Inside: Printable packing list for teenage girl to help simplify your vacation.

Ah, family vacation. Doesn’t just the sound of it excite you? The new experiences, the break from your everyday life…who wouldn’t want that? But there are so many things to be done before you get to embark on your adventure.

You have to pick where you are going, how you are going to get there, budget, get the time off of work, and worst of all…pack. Now, packing is already hard enough when you are just doing it for yourself, trying to make sure you can remember everything you need.

But when you add teens to that equation… your stress goes up exponentially. You basically have to pack for everyone, but not anymore.

Helpful Printable Packing List for Teenage Girl

I have created a list of the best Printable Packing List for Teenage Girl to help you cross at least one thing off your own list. Some of these options even come in bundles for the whole family. So before you stress yourself out, download and print these helpful tools.

Adorable Printable Packing List for Teenage Girl

When it comes to using a packing list, the cuter it is, the more likely that you are to hang onto it for the return home. This will be very helpful, seeing as you can use it to double-check that you re-pack everything you brought. Plus it makes it more personalized and fun.

So take a look and find a list that would fit your teen the best.

1. Perfect Travel List – I know the word perfect is a bit much, but when you see this list you will know what I mean.

2.  Green Packing List – If green is your daughter’s favorite color, I don’t think you have much of a choice with this one. You must get it.

3. Camp Packing Lists – Are you going camping? This list has come cute camping decorations, plus it’s personalized for that kind of trip.

4. Bright Pink Paper – Pink is quite the winner. You definitely won’t lose it throughout your travels. And more than this, it’s absolutely adorable.

5. Color Coded List – If you are an organizational queen, then this is the list for you. I just love the different colors and how much easier it is to see each category.

6. Customizable Category – I find it always useful when a list is customizable. This is because you are able to put things that are personal to you on the list.

7. Ultimate Packing List – This one has basically everything that you could need. Dare I say this is the ultimate packing list?

8. Editable Packing List – Here is another editable one. Not everyone wheres the same clothes or is even going for the same amount of time. So this packing list will let you adjust that.

9. Light Green Packing List – Light green more your speed? Then check this bad boy out.

10. Rainbow-Themed Packing List – I love the rainbow and this list even more. It uses colors from the rainbow to help color code the packing items. YES!

11. Simple Black and White List – And if you are not a fan of flashy colors, then this simple list has been sitting here waiting for you.

Unique Packing Lists

Unique Packing Lists

These are packing lists that are dedicated to a specific vacation. Sometimes you do need the packing list to be specific to where you are going. Otherwise, you will end up packing bathing suits when you are supposed to bring snow gear. Okay, that was a bit exaggerated, but you know what I mean.

Look through this list to find the vacation that most closely matches your own. If you are going to Disney…I am jealous.

12. List for Disney, Resorts, Cruises, and Europe – Are you going to Disney, a resort, a cruise, or perhaps Europe for your vacation? Well, do not worry, these lists were literally made for you.

13. Gold and Black List – This list is perfect for a vacation, and it’s even more perfect for you if you love the colors of black and gold. Take a look at it.

14. Packing Family Pack – Here is the aforementioned family pack that I promised you. This will be super helpful if you want to get everyone in the family organized before the big send-off.

15. Travel Sheet with Map Design – I just love this list because it comes with an adorable map design with it. It just goes to show that you will be exploring the world a little bit and expanding your view. Too cute.

16. Cute Vacation Planner – This is a classically cute vacation planner that is meant for a classic vacation. It’s chic, portable…what else could you possibly want here? Nothing!

17. Watercolor List – I love watercolor. If you are going to a place with lots of water, then this is the perfect list to subtly nod to that fact. If you aren’t about subtly, then there is a beach list down below that will help you better.

18. Internation List – Are you traveling internationally? Ugh, I am JEALOUS! You are definitely going to need a list, then, because international trips are no joke. Also, take a photo of what is going on in your luggage just in case it gets lost. Then you can get reimbursed.

19. Vacation Planning Lists – This is one list that I just had to include, it is meant for a classic vacation but it was just too cute that I couldn’t help it.

20. Beach Vacation List – And here is the list for you soon-to-be beach dwellers. What you will be packing will be different from the rest, so you’ll need this!

21. Theme Park Packing Trip – This theme park packing list is a perfect way to remind yourself of the little things you need to add to your luggage before embarking on your fun adventure. Things like extra sunscreen, comfy shoes…you get it. Take a look!

Helpful Printable Packing List for Teenage Girl

Helpful Printable Packing List for Teenage Girl

For this last list, I pulled together my honorable mention, aka the lists, I just didn’t have the heart to leave out. Take a look at these adorable lists that will prove themselves to be extremely more helpful than you can imagine. I even added some bundles for the whole family in here. You won’t want to miss those.

22. Teen Packing List

23. Packing Spreadsheet

24. 2 Page List

25. Family Travel Bundle

26. Custom Packing Sheet

27. Simple Boxed List

28. Don’t Forget the Checklist!

29. Boho Travel Planner

Printable Packing List for Teenage Girl

What did I tell you, amazing, right? Who would have thought a Printable Packing List for Teenage Girl would end up being just the thing you needed? There are so many out there to choose from, so I hope that you do.

Trying to remember everything that you need in the beginning is already hard enough, but this list will also relieve your stress when you are packing up to head home as well. This way you can look at it to remember what you did pack and what you didn’t.

So I hope you loved this article and that it gave you a little sense of relief as you get ready to leave on vacation. Because although the whole point is to relax, that can be so hard to do when you have to micromanage everyone. This list will alleviate you of that, at least a little bit.