Inside: Top 5 drawing supplies my teens cannot live without.

Art is one of those magical things in this world that we humans cannot live without. It is an expression of our thoughts, our feelings, and our beliefs. Art tells stories and makes statements and gives us an outlet to release things.

Something this powerful seems like it would be hard to come by, but it can be a part of your everyday life.

I understand more than anyone how daunting starting to do art is. Whether you are crafting, painting, or drawing, being new to something is terrifying. Chances are, you are not going to be very good starting out. So it is all about sticking with it.

Practice makes art; it is all about the journey. So if you are taking your 1st step of 10,000, then I have some great starting advice for you: Art Supplies! Today I am going to go over 5 drawing supplies to get your artwork just right.

These are the must-have things you can collect over the years to have on hand whenever you are ready to create.

Drawing Supplies We Cannot Live without

But first, let’s go over the benefits of drawing.

The Benefits of Drawing

Drawing has more benefits than the obvious one: It’s fun! More than this, it has many different beneficial side effects that can act as little ripples that carry on into almost every aspect of your life: Physically and mentally.

According to an article on

“Experiencing art—from the act of painting and sculpting to a visit to an art museum—offers a variety of benefits to well-being including decreased stress and stronger critical thinking skills. Drawing and sketching in particular have been connected with improved creativity, memory, and stress relief, and are also used in art therapy.”

How cool is that? There are so many other little things that you can benefit from by adding art into your daily life, but you won’t see the results until you start to implement it. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check out these art supplies so you can start adding some goodness into your life.

Drawing Supplies We Cannot Live Without

I want you to keep in mind that you don’t NEED these to be able to draw. Honestly, all you really need is a good pencil and paper. That’s it. So if you don’t have the budget for some of these, just go back to the basics and save up until you’re ready.

With that being said, these really are the best. They make a big difference. So check out these basic drawing supplies you need to get started.

1. Drawing Pencil Kit

This is one of my absolute favorite drawing kits that I have ever worked with. It has all of the basics that you could want, from the varying types of drawing pencils to cool erasers. I have found that by experimenting with different shades and textures that can be found in varying kinds of art pencils, you get some of the coolest results.

If this kit seems a little too big for you, you can always go with a smaller one. Take your time learning how to use each and every pencil and tool until you are an expert. Then you can move on to more and more until you get here.

Moldable Eraser

2. Moldable Eraser

Here we have a moldable eraser. This may sound unnecessary, but I can assure you it is not. I have had one too many experiences trying to erase small details with a big eraser, only to have a bigger section erased than I intended. Sometimes, you just want to lighten an area, or maybe you want to use it for shading. Whatever the case, this eraser is the best.

You can take it and mold it into whatever shape you need. So if you have any tight corners or specific angles, this one is perfect. I also love it because it is usable for longer than a regular eraser.

With those, as soon as you use one of the point or sharp corners, it is widdled down to a blunt end that is only usable in large areas. That isn’t the case with this beauty.

So a moldable eraser is one of the most important drawing supplies to put in your art kit.

3.  Drawing Paper

Drawing paper is an absolute must for me for many reasons. The way that the pencil is transferred onto this paper is unlike anything you can imagine if you have been working with computer paper all your life.

I can still remember the first time that I was ever able to use this paper pad. I was in shock. My pencils went on sharper, and blended seamlessly when I needed them, and the overall quality of my drawing improved. Do NOT discount the power of what paper you are using. These are pretty affordable too.

Lastly, I love this because the drawings last longer and don’t fade nearly as quickly. Since the paper is better quality, you don’t have to worry about it degrading as quickly.

4. Micron Pens

Micron pens, my sweet, sweet love. These are a step up from pencils, so only use them when you are ready. But let me tell you, there is no other kind of drawing pen on the market that can stand up to this brand.

I have tried them all, and a few come close, but these are still it for me. The way they easily and smoothly go across the page is just amazing.

You know, a chef says that the most dangerous thing in a kitchen is a dull knife because it won’t cut the way you expect it to. I can say the same about ink pens in art. If you are drawing and your pen skips a bit of line or the ink blots out… your whole peace could be at stake. That is why I love these.

Primscolor colored Pencils

5. Prismacolor Colored Pencils

This is my grand finale because they really are the best. Prismacolor Colored pencils have been the go-to colored pencil for basically every art teacher I have ever had. They blend perfectly, the colors are vivid, and they have so much versatility.

These are game changers. But I will say that they are pretty spendy, so while you save up for them, know that regular colored pencils will work just fine.

Drawing Supplies We Cannot Live without

I hope that you loved this article about the 5 Drawing Supplies We Cannot Live Without! I had such a blast writing this. Art means so much to me, and it makes me so happy to think of people at the beginning of their own little art journeys.

Drawing is my favorite medium for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s accessibility. Almost everyone has a pencil and paper on hand, and that is all you need. I know that some of these supplies can be spendy, so just know that you don’t need them all right away to be able to start drawing. These are just the supplies that you can work towards.

If you want to learn more about art and art supply tips, then you must check out this next article. I think learning about art is half of the fun; the other half is jumping in and trying it! So don’t get too caught up in the back end. Get to drawing!