Inside: Fine the best suitcases for teens with our favorite rollers & carry-ons.

The best time of year for vacation is coming up, so naturally, you may be on the hunt for a new suitcase.

Though it may seem like a simple choice, this piece of luggage will be accompanying you on many adventures from now until the future, so you need to pick the one that suits you most!

Get it…suits you…like a suitcase. I’m sorry I had to.

There is more to choosing a suitcase than what meets the eye. In fact, there are several things you must consider before clicking Add to Cart. Let’s discuss this.

Suitcases for Teens

Different Kinds Of Suitcases

I believe there is a different suitcase for each person. Much like picking a dog bread that most suits your lifestyle, you’re going to be doing the same with your case. After all, if you had a very calm and lackadaisical lifestyle, you’re not going to want a husky(huskies are known for their high energy levels).

So what kind of suitcase is for you, you may be thinking. Well, I’m glad you asked. First, you need to take a moment to think about your lifestyle. What kind of trips will this be used for. How often will it be in use? How much stuff do you need to pack? After you figure out these questions, you can see where you fit in the categories below:

Simple Suitcase: This is the barebones suitcase for those of you who only travel once in a while and who don’t pay too much mind to its organizational capabilities when you are traveling.

Multipurpose Suitcase: This is my personal favorite because you can never go wrong with more helpful compartments. This kind of case is filled with nooks and crannies meant to help you organize. They can also have awesome little features to make your traveling easier such as a built-in cupholder or a USB charging port to charge your electronics. How cool.

Once you’ve figured out which one of these you fit into, you can now continue on to the next portion of the article, the suitcases! I’ve compiled a list of the coolest suitcases on the internet for you to look through. I’ve separated them by categories similar to the ones you put yourself into above to make it easier on you, but feel free to look through them all.

Pro Tip: Although you may be inclined to pick a calm and sleek suitcase, I urge you to go in the opposite direction. Choosing a suitcase with a bright color or a crazy pattern can make finding your suitcase on the baggage line so much easier. Plus having a suitcase that is easily identified can save you a lot of strife if your case goes missing. With this in mind, I added a list of suitcase covers at the bottom.

These are an affordable way to add some crazy designs to your suitcase. Check them out.

Colorful Suitcases For Summer Vacation

Colorful Suitcases

These are some of the cutest(and brightest) colorful simple suitcases on this list. So if you were in group one then this is the list for you. Take a peak and see if any make your heart happy.

Multipurpose Suitcases

These are like the swiss army knives of suitcases. Some of these cases can hold your coffee and charge your phone for you at the same time. Yeesh, I think it’s better at multitasking than I am. If this sounds more your speed then I suggest looking through the list below. There’s bound to be something you’ll love!

Affordable Suitcases

Affordable Suitcases

Not all traveling needs to be balling out without a budget. This next list is for the adventurers who like to clip coupons in their spare time. There’s some great stuff on here, especially the 45$ set. Take a look.

Graphic Suitcases

A suitcase can be like an expression of you. Choosing a case that has something to do with a hobby or interest of yours can be a fun way to make you extra excited to travel. Plus you get a case that is easy to find on the baggage belt. Two birds with one stone.

Suitcases for Teens

Suitcase Covers

This last list is of suitcase covers. For those of you who don’t want to commit to a crazy design, you can use one of these removable suitcase covers while you travel. These are a great option because you can get a new one every time your style changes. Plus they help to keep your luggage scratch-free.

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