Inside: 53 Easy & Cute Braid Ideas for Teens

When it comes to expressing yourself, how you present yourself says a lot. An awesome way to achieve this is by doing your hair in styles that you not only love, but that make you feel confident and happy. Girls these days have SO many options to choose from when it comes to hairstyles.

So today we are just going to focus on Cute Braids for Teenagers!

Did you know that there are hundreds of different kinds of braiding styles today? They can range from simple to downright complicated, but overall they never disappoint. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with braids and thought that they didn’t look cute and put together, just sayin. 😉

Braiding Styles can vary from a simple classic 3 string braid (the one we learn to do in middle school), to a french or dutch braid (these are the ones the middle school show-offs knew how to do).

Then there’s Lace, Ladder, Lattice, oh my! But how can you know what kind of braids are your favorite if you have no clue what they look like? That’s where we come in.

We’ve compiled a list of varying types of braids that you can check out to better understand your style; which ones you love and those you don’t.

But first, a brief history of braids and your teenager.

Cute braids for teenagers hair

The History of Braids

The origin of braids is followed back all the way back to African Culture some 5000 years ago. This was the year 3500 B.C, and braids were very popular amongst women. The Box Braid was traced back to Egypt around the year 3100 B.C. According to, Next, it was “Greece with the halo braid in the first century; Native Americans with pigtail braids in the fifth century; Europe with the crown braid from 1066 to 1485; China with the staircase braid from 1644 to 1912; the Caribbean with modern cornrows in the 1970s”

Since these times, Braids have truly gone through their own evolution. Though there are many different kinds of new braids today, it is important to remember where they started.

Nowadays, learning a new style of braid is only a Google search away. Teens are so lucky! So many styles at their fingertips. Not only do they have access to so many different styles but they also have access to tutorials and step-by-step videos to help them learn.

As you can see, braids have been around for centuries. Many people today use braids as more than just an expression of themselves but as an expression of their lineage. How amazing is that!

Braids for Teens

What kind of braid you are going to try will largely have to do with the texture of your hair. Because of this, we tried to separate our choices with this in mind. The first list below is mainly for wavy to straight hair, though if your hair is a different texture don’t fret! You can still try your hand at them. Or you can scroll down a little further to find some that are more right for you.

Easy Cute braids for teens

1. Gorgeaous Braid Waterfall Style

2.Sheek Star Braid

3. Classic Braided Pony

4. Braided Space Buns

5. Loose French Braid

6. French Braid with Loose Pigtails

7. Simple Dutch Braids

8. Adorable Bubble Braid

9. Loose Braid Crown

10. Messy Side Braid

11. Simple Braided Pig Tails

12. Beautful Braided Crown with Flowers

13. Low French Braided Space Buns

Popular Braid Hairstyles for Teenagers

This section is good for a mix of wavy, straight, curly & coily hair. Look below to find a braid that speaks to you!

Popular braiding styles for teenage girls

14. Braided Crown Updo

15. Double Bubble Braids

16. Half up Half Down Braid

17. Classy Braided Updo

18. Fish Tails

19. Half braided Ponytail

20. French Braided with Cute Pony

21. Full French Braided Pig Tails

22. V Braid Crown Leading to Low Ponytail

23. Smooth Classic Braid

24. Half Up Double French Braids

25. Thick Headband Braid

26. Headband Braid with Half Up Bun

27. Simple Half Up Braid

Box Braids for Teenage Girls

Box Braids are very popular in Black Culture. This beautiful design can take hours to achieve but it’s absolutely worth it in the end to have the result! You can also keep these braids in for 4 to 6 weeks so you will definitely get your time and effort rewarded!

Box braids for teens

28. Box Braids with Silver Incorporated

29. Full Head of Box Braids

30. Medium Sized Box Braids

31. Wavy Styled Box Braids on Scalp

32. Awesome Silver Box Braids

33. Half Up Half Down

34. Cool Square Pattern Box Braids

35. Red Braids with Hair Cuffs

36. Beautifully Styled Half Up Box Braids

37. Only Braided on One Side

38. Box Braid Pony with Heart

39. Tight Box Braids

40. Awesome Box Braids with Space Buns

Braids for Black Teenage Girls

These are some of the cutest and coolest braids for Black Teenage Girls. Unless you have a seriously skilled braider in your house you may have to go to a salon to achieve these looks. But as said before, depending on the braid you can keep this style in for up to 6 weeks! That’s definitely getting your money’s worth.

41. Long Knotless Braids

42. Adorable Braid Bun

43. Stitch Braids with Pony Tail

44. Feed-In Pig Tails

45. Cornrows with Heart Design

46. Box Braid with Top Knot

47. Box Braided Buns with Beads

48. Knotless Braids in Low Bun

49. Boho Knotless Half Up Do

50. Long Beautiful Braids

51. Red Tight Braids with Heart Design

52. Awesome Braided Bun

53. Swirly Design with Ponytail

We hope you learned a little bit more about braids, and yourself by finding what style suits your unique personality. There are truly so many options, but at least now you know where to start!

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