Inside: Easy + Quick Dinner Ideas for Teens.

It’s not uncommon for teens to be incredibly picky about the food you serve them. Think about the food you ate as a teenager versus what you are willing to eat now. It’s most likely a big change.

But, if you keep offering your teen tasty foods and sneak in some nutritious stuff here and there, you can help them build their palette.

Teenagers need food that will keep them fuller for longer because of how often they get hungry with all the sports and activities they are involved in.

These teen-friendly dinner suggestions are just what you need.

Quick Dinner Ideas for Teens

Easy Dinner Ideas for Teens

Quick and easy, these teen meals are perfect for feeding a big group of teens.

Baked Meatball Subs:  These baked meatball subs are sure to satisfy the appetites of your hungry teenagers.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets: Skip the drive-thru and make your own homemade chicken nuggets. Crispy on the outside and incredible on the inside! made with simple ingredients, these healthier nuggets are sure to please your picky teen.

Meatball Bombs:  Bombs filled with meat and sauce, like these cheesy meatballs, can easily stand in for frozen pizza rolls. These bombs are made from refrigerated biscuits and Italian meatballs. This combination is seriously amazing!

Easy Dinner Ideas for Teens To Make At Home

Mini Pizza Bites:  These bite-sized pizzas are far superior to pizza rolls, bagel bites, and hot pockets. It’s also possible to include some nutritious ingredients that teenagers won’t even notice.

Grilled Cheese in the Oven:  These grilled cheese sandwiches actually get baked to perfection. If you need to feed a large group of ravenous teenagers quickly, this is the recipe for you.

Healthy Dinners for Teens

Sloppy Joes: Skip traditional sugar filled sloppy joes and go for this healthier, lightened up version. Every bite is filled with a combination of satisfying ground turkey and sweet potato. You kid won’t even realize they are good for you. (I won’t tell them if you don’t!)

Beef and Broccoli Lo Mein: All your favorite foods in one easy and filling dish! Tender beef, fresh broccoli, and lots of noodles to keep your taste buds happy. Oh, and the sauce is drool worthy!

Zucchini Taco Boats:  Our teenagers love these taco boats, which are not only nutritious but also extremely tasty. It may take some persuading to get them interested in zucchini, but I guarantee they’ll become instant fans after trying just one bite.

Healthy Dinners for Teens

Eggroll in a Bowl: This is one of those delicious meals that also happens to be packed with nutritious ingredients. Your teenagers will go crazy for it, and you will appreciate that it is both nutritious and delicious.

Turkey Burgers:  You can whip up these juicy turkey burgers in no time. They take minimal ingredients and cook quickly. And the best part is you will save on calories without giving up flavor.

Easy Meals for Teens to Make

Steak Nachos: Once you finish making these steak nachos, your teen is going to be begging to dive in.  They look fabulous and taste even better. Made with potatoes, steak, seasonings, and lots of gooey cheese. Plus, you can add your favorite toppings.

Microwave Shrimp Primavera: Honestly, it can be very helpful once your kids learn how to cook. It will save you some work and gives them a little bit of independence. This microwave dish is easy enough that they can make it and will be super proud of themselves too.

Easy Meals for Teens to Make

Chicken Artichoke Panini: Upgrade your regular grilled cheese with this chicken artichoke panini. It’s packed with protein to keep your hungry teen satisfied. Plus, it has grilled bread, chicken, artichoke hearts, cheese, onions, and sauce.

Chicken Pasta Bake: You can never go wrong with serving pasta. It is timeless, and pretty much everyone is going to go crazy for it.

More Fun Ideas for Teens

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Dinner Ideas for Teens