Inside: Wackiest ideas for mismatch day that will make you laugh until your sides ache.

I think I may love High School spirit week more than anyone on this whole planet. Kind of an intense statement, I know, but it used to bring me such joy! I am only a few years out of High School now, and my love for this themed week has never dulled.

My all-time favorite day was Mismatch day. I think this one was my favorite because it was the great equalizer. Everyone looked ridiculous, regardless of status or how cute their clothes were.

I loved this because most of the time you spend in High School is dedicated to comparing yourself to others.

Wackiest Ideas for Mismatch Day. 4 different photo examples.

On this day, you don’t have to do that. So I wanted to show you some of my favorite ideas for mismatch day. If you are experiencing your first-ever spirit week, then you may be wondering what mismatch day even is…let me explain.

What Is Mismatch Day?

Mismatch day is a themed day that takes place during spirit week. On this day, all students have to come to school wearing the craziest mismatched outfits that they can manage.

This day allows students to blow off steam in the middle of the hard school year. It has been proven to book morale and make people very happy, myself included! So are you excited about participating in your mismatch day?

I think my craziest outfit consisted of one flip-flop, one cowboy book, a pair of zebra leggings, a neon tutu, a button-up shirt, and a birthday party hat.

You better be able to top that! If you want some ideas, check out the list below.

Ideas for Mismatch Day

First up, I have some lovely ideas for mismatch day that are going to make you laugh until your sides ache. I think the whole point of spirit week is to let loose and allow yourself time to just be. Stop taking yourself too seriously; it’s time to be silly.

1. 3 Different Outfits – I love finding photos with more than one person because you get more than one outfit for inspiration!

2. Stylish Best Friends – I love that these best friends just seem so unbelievably happy. Don’t you think? You really can’t beat spirit week. Hey! That rhymed.

3. Wild Hair Idea – Your clothes are not the only things that are supposed to be wacky on this day. Get your hair on the trend! Check out this for inspo.

4. Colorful Outfit with Mismatch Socks – I think you need to make sure that you utilize the wackiness of your socks. You can really drive the entire look over the edge with one hilarious sock!

5. Patterned Leggings with Headbands – Patterned leggings were my bread and butter when I was figuring out which outfits were the craziest. Get some crazy ones that you will only wear on this day and then either save them for next year OR donate them. They might be someone’s style.

6. Simple Mismatch Outfit Idea – You don’t have to go super crazy in order to participate in mismatch day. You need to check out this super simple mismatched outfit to see what I mean.

7. Teacher Outfit Idea – Your teacher can get in on this fun as well. Take a look at this hilarious teacher’s outfit! They really killed the game.

8. Ultra Mismatch Group – This group took everything up a notch with these ideas. Isn’t it funny how crazy they look? If you really think about it, these clothes could be the norm, and our normal clothes could be the weird ones; it’s all about perspective and what society deems appropriate. So weird.

9. Epic Mismatch Outfit Idea – I think this girl killed the game too! I especially love that she added a baseball hat on top of her hijab. It made me laugh! Oh, and that sparkly shirt? She’s winning!

Wackiest Ideas for Mismatch Day. 4 different photo examples of outfits.

10. Nerdy Mismatch Outfit Idea – This nerdy outfit will definitely leave you cackling by the time you are done with it. It’s too funny not to! Look how many patterns they managed to squeeze into one outfit.

11. Striped Tank Top Over T Shirt – You can totally see how this outfit is just layer upon layer of wackiness. I give this a 10/10. I love that she added different patterns on top of each other!

12. Best Mismatched Outfit with Different Shoes – Sometimes, the best outfits are the ones that are complete with two completely different shoes. I am for this look. What about you?

13. Wild Outfits with Stripes and Heals – Don’t count yourself out yet. Remember that you can always just raid your parent’s closet when you need something crazy that you don’t have. This person MUST HAVE done the same. What do you think?

14. Bathing Suit Over Clothes – If you run out of ideas, always remember that you can layer your bathing suit over your clothes. This one is giving captain underpants vibes, and it is cracking me up. How could you not laugh when you saw this? I am dying over here.

15. Tie Dye Shirt Idea – And the last idea in this section includes a tie-dye, because of course it does.

Colorful Outfit Ideas

Next up, I have some of the most colorful ideas for mismatch day that you will ever see. Honestly, you may need some sunglasses when looking at these…they are that bright. So take a look and see if you even own this much color.

16. Crazy Cool Rainbow Outfit

17. Crazy Mismatched Hawaii Outfits

18. Craziest Leggings Ever

19. Bright Yellow Jacket with Tie

20. Button Up Jacket and Sneakers

21. Simple Comfy Ideas

22. Most Patterned Outfit Ever

23. 2 Different Shoes idea

24. Wild Teacher’s Outfit Idea

Wackiest Ideas for Mismatch Day. 3 different photo examples of crazy outfits.

Wackiest Ideas for Mismatch Day

I saved the wackiest bunch for last. Something that I think you should consider when looking at these is how happy everyone in the photos looks. No one has a care in the world. The whole point is to be happy and let loose. Have FUN while you pick your outfit for mismatch day; it will make the biggest difference.

25. Different Shoes and Socks Combo

26. Slipper and Boot Idea

27. Guy with Tutu Idea

28. Wild Stripes and Polka Dots

29. Adorable Leggings Outfit with Cute Hair

30. 2 Funny Teachers

31. Mismatch Class Idea

32. Mismatch Shorts Idea

33. Cute Tutu Idea with Cool Hair

34. Yellow Shorts with Striped Shirt

35. Tie Dye Shirt with Zebra Shorts

 Ideas for Mismatch Day

There you have it, the absolute wackiest ideas for mismatch day that you will ever see. Sometimes you just have to break out the Zebra print. I don’t think there is an occasion other than this when that pattern will be appropriate, so make the most of it!

I used to look forwards to spirit week the same way some people would look forward to summer vacation. I think that was because I got to good off for the week with my friends, and I loved it.

If you have the rest of spirit week to plan for, then you need to check out some of my other ideas. Did you really think this would be my only one? I’m obsessed people!