Inside: 51 iPhone Cute Wallpapers for Teenage Girl.

Our phones have become an extension of ourselves, especially for the younger generation. They are a way for us to express ourselves, from the cases, accessories, and wallpapers.

Because wallpapers are so subjective, we’ve provided several alternatives and methods to consider. It all comes down to personal preference when it comes to aesthetics.

Choosing a wallpaper may seem like a easy task, but it’s actually quite challenging.

Trying to find the cutest iPhone wallpapers available for download right now? You can stop looking now that you’ve found our collection of excellent smartphone backgrounds. All of these backgrounds for the iPhone are adorable.

iPhone Wallpapers

How to Change Your iPhones Wallpaper

Now, chances are you already know how to do this. But, just in case, here is how to change your wallpaper on your iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness
  2. Tap the “Choose Wallpaper”
  3. Select the photo you want from your camera roll
  4. Tap “Set” and choose either your lock screen or home screen.

iPhone Cute Wallpapers for Teenage Girl

Choosing the perfect iPhone background is a way to show off your style, creativity, and personality. Check out these unique designs, patterns, and photos that make fun and exciting backgrounds.

1. Wavey Smiley Faces

2. Warped Checkered Print

3. Purple Cow Print

4. Ocean Scene

5. No Rain, No Flowers

6. Retro-Inspired Collage

7. Blue Sparkly Butterflies

8. Amusement Park Aesthetic

9. Good Vibes

10. Ugh, as if

11. All White Inspiration Board

12. Paint Colorful Stripes

Backgrounds for Teenage Girl

I know for me personally, my iPhone background changes regularly. It can depend on my mood, goals, season, or overall style. Check out these colorful and creative background ideas that will show off you and your favorite interest and style.

13. Pink and Smiley Faces

14. Pastel Evil Eye Graphic

15. Handdrawn Heart Suckers

16. Peachy Filter Over Ocean View

Backgrounds for Teenage Girl

17. “Whatever” in Barbie Font

18. Blue Sparkly Butterflies

19. Disney Castle

20. Red and Pink Checkered

21. Light Blue Background with Smiley Face

22. Pink Daisies

23. Powerpuff Yellow Star

24. Pink and Red Hearts

Cute Background for Teen Girls

There is nothing like colorful flowers, cute sayings, or beautiful skylines that can bring you inspiration in your life. Find more cool inspiration ideas with the fun backgrounds for teens.

25. Colorful Daisies

26. Little Pink Dinos

27. Hearts with Eyes

28. Cheeta Animal Print Design

29. Simple Handrawn Flowers and Plants

30. Natural Colored Rainbows

31. Sparkly Clouds

Cute Background for Teen Girls

32. Painted Bumblebees

33. Cute Lucky Charms

34. Skeleton Hand Holding a Peace Sign

35. Palm Trees and Beach View

36. Aesthetic Flowers Background

37. Detailed Picture of a Daisy

38. Colorful Gummy Bear Pattern

Teenage Wallpaper iPhone Designs

The phone is far from over with these cool iPhone cute wallpapers for teenage girl. Check out a few more of our favorite ideas, designs, and patterns that bring life to your phone.

39. Pink and Smiley Faces

40. Pastel Evil Eye Graphic

41. Handdrawn Heart Suckers

42. Peachy Filter Over Ocean View

43. “Whatever” in Barbie Font

44. Blue Sparkly Butterflies

45. Disney Castle

Cute Teenage Wallpaper iPhone Designs

46. Red and Pink Checkered

47. Light Blue Background with Smiley Face

48. Pink Daisies

49. Powerpuff Yellow Star

50. Pink and Red Hearts

51. Pretty Fresh Dasiy

Need a little more help on where to start, check out this perfect wallpaper quiz!

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iPhone Cute Wallpapers for Teenage Girl