Inside: Best birthday party ideas for teens: Ideas for every milestone.

Having a teenager in the house comes with its own sets of challenges, but overall it is just so much fun. Being a teen is a very transitional time for my children, and by celebrating it for each birthday, you are turning something that is nerve-wracking into something exciting.

It can be tricky, though, throwing a birthday party for a teen. Figuring out a jumping-off point can prove to be harder than you’d think.

So today, I am going to go over some of the top birthday party for teens.

top Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

I go by age, covering different themes and ideas that teens in that age bracket will hopefully enjoy. Remember, this is a highly personalized thing, so it’s my goal that these ideas act as fuel for you to create the perfect birthday party for your teen.

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens: 13 Year Old

This is one of my favorite parties to help throw because it’s the FIRST teenage party that they will ever have. There are so many things that go into throwing a birthday party for a 13 year old, and we go into them in depth here. So after you are done looking at the different themes and ideas below, check that out.

1. Pink Out Party – Pink out parties are so cute, and they are simple to achieve. You just make sure that everything you get for the party, from the decorations to the food, is pink!

2. Classic Party Idea – You don’t have to make it crazy to have a crazy fun time. You can just do a classic birthday party and add some cute decorations.

3. Glow in the Dark Party – This one is a hit for all ages, but especially 13 year olds; my little sister LOVED It! Just make sure you have lots of neon and black lights.

4. Sweets Party Idea – Sometimes, all you need for a good time is a table full of sweet treats.

5. Starbucks-Themed Party – Is your 13 year old obsessed with Starbucks? Why not throw a Starbucks-themed party? This themed cake is too cute to pass up!

6. Candy Themed Party Idea – I told you, candy is a winning theme. Take a look at this photo to get a good idea of what your party could look like.

7. Fun Movie Night – How cute is this movie night? I am obsessed! Your 13-year-old will be too. I think there are too many cute decoration opportunities to pass this up.

8. Art-Themed Table Party – You can have a little craft party, then everyone gets to take home what they made!

14 year old party ideas

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens: 14 Year Old

14 is a fun birthday, although many people overlook it. As your teen gets older, their interests mature. This party gets to be a reflection of them at this stage in their life! The ideas below are some of my favorite themes that you can go with for a 14-year-old’s birthday. If you need some help picking the cake, I have some great ideas here!

9. Alice in Wonderland Party – I think you should throw the craziest mad hatter tea party you could ever imagine.

10. Outdoor Picnic Idea – This one is pretty fancy, but it will make your teen feel loved.

11. Classic Picnic Small Party – If you liked the idea above but don’t have a picnic table, go with a classic sheet-on-the-ground picnic.

12. Jewelry-Making Party Idea – This one is cool because the jewelry that is made get’s to be a party favor.

13. Classic Pool Party – You literally cannot go wrong with a classic pool party. I have even more great ideas for this specific party here.

14. Roller Skating Party – A roller skating party…are you kidding? Sign me up.

15. Arts and Crafts Birthday – You really can’t go wrong with crafts. They are good for any age.

16. Pottery Painting Party – Pottery is such a cute concept for this birthday party!

Best Party Ideas for 15-Year-Olds

The 15th birthday party is like the prequel for the 16th, but that doesn’t mean that it’s something to overlook. There are so many fun themes that you can decide on. Once you have your party squared away, perhaps you could help your teen decide on an outfit. Take a look at this list of cute outfit ideas for teen parties!

17. Fast Food Birthday Idea – Only the classiest for you 15 year old.

18. Epic Taco Party Idea – Okay now this one is super cool.

19. 70s Themed Birthday Party – I love the idea of going back in time to the 70s, how groovy!

15 year old party ideas

20. Teen Princess Ideas – Get your girly on with this theme!

21. Spa Night Party Theme – Its a classic, don’t knock it until you try it.

22. Pizza Party Sleepover – Pizza + Friends = Best Party Ever.

23. VSCO Sleepover – Many teens love anything that is aesthetic, so win their hearts with this one.

24. Trampoline Slumber Party – If you want to throw a party in your backyard, check out these ideas that go in-depth on the different ways you can go with it! This trampoline party looks too fun.

Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Your sweet 16 is probably the biggest of your teen birthdays(minus 18, but then you’re an adult), so you have to go big. Below are some great ideas to help you do so! If you want some more help with the little things that go along with throwing a sweet 16, check this out. We go over everything you’ll need, from decorations to food!

25. Winter Wonderland Party – This is another classic, but it’s too cute to miss.

26. Formal Sweet 16 – Any excuse to get dressed up, am I right?

27. Cowgirl Themed Party – I love that these are popular because they are hilarious!

28. Y2K Themed Parties – The Y2K people are back and better than ever.

29. Butterfly Sweet 16 – Butterflies are sweet, and this party is sweeter.

30. Light Floral Party – If you want to keep it simple and cute, this is the way to go.

31. Strawberry Pink Birthday Idea – This is a super cute idea for a sweet 16, and I am not just saying that because strawberries are my favorite.

32. Memory Lane Themed Party – Sweet and tear-jerking, it’s perfect.

17th birthday party ideas

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens: 17 Year Old

Whether your party is in the summer or winter, these ideas will be winners. Turning 17 is so much fun; after all, it’s your dancing queen year! The list below is some of the best and most popular themes and ideas for a 17-year-old’s birthday party. Have a look through it and see if there’s a winner! If you need help choosing a gift, check out this list of ideas. 

33. Dancing Queen-Themed Party – This is my favorite idea on this list. Now you must play games, and watch Mamma Mia at the party. I don’t make the rules, I just live by them.

34. Country Disco Party Theme – This is an abstract one, but it’s popular, so I added it to the mix.

35. Taylor Swift Themed Party – Taylor is the queen of 17.

36. Fairy Garden Party – I love how popular cottagecore is. If your teen loves anything to do with fairies, this is the party for them.

37. Met Gala-Themed Party – Boujee, I like it.

38. Harry Styles-Themed Party – Harry Styles has had a whole generation in love with him for over ten years now.

39. At-Home Rave Party – Lots of good music and glow sticks.

40. Classy Tea Party Idea – Too cute to pass up. Can you pass me my tea and biscuits?

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

I hope that you loved these birthday party ideas for teens. As I’m sure you noticed, I love putting these ideas together all the favorite ideas we’ve used over the years, so it’s a win-win! Sometimes the best parties are the ones that were done by collaborating, look at us, buddying up and stuff!

Birthday party fun doesn’t just stop here; I have so many other ideas that I am excited to share with you. There are just too many different factors that play into throwing a party; I couldn’t cover them all here. Need help deciding where to throw your bash? What about party ideas for a teen boy? I cover all of this and more!

Being a teen is a very challenging time for children, so throwing them an extra special party will help them to be more excited about this portion of their life. Happy partying!