Inside: Cool high school spirit week ideas that will help you steal the show.

High school spirit week is normally held the week before homecoming, so it’s coming right up. If you are trying to find some awesome ideas to make this year extra special, you are in the right space.

I have created a list of some of the best high school spirit week ideas, from outfit ideas to foods to games.

I split up these ideas into different sections depending on the day, so it’s your one stop shop for everything spirit week!

Fun High School Spirit Week Ideas

Make sure you have a pen and paper close(or your notes app on your phone). This way, you can write down which ideas jump out at you. You can also bookmark this article to be able to come back to it when needed. School spirit week is such a blast, and these ideas will help to make it out of this world.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in.

High School Spirit Week Ideas: Pajama Day

Spirit week kicks off the festivities with Pajama day as if getting to roll out of bed and not have to change wasn’t cool enough already; there are so many other fun things going on as well. So I put together the best ideas you can incorporate into your celebration.

I got you covered, from different Pajama ideas to ways you can match with friends. So grab your blanky and teddy bear, and let’s get started.

1. Ultimate Pjs – If you are looking for a Pj Day look that screams, ‘I just rolled out of bed,’ you must take pointers from these girls. They even brought their teddy bears.

2. Matching Sets – Get some matching pajamas with your friends to make this day extra cute. These are simple and super cute.

3. Funny Slippers – Sure, a good pair of pajama pants will do the trick, but you only get pajama day once a year…you should go hard. So these hilarious donkey slippers are perfect for the occasion.

4. Sleep Eye Mask – It’s all about the little details. So consider adding an eye mask to your pajama set this year. You’re guaranteed a few laughs; if you have a free period, you can nap!

5.  Mickey and Minnie Pjs – To take it up a notch, these girls dressed in themed PJs that made them look like Mickey and Minnie. I think the best part of these outfits has to be the Minnie Slippers.s6.

7. Matching Onesie – First, my book always winners. They have it all; humor, adorability, and comfortability of course. So if you were on the fence about whether to wear one, this is your sign.

8. 2-Piece Sets – I think 2-piece sets are another cute way to go. You look so put together and ready for anything that pajama day brings.

9. Disney-Themed Onesies – These are some of the cutest pajamas I have ever seen. They look like big walking blankets and I am here for it.

10. Bring Your Blanket – A blanket is to PJs what peanut butter is to jelly; they just go together beautifully.

High School Spirit Week Ideas

Dr. Suess Day Ideas

Not every school includes Dr. Suess Day, but the good ones do. Okay, jokes aside, this day is so much fun! You get so much room for creativity and it celebrates what makes us unique and different. If you are looking for some ideas on how to kill it at your Dr. Suess Day, then you are in the right place.

Below I have some Ideas and tips for having the best Dr. Suess Day you can.

11. Thing 1 and Thing 2 – This is a classic and must be done. I don’t make the rules here, but at least one person in school has to show up in a Thing 1 or 2 shirt.

12. Red Fish Blue Fish Costumes – Another Iconic and simple costume you can wear is the Red Fish Blue Fish costume. If you were the only one dressing up like this, you can get a 2 tone red and blue shirt and just be both.

13. Cat in the Hat Jello Cups – Themed food is just one of the fun ways that you can make this day extra special. Everyone loves sweets!

14. Thing 1 & 2 Cotton Candy Cupcakes – Yep, cotton candy cupcakes, you read that right. And they look incredible!

15. Dr. Suess Book Vote 

16. Crazy Dr. Suess Socks – Funny socks feels like a must when it comes to high school spirit week ideas. Take a look at these for inspiration.

17. Dr. Suess Day T-Shirt 

18. Green Eggs and Ham – I have never seen a more realistic plate of green eggs and ham than in this example. How crazy!

19. Cat in the Hat Skewers 

20. Goldfish in a Jar – This classic game of guessing how many are in the jar takes a fun twist by using colorful goldfish crackers.

21. Cat in the Hat Ball Toss – Use red and white striped cups, and you have a Dr. Suess-themed ball toss!

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

These crazy hair ideas will speak for themselves. When the time comes, take a look to gain some ideas for your own crazy hair.

You’ll be surprised by the about of creativity that goes into this. Maybe even add a little tinsel to the mix?! When I was younger, I would just leave my hair messy and call it good, but these are the next level. See for yourself.

22. Curvy Bubble Braid

23. Epic Spiky Hairdo

25. Reindeer Hair

26. Porcupine Hair

27. Pumpkin Bun

28. Pineapple Hairdo

29. Tomato Hairstyle

30. Colorful Bubble Braids

31. Literal Unicorn

32. Rainbow Ponytail

33. Minecraft Hair

34. Starbucks Hair Idea

Twin Day Ideas

Twin Day Ideas

We already have a whole list of outfit ideas for twin day, so I only included a few new ones and some game ideas to play on the big day.

Bonus points: If they are your twin, you don’t even have to dress up!

35. Twin Competition – See who has the best twin outfits.

36. 3-Legged Race – Put the twins to the test: which pair is the fastest and, therefore, the best?

37. Who Knows Me Better – If they are twins, they should know everything about each other. Hold a contest to find out.

38. Finish the Sentence – This is the ultimate twin game. See if they can complete each other’s sentences.

39. The Olson Twins Costumes

40. Mario and Luigi

41. Twin Old Ladies

42. Parent Trap

43. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb

School Spirit Day Outfit Ideas

High School Spirit Week Ideas: Spirit Day

And lastly, to finish up our spirit week, we have school spirit day! There are so many awesome ways to rep your school, but below are some of my absolute favorites. They range from simple to complex, so there is something here for everyone.

44. School-Themed Overalls

45. School Colors – These ladies all wore T-Shirts with their school colors and the name of the year they are in(sophomores). This is simple and so cute!

46. Face Paint 

47. Themed Pants – I think these DIY-themed pants are perfect for school spirit day.

48. School T-Shirts – Chances are your school has T-shirts with its name and colors on them, and you haven’t gotten around to buying one yet…well, now is your chance!

49. Orange Theme 

50. Personalized School Tee

51. School Spirit Hair – You can updo your hair with some ribbons, which is a simple way to get some more school spirit into your look!

52. School Color Nails

53. Cute Polka Dot Face Paint

So…are you excited for spirit week? I’m no longer in high school anymore, and I wish I were so that I could participate. Remember that it is all about having fun. So pick the outfits, foods, and games that sound like the best time to you.

Enjoy this little break from the monotony that is high school.

If this is your first spirit week, you may still be on the hunt for more ideas – we have your back there as well!