Inside: The most fun outfit ideas for 50’s Dress Up Day that will make you look like you are from the 50s

So, your High School is having a 50s Dress Up Day? That is so exciting! I love it when High schools go through decades days because it gives students the opportunity to go back in time and look like they are from that decade.

Obviously, we are just going for looks here because we are not trying to embody the ideas of the 50s; things have gotten much better since then. 😉

But still, it can be so much fun to dress up.

I have come up with some of the coolest throwback outfit ideas for 50’s dress-up day that will blow you away! You are going to look like you just stepped out of a time machine by the time you are done. You have to see these ideas.

Throwback Outfit Ideas for 50's Dress Up Day. photo of woman with 50s outfit idea.

Honestly, they say that fashion trends always die and come back; I wonder when the 50s will have their spotlight again…let’s see!

What Is 50’s Dress Up Day?

This is an important question that I thought I would answer for those of you who are experiencing your first spirit week. You may not know what the heck is going on, so I thought it would be smart of me to explain.

So, spirit week is a week that High Schools will participate in to help give their students a break from the monotony of the school year. It is meant to boost morale and, you guessed it, school spirit. It consists of 5 days, each with its own theme.

On each day, students can come to school dressed up like the theme suggests if they want. And 50’s dress up day is exactly what it sounds like, a day where students come to school dressed up like they are from the 50s. It’s super fun, and it’s a great way for students to revamp their passion for learning.

Ideas for 50’s Dress Up Day

First things first, I want to give you a broad understanding of what clothes looked like during this time era. There were a lot of dresses in one specific style. Hair was always loosely curled. You will see what I mean when you check out this list.

1. Classic Red Polka Dot Dress Idea – First up, I had to kick off the list with the classic polka-dotted red dress that comes straight out of the 50s. Except, this photo is taken from the set of a teen beach movie, which is a really great Disney Channel film.

2. Actual 50s Themed Outfits – This outfit is also straight out of the 50s; the only difference is that this photo was literally taken IN THE 50s. What did I tell you? I am not messing around with this inspo.

3. Pink Ladies Costume Ideas – The best part of the movie Grease was the pink lady costumes. I thought these were so cute as a kid, and I wanted one of those jackets SO VERY BADLY. Now is your opportunity to live out my dream.

4. Leather Jacket Idea – And here is another idea that I think you are really going to like. You see, leather jackets were also something worn in the 50s…and they looked super cool. What do you think? Are you going to be wearing one of these bad boys?

5. Prim & Proper Inspo Idea – If you want a super clean look, then why not go for an outfit like this one? There are so many different styles to choose from, though, so keep your eyes open for more.

6. Glamour Dress in Blue with Polka Dots – yep, you can get yourself one of these dresses, and then you can cosplay the 50s whenever you want.

7. Pink Floral Dress with 50s Cape – This dress has a cape…It doesn’t get much cooler than this.

8. Purple Outfit Idea – Purple is one of those colors that makes you fall in love.

9. Classic 50s Dress Idea – I want to make sure to show you as many classic dresses as I can because they are iconic.

10. Black Dress with White Polka Dots – And lastly, here is a black and white polka dot dress for those of you who don’t like too much color.

Retro Outfits You Need To See. 3 different dress ideas.

Retro Outfits You Need To See

I tried to make sure that I was finding a good mix of actual photos of 50s fashion and photos of people from our time era who have recreated them. You may have a hard time tracking down an authentic poodle dress, so there have to be other ways to do this!

11. Poodle Skirt Idea

12. Light Blue Dress Idea

13. Vibrant Red Dress Idea

14. Red Striped Dress Idea

15. Rosie the Riveter Idea

16. 50s Women in Pantsuits Idea

17. Light Baby Blue Dress Idea

18. Teacher Outfit Ideas

19. 50s High School Dance

20. Perfect Poodle Skirt Idea

Adorable Outfit Ideas

You are going to go nuts for these adorable ideas for 50s dress up day. They really knew how to dress up in the 50’s if you ask me. Wait…what am I saying that for? You don’t have to ask me…you can see it for yourself below! Have fun.

21. Cute 50s Day Outfit

22. Classic Floral Dress with Sweater Tied Around Shoulder

23. Orange Skirt with Polka Dots

24. Sweet Pink Jacket with Light Blue Skirts

25. Red, Blue, and Pink Skirts Ideas

26. Grease Themed Outfits

27. Lots Of Polka Dot Ideas

28. Leather Jacket Idea

29. 50s Dress & Hair Ideas

30. Perfect Pink Skirt with Poodle

Throwback Outfit Ideas for 50's Dress Up Day. 3 Different dresses

Throwback Outfit Ideas for 50’s Dress Up Day

And lastly, I saved some of the cutest ideas for this final list. Don’t get me wrong, there were so many different outfits on this list so far that have blown me away, but these? These are something different. Take a look and see if any of them speak to you.

31. Blue Dress with Red, Tied Over Coat

32. Marvelous Miss Mazel

33. Black and White Polka Dot Ideas

34. Black and White Photo Idea

35. T Shirt and Red Belt

36. Yellow Zappa Dress

37. 50s Teacher Outfit Inspo

38. Photos from the 50s

39. Multiple Colored Polka Dot Dresses

40. Girls Eating Ice Cream

41. Vintage Skating Outfit

42. Black & White Photo with Bike

43. 1950s Outfit Style Idea

44. Casual Modern 50s Outfit

45. Famous Ladies In The 50s

 ideas for 50's dress up day

So…do you want to start dressing like you are from the 50s? If I am being totally honest, I am not a fan of poodle skirts. But I will admit that some of these outfit ideas were not all that bad. I love pantsuits! Though I highly doubt that many women actually work them back then. But hey! We do now.

It’s so much fun to dress like you are from a different time era. It gives you the opportunity to connect with the people from our past in a positive way. It’s like history, but make it fashion!

If you have a few other decades to plan for this week, I suggest you take a look at some of my other decades’ day ideas. I have a lot to offer. What can I say? I just really love putting together these lists! So take a look at this one.