Inside: Fun Things To Do in Los Angeles for Teens.

Travelers of all ages flock to the City of Angels, but adolescent visitors will find especially lots to do and see.

There is so much to see and do in southern California that it’s pretty much impossible to get bored.

Visiting amusement parks or horseback riding in the mountains are just two examples of the many exciting activities that can be added to your itinerary. The breathtaking natural beauty makes you never want to leave.

So pack your bags and hit the road to visit Los Angeles! You’ll be amazed, and your teen will forever be thankful for this trip.

LA Activities For Teens

Fun Things to Do in Los Angeles for Teens

Visit a Theme Park

Six Flags Magic Mountain is often referred to as the “coming of age” theme park in Los Angeles due to the park’s more thrilling rides! Your teen is bound to enjoy all there is to see and do, especially if they love adventure.

Knott’s Berry Farm is a hit with LA’s youth because of its compact size and wide range of attractions, which appeal to both thrill-seekers and those who prefer a more relaxed experience.

Disneyland, and especially Disney California Adventure, is always a good time for teenagers, so long as your teen still enjoys Disney movies and shows.

If you can only afford to spend time and money on one amusement park while in Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood should be considered. Virtually all of the attractions are computer-generated, but guests still get to experience a variety of rides themed to popular TV shows and movies.

Outdoor Activities for LA

Go Star Hunting

Hollywood and the surrounding California towns serve as year-round workplaces for a plethora of A-list actors and actresses who call Los Angeles home. If your teen has a fascination with famous people, you might want to take them on a hunt for a celebrity sighting. It’s important to keep your distance if you do see an A-lister if they are spending time with family or friends. They don’t always want to be bothered.

Fun Things to Do with Teens in LA

Attend a TV Show Taping

A TV show taping is a great way to introduce your teen, aged 16 or older, to the glamorous world of show business that has made Hollywood famous.

During the summer hiatus, it can be fun and educational to go to a taping of a television show, whether it’s your teen’s favorite show or a pilot they’ve never heard of before. Plus, when you get back home, it will be really cool to show off the episode they got to watch live.

Fun Things to Do in Los Angeles for Teens

Movie Studio Tour

Discover what goes into making your favorite shows and movies with a studio tour. Everything that goes on behind the scenes to bring a TV show or movie to life is revealed to you.

Visitors to Universal Studios have the option of riding the studio tram or paying extra for a VIP tour that allows them to walk the sets. Sony, like rival studios Warner Bros. and Paramount, offers tours of its facilities as well.

Teen Outdoor Activities in Los Angeles

Enjoy the Beach

Whether you are excited to soak up the sun or try your hand at surfing, visiting a beach is a must. Venice Beach has lots of attractions to keep your entire family busy.

You’ll find lots of art walls at Venice Beach. Or you can head to the skate park and watch the skaters. The park is 16,000 square feet, and there are always people around.

Of course, you can lay down a blanket and watch the sunset or sunrise. Either way, it’s breathtaking, so don’t miss it for and least one day.

LA Teenager Activities

Visit LA Zoo

This LA zoo is filled with animals and adventures. Get up close and personal with the Elephants or stop by the Rainforest and watch the otters and jaguars. Or maybe The Lair is more your speed. It’s filled with frogs, snacks, and lots of other reptiles.

Take A Trapeze Class

One of the most popular things to do among our teenagers was taking a trapeze class at the Santa Monica Pier, which is conveniently located not far from L.A. Book an hour of aerial instruction at TSNY Trapeze School and soar through the air with the help of professional acrobats!

Go Hiking

Hiking in the local canyons and mountains is another great way to get your outdoorsy adolescent to see a different side of Los Angeles.

Hiking is a fantastic and easy way to spend the day away from the city, and there are many options for doing so, including trails that begin right in Hollywood (like Runyon Canyon) and others that lead to the Hollywood Sign and the Griffith Observatory in nearby Griffith Park. Still, if you’re willing to put in a little extra time and effort, you can drive venture deeper into the mountains and access trails that are less traveled but provide more breathtaking panoramas of the Valley.

Things To Do in Downtown LA for Teens

Visit LA’s Museums

If you know where to look among Los Angeles’ more than 250 museums, you can probably find one that will pique your teenager’s interest, even if he or she isn’t particularly enthusiastic about museums in general.

The Griffith Observatory, where teenagers can gaze at the stars, is highly recommended by both tourists and locals alike, as are the California Science Center’s many hands-on exhibits and activities, such as the chance to ride a bike along a high wire. So much to see and do!

Fun Teen Activities in Southern California

Go Shopping at The Grove

I know that a lot of people think that shopping in LA is extremely expensive. But if you find the right places, you can find some fantastic deals and enjoy the day.

The Grove is one of the most popular malls among teens, and with good reason: it has everything a teen could want, plus great sales that make it perfect for a day of shopping with your teen. Don’t be surprised if you find some stuff you like too!

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Fun Things T0 Do in Los Angeles for Teens