Inside: Spirit Week 90s day outfit ideas that will blow your mind.

With spirit week coming up, you may be looking for some wisdom on how to kill the game. Well, lucky for you, I am well seasoned in all things spirit day, having totally killed it on my own.

To recap, for those of you who are new, spirit week is a themed week during high school that has a different theme for each day. The students come to school dressed up as that theme and can even play themed games.

Many kids, or at least the competitive ones, will try and show up with the best costume or themed outfit to win a costume contest that is (normally) held by the school.

Spirit Week 90s Day Outfit Ideas

So, do you see the need for spirit week inspiration now? Today we are going to focus on 90s day.

Below I have compiled lists of the best 90s outfits that will make it look like you time traveled from that time era straight to your high school.

Take a look through these and see what style you are going to go for!

Simple 90s Inspired Outfits

90s outfits can sometimes be a bit complex, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with that just yet. So today, we are starting with the basics. This list is the perfect place to start for those who don’t know much about 90s fashion and need some direction. I pulled from some of the best shows and the most influential styles. Take a look.

1. 90s-Themed Fit – I love outfit inspiration that presents it in this format. These shorts and socks are just so 90s. It’s ridiculous!

2. Colorful Tied Shirt –  I am pretty sure tied button-ups were created in the 90s, and I am so happy that they still survive today. To make this look 90s, just have a crazy colorful shirt.

3. Monica Geller Inspired Shirt – Friends was the iconic 90s show that inspired fashion worldwide…and still does. Monica Geller was such a fashion queen!

4. Perfect 90s OOTD – It doesn’t get more 90s than this.

5. Mom Jeans Outfit – When I think of 90s-inspired clothing, my mind always goes to mom jeans. Sure they are popular again, but they were born during this era.

6. Rachel Green Outfits – Did you think I could show Monica without including Rachel?

7. Baggy 90s Look – If you want a more comfortable 90s look, try adding an oversized shirt and pants combo. Just remember a belt.

8. Colorful 90s Outfit – People dressing in the 90s were not afraid to add color, so if you want your outfit to be stand-out 90s garb, add some crazy bright colors like this.

9. 90s Sweater with Jeans – The sweater and jeans combo will forever live in my heart. And hey, if you go this route, you can wear whatever you buy for this outfit.

spirit week 90s day Looks with examples

Adorable Outfits

This seems unsaid, but the 90s killed it regarding fashion. Sure there were some losses, cough cough shoulder pads, but there were so many wins too! Things like mom jeans, patchwork shirts, and layering are all things that became more popular in the 90s.

Without it, we wouldn’t have our style today, so we have to pay our respects.

10. Stranger Things Outfit – If you have seen the show stranger things, you know how perfect their 90s looks are. Here is a look that is created with that cast in mind.

11. Realistic 90s Outfit – Here is a photo of some actual teens in the 90s. See how they not only layer their colorful sweaters but pair them with baggier pants? Take notes, people!

12. Bright Outfit – I have said it before, and I will say it again, baggy is beautiful, and it is the way to go!

13. Dress with Tee Under It – Another look that came to rise in the 90s was the layered dress. And by that, I mean a T-shirt layered under a spaghetti strap dress. Too cute! One of my favorite spirit week 90s day outfit ideas on here.

14. Patchwork 90s Shirt – Ah, the infamous patchwork 90s shirt. Sure, there was a time when people were embarrassed by this era, but that time is gone and past. Now, this look is back!

15. Light Colored Sweater – Sweaters were big in the 90s, and they are still big today; some things never change.

16. Spunky Outfit – If you want a more grunge look, get inspiration from this outfit. It is truly perfect.

17. Classic 90s Look – This turtle neck/flannel combo, are you kidding me? This is just too cute. All you need now is a fanny pack and you are well on your way to being The Rock.

18. Rainbow Layered Shirt – Layer people, learn it, do it.

Stripes and overalls 90s costume inspiration

Spirit Week 90s Day Outfit Ideas

If you haven’t found anything you love yet, do not fret, my friend. This last list definitely has something with your name on it. Remember that you can always mix and match your favorite looks to fit the style that you would feel most comfortable in.

Because at the end of the day you being comfortable and confident is most important. Am I Right?

19. Overalls Outfit – Overalls. We haven’t seen much of them yet, so there are a few looks on this list that incorporate them. They are comfortable, warm, and oh so 90s!

20. Looney Toons Outfit – Another set of overalls, sure. But these have little embroidered looney toons characters on them. Doesn’t get much more 90s than that!

21. 90s Photo – I think one of the best ways to really get inspired is to look at real-life photos from the 90s. Take a look at this to see what I mean.

22. Simple Indie Outfit – You don’t have to be done up to the nines to kill it at 90s day. Just pull off a look like this, and you will steal the show.

23. Classy 90s Look – This is a look that you can probably get from your wardrobe already. An oversized sweater vest combined with large plaid pants and an undershirt…yes, please.

24. Patterned Mom jeans – Yep, mom jeans can get even mommier.

25. Yellow Sweater with Flair Jeans – I think this outfit would be cute for more times of year than just a 90s day.

26. Skater Look – Skate boarders ran rampant in the 90s, and this was their look. It’s pretty rad!

27. T Shirt with Tank Top – And here is the tank top version of the layered dress. What did I tell you? Layers, people, layers!

spirit week 90s day outfit

So…did you find your outfit for 90s day? I sure hope so! Oh, who am I kidding? You probably found your outfit for that day and half a new wardrobe. It can be so hard to say no to the powers of the epic vintage look. I hope you loved these spirit week 90s day outfit ideas.

For those of you reading this who actually existed in the 90s, how hard is it to hear as that era is referred to as ‘vintage’? But hey, it was 30 years ago sooooo. Perhaps it’s time to accept it; the 90s is over.

But hey, at least your kids get a day dedicated to it at school.

There are four other spirit days to think about next, so you aren’t finished yet. You have to plan your whole week. This is such a fun experience, so go out there and try your very best to have an awesome spirit week. It shouldn’t be hard.