Some believe Valentine’s Day to be yet another Hallmark Holiday, but I think it was invested for the crafts! Hearts are some of the most fun & easy things to create, so these trend inspired Valentines Day crafts for teens are so simple they’ll want to make them in mass.

Valentine Crafting ideas for teens

So look no further for inspiration for Valentine’s Day ideas than getting crafty with your favorite kid.

One thing to think about when crafting for hearts-day is to keep it fun! We don’t want anything too gushy here. 

Trending Heart Crafts

Back in the day, the traditions of Valentine’s Day were about giving the basics: a heartfelt card, some delicious chocolates, oh, and don’t forget the flowers…

But now there are endless, thoughtful crafts to make that your girl will love. Make them together, with friends, for a special boy or just for the fun of crafting – which is always a win.

Taper candles valentines day craft

Taper candles

Use paint to create hearts on simple tapers to line your bedroom window. These candles are really simple and fun, they’d be cute combined in a pack for a valentine to give to a friend.

Clay earrings

Clay earrings like these ones are always a hit! They are often pricey to buy, but with a little DIY action you can make them at home.

Digital illustrations

Take a cue from Lizzy House studio and jump into some digital crafting. Thinking layering hearts like she did is a great inspiration, or let your mind wander to all the fun creations you can make. Custom Valentine cards sound like a great idea.

Gussy up your style

Find glitter to Bedazzle a heart bag or anything you can find that beats red this month.

Wool & needles

To pass a chilly winter Valentine week at home, get into wool felting and create a fluffy heart craft. Here’s an easy felting kit to get you started.

Photo shoot inspired by heart balloons - fun Valentine

Candy heart photo shoot

Get the trend going with a fun photoshoot! Create a Tik Tok video, get some photos and have your friends over for a crafty afternoon.

Printable Wild at heart poster

Wild At Heart Pringta

Yes, you can find gorgeous prints online like this wild at heart, but why not be inspired to learn a new digital program like Canva & make your own.

Inspired Valentines Crafts

Love Letter Envelopes:

TikTok is packed with videos that show the simplicity of creating love letter envelopes. The basic supplies you will need are Valentine’s colored or patterned paper of your choice, glue, and a ruler.

Please note that stickers and different colors of markers or gel pens could add a nice touch too.  You can even personalize the envelope by either adding a drawing and/or spraying whichever scent you wear onto the envelope, so it smells just like you!

Taylor Swift inspired Valentine printables for teens.

Valentine Era!

Thread Momma is one of my favorite printable artists and she brought it so fun this year with these gorgeous Valentines Era printables. Download the whole set and get crafting away.

Rose Wrapped Heart-Shape Chocolate Bouquet:

Cut out a piece of cardboard into the shape of a heart.  Make the heart large enough to where it would barely fit onto a sheet of paper.  Hot glue about 10-12 wooden sticks (about 1 foot in length) onto the bottom of the cardboard cutout, all in the middle right next to each other, to support the soon-to-be bouquet.

Then, on the top part of the cardboard heart, hot glue their fav chocolates and you can add on some fake little roses, filling the entire heart.

Now take a dozen roses and wrap them the entire heart, with the rose petals on top of the heart and the stems underneath.  U

se greenery tape, as twist ties won’t be strong or sturdy enough, to bind all the stems and wooden sticks together so they can be held like a bouquet.  And for the final touch, layer Valentine’s colored tissue paper around the bouquet.


Valentine's Day scratch-off card with someone scratching off one of the red hearts.

TikTok-Inspired Valentine’s Day Scratch-Off

Grab some colored paper and some scissors, even decorative scissors to add some more flair to it.  Then trace 3 hearts onto the bottom half of a sheet of paper.  Write in each heart what the prizes are (ex: homemade dinner, movie night, etc).  Place a piece of clear picking tape over the hearts, making sure the entire heart is covered).

Now pour some Dawn detergent onto a paper plate and add some red acrylic paint, or whichever color you want to paint the hearts.  Be sure to have more Dawn detergent than paint.

Finally, paint the hearts with this mixture til you can no longer see the prices.  Feel free to tape a coin onto the scratch-off for some immediate fun!

Love Coupons/Tickets:

Here’s another fun and simple TikTok-inspired Valentine’s Day craft for teenagers.  Cut out ¼ sheet vertically from a sheet of any Valentine’s colored paper.  Draw lines about 2 fingers length from top to bottom.  Then fold the sheet against these lines in an accordion style.

Once completely folded, draw a half circle at all 4 corners and cut them off.  Then open and cut off about ½ inch in from every peak of the ‘coupon’ so it resembles a line of raffle tickets.  The trace with a pencil first, followed by a marker to outline each ticket.

Finally, write what each love coupon/ticket is for, whether it be hugs, a meal, or a movie marathon.  Be creative!

A wooden X and O letters that are being decorated with sequins.

Blingy Valentine’s Day Crafts For Teens

Buy some wooden letters or hearts.  You can use the letters of someone’s name, but for this example, we’ll use XOXO.  Grab some multi-surface acrylic paint in the color of your choice as well as matching-colored sequins.  In this part, you can use one color across the board.  You can use as many colors as you wish.  Once you have your matching paint colors and sequins, grab a paintbrush.  Paint the base color for each of the letters.

You’ll want to paint all sides unless you don’t mind some wood showing.  After the paint has dried, take some tacky glue and complete this part in sections on the wooden letters.  Put some glue onto the first section.  With a small paintbrush, spread the glue to a nice little even coat.  Then place the sequins on that section.  Repeat these steps until the front side of your letters are blinging with sequins.  Beautiful décor for any room in the house!

There you have it, some creative and trending & inspired Valentines Day crafts for teens! On your marks, get set, CRAFT!