Inside: Fun Things To Do in Los Angeles for Teens.

Although Los Angeles is a popular destination for tourists of all ages, teenagers will especially find the City of Angels full of exciting activities, adventures, and events.

Whether your teen is a bookworm, an outdoor adventurer, or a shopaholic, there’s something for everyone in this southern California city.

From visiting one of the many theme and amusement parks in the Los Angeles area to going horseback riding in the mountains just outside the city, you’re sure to find something to add to your itinerary.

Plus, even if you live in LA, you might find a few new fun things to do in Los Angeles for teens you haven’t yet done with your teenager, or if you are a teen, some things to add to your LA staycation list.

LA Activities For Teens

Fun Things to Do in Los Angeles for Teens

Visit a Theme Park

While Six Flags Magic Mountain is considered the “coming of age” theme park in Los Angeles for its more extreme coasters, it depends on your teen for whether or not you’ll want to visit.

LA teens also like Knott’s Berry Farm’s more intimate footprint with a diversity of options for the more and less thrill-seeking types. It’s a favorite way to celebrate high school graduation, so it’s not just younger teens who appreciate the park’s charms.

If your teen is still a Disney fan, Disneyland, especially Disney’s California Adventure, is always fun for teens.

However, if there’s only time or money to visit one theme park while you’re in LA, Universal Studios Hollywood might be the top choice. The rides are more virtual than real, but you get the combination of rides associated with movies and TV shows they know, as well as the Tram Tour that takes you through the working back lot of the TV and movie studio.

Outdoor Activities for LA

Go Star Hunting

Los Angeles isn’t just the City of Angeles; it’s also a city of celebrities who work in Hollywood (and the surrounding California towns while on location) filming blockbuster movies year after year. If your teenagers are celebrity-obsessed, consider taking them on a quest for a celebrity sighting, but remember to be polite and respectful—celebrities are people, too.

Fun Things to Do with Teens in LA

Attend a TV Show Taping

If your teen is 16 or older, attending a TV show taping can be a fun way to introduce him or her to the exciting world of showbiz that’s made Hollywood famous. Be aware; it usually involves a lot of waiting around, so weigh how much time you have available to devote to this before you plan it.

If your teen has a favorite sitcom, it’s worth seeing if it’s taping, but even seeing the filming of an unknown pilot during the summer hiatus can be an enjoyable and educational experience for both of you.

Fun Things to Do in Los Angeles for Teens

Movie Studio Tour

If you don’t have five or six hours to spend seeing a TV show being taped, a one or two-hour studio tour is another way to get a behind the scenes look at the TV and movie industry here—you might even catch a glimpse of a famous actor or two working on the lot!

If you go to Universal Studios, their tram tour of the backlot is included, or their VIP tour lets you walk around on set. Warner Bros, Paramount, and Sony also offer stand-alone tours.

Teen Outdoor Activities in Los Angeles

Enjoy the Beach

Unless you live at the beach somewhere else in the country, most people make a beeline for the beach when visiting Los Angeles, and if you are traveling with teens, you can’t beat Venice Beach. While there are ocean and sand along all 75 miles of Los Angeles beaches, the Venice Beach Boardwalk has a scene you won’t find anywhere else.

The boardwalk is active all year long, especially on weekends, but it’s most crowded in summer. Permanent souvenir shops, head shops, and snack bars line the inland side of the boardwalk, while table vendors, artists, and street performers are set up along the sand.

LA Teenager Activities

Visit LA Zoo

For teenagers who love animals, especially exotic and aquatic ones, there are two all-star destinations you can go in Los Angeles: the Los Angeles Zoo and the Aquarium of the Pacific. The Los Angeles Zoo is located near Griffith Park and its 133-acres house over 270 species ranging from giraffes to the rare mountain tapir.

Take A Trapeze Class

You don’t have to drive far from L.A. to find one of the most fun activities our teens adored, taking a trapeze class on the Santa Monica Pier. Soar through the air for an hour with TSNY Trapeze School and learn how to grab and flip like a real acrobat! Plus, it’s a fun activity to do alongside your teen for a summer memory worth the trip.

Go Hiking

Another great way to see a different side of Los Angeles with your outdoors, enthusiast teenager is to take a hike through the local canyons and mountains.

With trails that start in Hollywood, like Runyon Canyon, or trails in Griffith Park to the Hollywood Sign or the Griffith Observatory, a day of hiking is a convenient and great way to get out of the city quickly. If you have a bit more time, though, you can drive a little farther into the mountains to find trails that are less crowded and offer even more stunning views of the Valley.

Things To Do in Downtown LA for Teens

Visit LA’s Museums

Los Angeles is home to more than 250 museums, so even if your teen isn’t remotely interested in most exhibits, you can probably find one to spark his or her interest, if you know where to look.

Many teen visitors and residents recommend going to the Griffith Observatory, a great place for seeing stars; the California Science Center, with lots of opportunities for hands-on experiments including riding a bike on a high wire; the Natural History Museum; and the LA County Museum of Art.

Fun Teen Activities in Southern California

Go Shopping at The Grove

Regarding price, Los Angeles shopping isn’t really any more expensive than shopping at home for most tourists, so don’t let that misconception deter you from knocking out some school shopping with your teenager while spending the day enjoying each other’s company.

One of the most popular shopping destinations for teenagers is The Grove, which offers a variety of shops ranging from access to exclusive, perfect for a day of shopping with your teenager (or a quick trip to grab something you didn’t pack!).

More Fun Ideas for Teens

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Fun Things T0 Do in Los Angeles for Teens