Inside: Best coloring pages for teenagers with free pages that we love to use.

When I was a teen, I remember going through this phase of reincorporating things I liked to do when I was a kid into my daily life. One of those things was coloring!

If I am being honest, that phase is still going strong. So I was hoping to inspire some teens out there to get back to their coloring books, because there are so many more benefits than you could imagine.

Coolest coloring pages for teenagers. Photo of mandala coloring page.

So if you’re a teenager looking to express your creativity in the most awesome way ever…keep reading! Not only is coloring lots of fun, but it provides a stress-relieving outlet for all of life’s big decisions. They also offer teens numerous creative advantages. Keep reading to find out what makes the coolest coloring pages for teens — plus where to discover them for free!

Why Is Coloring Becoming Popular Again?

Coloring pages are no longer just for young children. In fact, they have gained a newfound popularity among teenagers in recent years. These pages consist of black and white images that are meant to be filled in with vibrant colors using markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

But why are they so popular with teens? For starters, coloring is a great way to relax and destress. In a world where teens are constantly bombarded with schoolwork and social pressures, coloring offers a peaceful escape.

You can’t overlook the fact that new coloring pages often feature trendy themes such as pop culture icons or inspirational quotes, making them a fun way for teenagers to express themselves and show off their personality. Whether it’s as a creative outlet or a way to unwind, the appeal of coloring pages for teens is undeniable!

I feel like we can’t ignore the fact that teens are growing up quicker than ever. They even know how to start their own businesses(learn about teen business ideas here). I think it’s time that they have some fun for once.

Benefits of Coloring Pages for Teenagers

Coloring pages aren’t just for kids, teens can benefit from them as well. In fact, coloring pages can be a great tool for stress relief. The repetitive nature of coloring helps teens to quiet their mind and focus on the present moment, allowing them to forget about their worries and anxieties.

Coloring also provides a creative outlet for self-expression, which can be therapeutic for teens who may struggle with verbalizing their emotions. I have experienced first hand that the act of coloring releases endorphins, which are natural chemicals in the body that promote feelings of happiness and well-being.

By incorporating coloring pages into their routine, teens can find a healthy and enjoyable way to relieve stress and improve their overall mental health.

Coloring Pages for Teenagers. Photo of coloring page with flowers.

Coloring Pages for Teenagers

First up, I have compiled some of the coolest coloring pages for teens that you can buy. I know that life can be expensive, but I wanted to give you these cost effective options so that your need can feel extra fancy as they color.

1. Boho Coloring Book

2. Color Your Stress Away

3. Mindfulness Coloring Book

4. Enchanted Coloring Book Idea

5. Good Vibes Coloring Book

6. Minimalist Boho Book Idea

7. Mushroom Coloring Book

8. Life Is Tough But So Are You!

9. Tiny Cats Themed Book

10. Cute Fantasy Coloring Book

More Coloring Pages for Teenagers

Next up, I have some more awesome coloring pages for teenagers. Are you shocked that there is this large of a market for coloring that isn’t being geared towards kids? You shouldn’t be…coloring is seriously so cool. They even have adult coloring pages too, those can be quite the hoot.

11. Baby Animals Coloring Book

12. Wildlife Coloring Book

13. Anxiety Relief for Teens

14. Life In A Jar Book

15. Amazing Animals Coloring Book

16. Coloring Book For Girls

17. Reverse Coloring Book

18. Color Me Calm

19. Anime Themed Coloring Book

20. Butterfly Coloring Book

Coolest Coloring Books for Teens to Buy

For teens who love to express their creativity, coloring books are a fantastic way to do so. Luckily, there are some seriously cool coloring books out there just for them. From intricate mandalas to edgy designs, these books offer a wide range of styles to choose from.

21. Good Vibes Pink Book

22. Tween Coloring Book with Black Background

23. Sweet Treats Coloring Book

24. Psalm Quotes Coloring Book

25. Mandalas Coloring Book

26. Inspirational Quotes Coloring Book

27. Beautiful Woodland Fairies

28. World Of Cats Coloring Book

29. Stranger Things Coloring Book

30. Botanical Minimalist Coloring Book

Free Coloring Pages for Teenagers. Photo of person coloring.

Free Coloring Pages for Teenagers

Coloring is a fantastic way to relieve stress and even improve focus. It’s not just for young kids; it’s perfect for teens as well. There are countless free coloring pages online that cater to any interest or mood.

If you’re into nature, check out sites like or that offer intricate animal and plant designs. No matter your taste, there’s a free coloring page out there waiting for you. Take a look at some examples that I included below.

31. Positive Sayings Pages

32. Teen Titan Pages

33. Hippie Coloring Pages

34. Smile Coloring Page

35. VW Van Coloring Pages

36. Disney Coloring Pages

37. Big Flower Coloring Pages

38. Stronger Than Yesterday

39. Cute Camera Page

40. Sun and Moon Coloring Page

41. Flower Vase Coloring Page

42. Intergalactic Coloring Page

43. Realistic Mushroom Page

Creative Ideas For Drawing Unique Colorful Designs

For those of you who don’t have access to a printer at home, you can still reap the benefits of coloring without it! Everyone has doodled in their notebooks before, why not get back to your roots? You can spruce up your notes or your journal entries with little doodles. I just found an old notebook where I was planning prom themes, and it was covered with cool designs!

It’s time to unleash your creativity and start experimenting with drawing unique and colorful designs. One idea is to incorporate colorful patterns into your artwork using bright markers or pens. I still have an obsession with Gel Pens. I just love those little things!

Another possibility is to try a “zentangle” approach, where you create intricate black and white designs that you can then color in using an array of vibrant hues. Or, you can challenge yourself to draw something completely abstract and use bold, contrasting colors to bring it to life.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to expressing your artistic side, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and play around with different techniques until you find one that works for you.

coloring pages for teenagers

Coloring pages are a fantastic way for teens to reduce stress and explore their creative side. Whether they choose to make their own using art programs, buy the coolest coloring books available on the market or just look at some of the best free coloring pages out there, it’s important that teens understand how these activities can positively influence their mental health.

Not only are they fun, but they also provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when completed. Learning how to color is an essential part of adulthood, so let them set aside some time just for this purpose. It’s something that will not only develop their patience, but it will also help ameliorate any issues with anxiety and depression that might be present in your teenager’s life.

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