cute Halloween Costumes

Here are the cutest Spirit Week Halloween Costume Ideas to help you win the cutest Halloween costume award…if that’s a thing. One of the costumes below is a sure-fire win. Take a look!

19. Hawaiin Luau – Wear some Hawaiian shirts with some lais and you are ready for your first luau.

20. Riverdale River Vixens – Do you love the show Riverdale? Then show your love by dressing up as a river vixen!

21. Taco Bell Sauces – I love this. Get 4 different colored shirts that reflect the sauces and then create your own life-sized sauce packet. Perhaps its a little crafty but I think you got this.

22. Social Media – Gotta get the top 4: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. If you are looking for a 5th how about the newcomer who has taken all the glory: Tiktok.

23. Cola and Pepsi – Classic drinks for classy broads. All jokes aside, this is a very simple and funny costume that will be easy to achieve and fun to wear. But you have to drink the opposite soda than what you are…those are the rules.

24. Different Cereals – Cereals are no joke, everyone has a favorite and each of those are dead set on them. So wear your favorite and see which is the winner.

25. Sweet Life of Zach and Cody – Another nostalgic idea!

26. Monsters Inc  – Monsters Inc is very popular amongst spirit week costumes…and I see why. Cute!

27. Riverdale Couple – If you have a high school sweetheart then try this Riverdale couples costume.

Halloween Spirit Week Ideas

I hope you were able to find a costume that fit the idea you may have been going for, and if not do not worry.

You have plenty of time for your costume to come to you. In the meantime just sit back, and brainstorm.

If you need more spirit week ideas then we have you covered with that as well!