Inside: Cool Teen Boy Halloween Costumes + Ideas

Have you started thinking about Halloween costumes yet? I’m always so last minute, but I’m going to try to get ahead this year. I’ve got a teenage boy and I wanted to share some DIY Halloween costumes for teen boys that are teenager approved and easy to throw together, especially if your kids decide last minute that they want to dress up.

Halloween can be tricky territory for teens. Are they too old to go trick or treating? Too old to dress up? Too old to have any fun at all? Well, wherever you stand on the trick or treating question, no one is too old to dress up and have fun!

But by the time your kids are teenagers, they’ve generally outgrown the character costumes and need something with a bigger cool factor (especially teen boys!). So today I’m sharing easy and cool Halloween costume ideas for teen boys.

Cleaver Halloween Costumes for Teens

Teen Boy Costume Ideas

Like we said before, coming up with the perfect teen boy Halloween costumes can be tough. Here are a few of our favorite ideas that will help get your spooky senses started.

1. A Handsome Frankenstein Costume

2. Jurassic Park Dinosaur Trainer

3. Ratatouille Boy Costume Idea

Teen Boy Costume Ideas

4. Simple E.T Costume Idea

5. Astronaut and His Alien

6. Chip on Your Shoulder

7. Bob Ross Costume Idea

Funny Teen Boy Costumes for Halloween

As for my son, the older he gets the more he enjoys dressing as a funny character or something to really draw attention. Here are a few theme-related costumes, too, if your teen guy enjoys a particular character, like Brawny Guy, Charlie Brown, or even the hamburgerler!

8. Identity Theif Easy Costume

9. Brawny Guy

10. Urkle Teen Boy Costume Idea

11. The Price is Right Halloween Costume

Funny Teen Boy Costumes for Halloween

12. Charlie Brown Costume Idea

13. Hey Arnold: Arnold and Gerald Costume Idea

14. Hamburgerler Costume Idea

DIY Halloween Costumes for Teenage Guys

These clever Halloween costumes for teenage guys are perfect to pair with a partner or rock on your own. With a little hot glue, creativity, and a whole lot of face paint, you can execute these DIY just in time for that big Halloween party.

15. Cops and Robbers

16. Greek Yogurt Punny Costume Idea

17. Costume Error

DIY Ideas For Funny Guys Costumes

18. Pig in a Blanket Easy Costume

19. Pumpkin Pie Pun Costume

20. Salt and Pepper Couples Costume

Middle School Boy Halloween Costumes

Tweens are sometimes stuck between doing what younger kids are doing yet wanting to join the older teenager crowd. But, who says they cannot dress up in a fun way for Halloween? In this fun collection, you will find fun Halloween Costumes and/or accessories perfect for your tween!

21. Easy Stick Man Costume

22. Head in a Jar Costume Idea

Middle School Boy Halloween Costumes

23. Minecraft Inspired Halloween Costume

24. Messy Movie Floor Costume Idea

25. DIY Coin Costume Design Idea

Cool Halloween Costumes for Teen Boys to Buy

Looking for an already put-together costume that your teen will love! These store-bought outfits are easy teen boy costumes that are easy to get and fun to dress up with!

26. Inflatable T-Rex Costume

27. Giant Taco Costume Idea

28. Classic Michael Myers

29. Boys Pirate Costume

Costumes To Buy Teens

30. Aerospace Astronaut Teen Costume Idea

31. Simple Barney Flinstone Costume

32. Muscle Chest Batman Costume

33. Toy Story Woody Costume Idea

34. Regal Prince William Costume

More Fun Ideas for Teens

If you like these fun, spooky, and totally witty teen boy Halloween costumes then check out a few more fun ideas your teenager will enjoy!

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Teen Boy Halloween Costumes