Inside: Fun Things to do in Las Vegas with Teens When Traveling.

You may be wondering if Las Vegas is a good destination to take your teens to. We will break down the types of activities that teens will love!

Vegas has a ton of fun activities that teens will enjoy. Teenagers will love the thrilling options like going on zip lines over Fremont Street, thrill rides on top of hotels, driving an ATV or dune buggy, and visiting a gun range.

There is so much to see and do during your visit; it’s next to impossible to get bored!

See more fun things to do in Las Vegas with teens below!

Fun things to do in Las Vegas with Teens

Instagram-Worthy Things to do in Las Vegas with Teens

Las Vegas Sign: Have your photo taken in front of the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. They have created a small parking lot just for visitors to this sign since it sits in the median.

Dessert at the Milk Bar: Of all the great restaurants in Sin City, I recommend Milk Bar Las Vegas above all others. Christina Tosi, a world-renowned pastry chef, is an actual artist when it comes to the desserts she makes. One taste and you will be in food heaven! Don’t miss it.

Things for teens to do in Las Vegas

Take the Eiffel Tower Tour: Visit the miniature Eiffel Tower! It’s a fantastic spot to take a picture and share on Instagram because it looks so cool. In all likelihood, you will be blown away by its impressiveness.

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The Fountains of The Bellagio: The fountains are stunning at any hour of the day or night, but the light shows in the dark are especially breathtaking. Get there early for the best views. Beginning at 3 o’clock, the show airs every 30 minutes until 7 o’clock. Then they do the fountain light show every 15 minutes. Just keep in mind it’s incredibly popular, so there is always a crowd.

The Volcano at The Mirage:The view from our room on the fifteenth floor of The Mirage was breathtaking. As seen during the day, this rocky formation features manmade waterfalls. It becomes a raging volcano at night, spitting fire and water into the sky. The volcano erupts  repeats every 15 minutes until midnight. The fire is so hot that it actually feel the warmth your face!

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Critters: If aquariums are your thing, you aren’t going to want to miss seeing the animals! You can see life sharks, flamingos, tigers, dolphins, and exotic fish. Be sure to stop at these places: The Flamingo, The Mirage, MGM Grand, Silverton Hotel, and Golden Nugget!

Cool Las Vegas Teenage Activities

Shark Tank Tours: Tours of the Shark Tank at the Golden Nugget Hotel are available Thursday through Saturday, and they take guests behind the scenes to see the animals being fed and learn more about them. The hotel has a clear waterslide tunnel that goes right through the shark tank on the hotel’s rooftop swimming pool!

The Escape Game: You and your team have 60 minutes to solve puzzles, overcome a variety of challenges, and accomplish a quest in The Escape Game. Bring some pals or make some new acquaintances and see how you stack up!

Las Vegas teenage activities

Marvel’s Avenger S.T.A.T.I.ON: Not going to lie; it’s pretty impossible not to get sucked into the excitement at the Marvel Avengers STATION. You can find it at the Treasure Island hotel. It’s completely interactive and a blast.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum: An interactive wax museum can be found in front of The Venetian hotel and casino.

Roller Coaster in Las Vegas for Teenagers

Big Apple Coaster: Don’t kid yourself into thinking that a roller coaster at a hotel won’t have you squealing in delight; it will. Teens looking for a thrill can ride the Big Apple Coaster, which winds in and out of the New York-New York Hotel. This is for people who are true adrenaline junkies!

Insanity: There is a reason why they call it insanity. And I must tell you, this thrill ride isn’t for the faint of heart. 900 feet in the sky, this spinning SkyPod rotates with speeds nearing 3Gs.

Best Rollercoasters In Las Vegas For Teens

The LINQ Fly: If you are feeling brave, head to the LINQ hotel and hop on the 12 stories zip line that goes right above the Las Vegas Strip. Imagine the views at night. Keep in mind this is the only zipline on the strip.

Big Shot:  Climb in, and in just a few seconds, you’ll be shot 160 feet into the air. Big Shot shoots 45 miles per hour into the air. When you reach the top of Big Shot, you are 1,081 feet high. From this high up, the view of Las Vegas is amazing. Talk about a fun experience.

Things to do in Vegas Under 18

The Fremont Street Experience: If you want to see Old School Las Vegas, Fremont Street is where it’s at. There is an enormous dome that covers the sky. It lights up, and you can see people zip lining across. Plus, there are always people in the street dancing and putting on acts. SO MUCH TO SEE!

Things to do in Vegas Under 18

Real Bodies at Bally’s:  A visit to Real Bodies in Las Vegas is a fantastic idea for families with teenagers who are curious about the human body. Plus, who says you can still learn while you are on vacation?

Things to do Near Vegas for Families

Red Rock Canyon: While visiting Las Vegas, be sure to take in the sights of the surrounding area. You can book a tour and check it out. You can take a hike on any of their 26 different trails, view the sights, or simply relax.

Big Bus Tour Las Vegas: The bus tour will take you to all the happening locations and save some miles on your feet! Keep in mind, that this is the desert, after all, and it gets incredibly hot. So, you will appreciate not having to walk it all on foot.

Things to do near Vegas with families

Segway tours in Las Vegas:Segway tours of urban areas are the pinnacle of adolescent entertainment. The ideal way to spend time in Las Vegas with kids. One of the best ways to have fun and learn about Las Vegas is on a Segway tour. Anyone and everyone can enjoy a Segway tour. Before embarking on your journey, you will receive guidance and a brief opportunity to practice what you’ve learned. Don’t miss this during your visit to Sin City.

More Fun Ideas for Teens

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Things to do in Las Vegas with Teenagers