Inside: Awesome outfit ideas for decades day spirit week.

Spirit week is one of the most fun times of the entire school year.

It helps to break up the monotonous nature of the school, which is proven to have better long-term effects on the student’s learning and cognitive abilities… crazy right?

Who would have thought that loosening the reigns would IMPROVE students’ behavior!

How to dress up for decades day High school

If you are coming up on your school’s spirit week, then you may be on the lookout for some decade’s day outfit ideas. Lucky for you, I happen to be the expert on killing it at decades day spirit week, and I have put together a list of ideas to help you do the same.

But before we get into that, let’s cover the basics.

What is Spirit Week?

Spirit week is essentially one week out of the school year that the entire school participates in different themed days. Each school can have varying themes but for the most part, they all use very similar ones.

Themes like twins day, pajama day, and decade’s day are all used to help boost morale and school spirit during the middle of the semester.

Students participate by dressing up as whatever the theme of the day is, and going to school in their outfits. It helps to bring students and faculty closer together and to give the students something to look forward to. It’s all so much fun!

So check out this list of awesome decades-day outfit ideas that will fill you with school spirit!

Decades Day Spirit Week

70s Decade Day Outfits

1. Cute Colorful Flair Pants – I think one of the most important items you can incorporate into a 70’s outfit, would have to be a striped colorful shirt. They are simple but surprisingly effective.

2. Flair Jeans with Classic Nikes – I always forget that Nikes have been around for quite some time. So naturally, you should include them in your outfit! They are timeless, and you probably already have a pair in your closet. Bonus points if they are a classic style.

3. Classic 70s Outfit – Crochet Tops and chunky shoes…honestly will be making a comeback soon if they aren’t already…because how cute are these? It’s ridiculous!

4. Bright Patterned Pants – Patterned pants are just the right amount of over the top. If you have a pair that you have been too scared to wear, now is your time…decades day!

5. Hippie Outfits – Hippies were a big part of the 70s, and their outfits were such big statement pieces. That being said, dressing as a hippie would be perfect for 70’s day.

6. High-waisted Checker Pants – 2 words for you: High-waisted. Low-rise jeans weren’t a thing until the early 2000s and thank goodness those days are over because…oof. So incorporate some into your outfit and you are all set.

7. Flower Child – This is an example of a hippie outfit. The flower sweater is just so cute I’m gonna need to order one for myself!

8. Adorable Pants with a small Purse – I can’t stress this enough, the ’70s were about statement pieces, so get yourself some statement pants like these! Just make sure they are flared.

9. Flower Overalls – Overalls are another awesome option, plus they are comfy and cozy!

80s Decades Day Outfit

80s Decade Day Outfits

10. Classic 80s Outfit Idea – This is a classic 80s outfit that has everything you need for decades day spirit week: High waisted jeans, a sturdy windbreaker, and white sneakers. Take a look to get inspo!

11. High-Waisted Big Jeans – I cannot stress this enough, the higher the jeans the more 80’s you’ll look. SO make sure that these are the first things you get for decades day if you are going for the 80s look.

12. Overall Shorts –  Overall shorts are super cute if you know how to style them. I think if you have a good undershirt you are pretty much set. The example here is perfect!

13. Jean Dress – Jean dresses may sound like a bit much these days, but they were all the rage during the 80s. Take a look at how cute these can be, my favorite way to style it is by adding a t shirt underneath.

14. Yellow Sweater with Blue Jeans –  A bold sweater like this is perfect for an 80s outfit.

15. Triple Outfit Ideas – There are three awesome ideas here that will all work wonders. I think that you could even wear these today, the 80s style is back!

16. Corduroy Pants with Plaid Shirt – Corduroy pants are so cute that buying a pair for decades day will just be an excuse to get your hands on some!

17. Belted Overalls –  If overalls make you feel like a hapless blob, then try adding a belt to help extenuate your waist. You can layer a long sleeve shirt underneath to add to this multi-textured look.

18. Bright 80s Outfit – Color was big in the 80s, specifically neon. We don’t have as many neon clothes these days or maybe they’re just not as popular, but they are perfect to really show what time you are dressing up as.

90s Decades Day Outfit

90s Decades Day Outfits

19. Mom Jeans with White Tank Top – Mom jeans were the essence of the 90s. This specific style has really made a comeback and I am here for it. I could be biassed though, I am not a fan of jeans.

20. Plaid Shirt with Mom Jeans –  Adding plaid and darker colors can help you achieve a grunge 90s look, which was very popular. Most of these in this list can be kept in your regular wardrobe seeing as they are popular now! Funny how things go in and out of style.

21. Hard Rock Sweater with Jeans –  Get yourself a good crewneck sweater and a pair of hard denim and you have yourself a 90s outfit.

22. 90s Fashion – This is a very simple outfit but it is still so cute. The bright yellow button-up tucked into the high jeans is just to die for. This decade was not afraid to try being casually formal.

23. Cute Colorful Outfit – Pastel statement pants and a cute flower child halter top…does it get much more 90s than this?

24. 90s Jacket – This purple, blue and white jacket is basically the clothing version of the bowling ally cups that were big in the 90s. You know the one I’m talking about, with the blue squiggles!

25. Dj Tanner Outfit – DJ Tanner was an iconic person for classic 90s fashion during this decade. I see why… both of these girls have great style in this photo!

26. Inspiration from Monica Geller – Speaking of famous outfit inspo…Monica Geller ladies and gentlemen! The friend’s character is still highly regarded for the outfits that she wore during the show.

27. 90s Skirt Outfit – I am OBSESSED with this long skirt outfit!

And there you have it. I hope you found some inspiration for your own decades-day outfit. With so many great ideas to choose from I don’t doubt you have. There are so many other awesome tips that will help you conquer spirit week, this is just the beginning.

Now get out there and create the best decades day spirit week costume you can, and remember to have fun. Bonus points if you take it up a notch and learn some lingo from the decade of your choosing.

I’ve found that one of the best ways to get into character is by listening to music from the time you are going as. You got this!