Inside: How long is a high school soccer game +Tips for Cheering at one

Okay, so you are going to attend a High School Soccer match…how exciting! Soccer is so entertaining for people of all ages, but it’s even more fun when you are watching someone you know play.

Showing up to your friend’s matches are a wonderful way to make them feel loved while you get to get out there and socialize. After all, high school is all about making memories! So since you have decided to go, I am guessing that you came here to gather some more information on what you can expect your night to be like.

How long is a high school soccer game + tips. Photo of soccer game.

I have your back! There is nothing worse than going to a sports game that you know nothing about. This is a recipe for disaster. You will find yourself cheering for the wrong team, confused, and just counting down the clock until you get to leave.

I am going to cover everything that you need to know, starting with how long is a High School soccer game?

How Long Is A High School Soccer Game?

You can expect to be at a Soccer Game for at least an hour and a half of game time. Each match has 2 – 40 minute halves, and time will be added when there is an injury or extra time.

This amount of time actually changes based on the age you are that you play. When you are younger, your matches are shorter. As you get older, your plays get longer. That is why you will see professional matches are longer than your High School ones. But with the added time and breaks, the game will normally run around 90 minutes.

Why Is Soccer 90 Minutes?

As I said above, soccer lasts 90 minutes because it’s divided up into two 40-minute halves, plus a half time break. On top of this, extra time can be added, and the time can be extended, but I don’t see this being more than a few additional minutes most of the time.

With that being said, this is a medium rate. Meaning the game you are going to can be less, or it can be more. But this is a ballpark amount that you can expect. It is good to go into a game with at least a ballpark idea of how long it will be; that way, you can arrange rides, dress appropriately, and you won’t be eager for when it’s ending.

Can a Soccer Game End Before 90 Minutes?

Absolutely. Since each half is only 40 minutes long, if everything is played perfectly, you can get out of there before 90 minutes. But with that said, the match will not be shorter than 80 minutes of playing unless something happens to disrupt the game, like someone being hurt and the game being ended early.

We can hope that this won’t happen but is it a worry for any sport.

What happens if they tie? Photo of soccer in net.

What Happens If They Tie The game?

Great questions. If your team ties with the other team, you can expect an extra 20 minutes of play at the end of the game. This is done in 10-minute halves and is essentially a smaller version of the long game. If this were a professional game, they would be adding 30 minutes of playtime. So if you are tired and grumpy, be grateful you aren’t in the big leagues yet.

This extra time will give the teams the opportunity to score and break the tie. May the odds be in your team’s favor! Most of the time, this part of the game is very exciting, so you will be happy when the extra time is added because you are so into the game.

How Long Is A FIFA Soccer Game?

If you are going to a High School Soccer game, you may feel cool to learn more about the sport as a whole. So, FIFA soccer games(they’re like the NFL but for Soccer) will typically last 90 minutes as well because each of their halves is 45 minutes.

But you can expect to be at the arena for a few hours because there is half-time and the potential added time. You should also take into account the time-outs and things of that nature that can prolong the game.

How Long is a 11 vs. 11 soccer game?

I think to answer this question, we first need to cover what a 11 vs. 11 soccer game is. According to this article,

“The first and most obvious contrast between the two formats is the number of players per side. 11 v 11 sends 11 total players per side, traditionally ten and a goalkeeper for a total of 11. All of the major professional leagues around the world such as the Premier League, La Liga, and the Bundesliga play an 11 v 11 format. However, there are many 5-a-side professional leagues. 5-a-side soccer tells all in the name with 5 players on the pitch for each team.

The article goes onto say, “The length of the match during a standard game of 11-a-side soccer lasts 90 minutes, which is split into two halves of 45 minutes, plus any injury time. In comparison, 5-a-side is a shorter game, typically lasting only 40-60 minutes.”

Tips for Cheering at a High School soccer game. Cheer section photo.

Tips for Cheering At a High School Soccer Game

Now that we have covered how long a High School Soccer Game is, I want to get into the fun stuff: How to cheer at one! I know what you may be thinking, “It can’t be that hard.” You’re right, it’s not. But there are a few things that you can do to make your cheering that much more fun!

1. Always Wear Your Teams Colors

This is a super simple way to get into the team spirit. Nobody will have to question who’s side you’re on when you are wearing your team’s colors. The best part about this is doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to wear their merch, just find some clothes that represent their colors!

2. Make a Sign

You can make a sign to help amp up the team as they play. You can keep it simple with a “Go ____!” Whatever you want to do is going to be good enough.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Scream

In our everyday life, it may be frowned upon to scream your head off in a public space, but when it comes to sports…it’s encouraged. Let off some steam! Your team will be all the better for it.

How long is a high school soccer game + tips

So there you go; now you know the answer to how long is a high school soccer game. I think you are going to have an absolute blast. The best part is you get to support your team and get some much-needed socializing in!

Soccer isn’t just about the sport; it’s about bringing people together. That is what this game does. Make sure you get some concession snacks; it makes it all the more fun to watch the game when you have something to munch on.

If you are planning on attending more than just soccer games this year, then you need to check out some of my other guides to high school games. I have so many awesome tips and information to share with you!