Inside: Here are some cute teenage girl room ideas to help you recreate your space.

As a teen, you want your bedroom to be cute. It’s the one space you get to call the shots and design them however you want. So naturally, styling it can feel like a big task. Without proper inspiration, it can be hard to even understand what kind of style you like, and what you want to include in your space.

So if you are getting ready to redo your room, then the first thing you need to do is get some inspiration. This will help you learn what you like, what you want to include, and what you absolutely do not.

How to make a teen room cute

I created just the list to get you started. Below is a compilation of 73 of the cutest teen girl room ideas that I could find, and they are just waiting to be used as creative fuel.

This is your space, so choose a room that makes you feel like you. What are you waiting for? Jump in!

Chill Aesthetic Room

1. White Room with Modern Lamp – I think that white blankets are one of the best ways to make a room feel larger and cleaner! See what I mean by this example.

2. Cute Small Room with Mushroom Blanket – I love the cozy feel of this room. With the multiple color scheme and the mushroom blanket, this is the perfect place to chill.

3. Geometric Wall with Day Bed – Creating a wall decal like this is surprisingly easy to achieve, so if you look at this and think ‘well I can’t do that.’ Then think again! Just get a little paint, and get started!

4. Corner Bed with Cozy Blankets– In my opinion, there is nothing cozier than a bed in a corner!

5. Pink Room with Epic Decor – This room would be the best to chill in. It’s so put together and adorable.

6. Photo Wall –  Photo walls are one of the best ways to make a room feel warm and loved. You can use photos of the people you love and the places or things that make you happy.

7. White Room with Abstract Art – This is a very fresh feeling room, with lots of white and cute abstract decor.

8. Adorable Simple Room

9. Modern Bedroom – A modern bedroom style is always a winner. They just feel so clean. There are many ways that you can recreate these textured walls. They have cheap paneling at Home Depot, you can install it on the walls and then paint over it.

10. Cute Mural Wall 

11. Bedroom with Boho Chandelier 

12. Black and White Room

13. Floral Wall Paper – This floral wallpaper is a wonderful way to make your room feel extra nice. If you have another flower you would prefer, play around with it! It’ll be your room after all.

14. Bright Blankets with Tree Wall Paper

15. Simple Chill Room –  A bedroom doesn’t need to be all fancy and full to be a chill place to hang out.

16. Sun Decor in Simple Room – I am obsessed with this sun decor

17. Cute Art Wall

18. Colorful Wall with Cozy Bed

19. Photo Wall

20. Modern Style Room with Bed Frame

Cozy cute dorm room

Cute Cozy Teenage Girl Room

21. Cute Bedding with Hanging Guitar  – I know how hard it can be to find a good spot to put musical instruments, so hanging them on the wall as this person did is killing two birds with one stone: Storage and Decor!

22. Boho Room – If you are trying to create a cozy space then you have to add some extra seating. Preferably with comfy cushions and cute pillows like this one!

23. Multiple Textured Room – One great way to make a room comfortable is to add a shag rug. Take a look at what this can look like.

24.  White Bed Frame with Boho Blankets

25. Comfy Bedroom with Cute Pillows

26. Plant Wall Decal with Jute Chord Rug – Plants are one of my favorite ways to decorate a room, but if you can’t keep one alive then a decal is your next best option. Check out this example!

27. Muted Simple Colors – These colors are perfect for a bedroom because they’re calming, simple, and make the room feel even larger.

29.  Small Room with Slanted Ceiling – If you have a room with a slanted ceiling, then count yourself lucky. A slanted ceiling can add character simply by existing.

30. Blue and White Star Room

31. Colorful Room with Orange and Blue – Decorating a room with color is one of the best ways to give it life. Double the points if you use complementary colors like these!

32. Green Bedding Bedroom Concept 

33. Floral Walls – Florals are never a bad way to go when you are decorating a room.

34. Simple Beige Room

35. Cozy Light Room – Lights are an excellent way to add to a bedroom. This room has built-in LEDs in the wall, as well as a really unique lamp above the bedside. How cute!

36. Let’s Get Cozy

37.  Yellow Bed with Strawberry Pillow

38. White and Light Pink Room

39. Modern Bright Boho – I love to mix different kinds of styles. This room is a combination of mid-century modern and bohemian.

40. Soft Room

Colorful Teen Girl Rooms

Colorful Teen Girl Rooms

For these last 3 lists, I figured I would let the rooms do the talking. This next group is some of the most colorful rooms I could find on the internet that would be perfect for a teen girl.

So if you love color, then look no further than the list of colorful cute teenage girl room ideas below… there is bound to be something that you love.

Take a screenshot or simply bookmark this article if you want to save an idea.

41. Pastel Room with Matching Duvet 

42. Green Unique Storage

43. Checkered Blanket with Matching Slippers

44. Yellow Accents with Cute Bedding

45. Adorable Earth-Toned Room

46. Cute Room with Colorful Accents

47. Dark Green Room

48. Cute Pink Rug with Low Bed

49. Abstract Wall Art

50. Cute Bohemian Room

51. Light Blue Room

52. Awesome Abstract Accent Wall

53. Light Green Room

54. Chartreuse Stripes

55. Groovy Decor

Unique Rooms for Teenage Girls

Each cute teenage girl bedroom in this article is unique in its own right, but for this next list, you may want to prepare yourself for picking your jaw up off the floor.

Yep, they are that cute.

They may be a little more effort to pull off but it’ll be so worth it in the end. My personal favorite is number 56, the fox-themed room. If I could go back to my teen years just to make sure I got this bed…I would in an instant. Take a look!

56. Fox-Themed Bed with Seating

57. Modern Room

58. Flamingo Wall Decal

59. Huge Bed Frame with Canopy

60. Epic Bedroom with Chandelier

61. Large Room for Twin Girls

62.  Elegant Pink Room

63. Light Mauve Room with Canopy

64. Multiple Patterned Room

Cute Teenage Girl's Room

Simple Teenage Girl Rooms

If you prefer things more simple, then this is the list for you. A cute teenage girl room doesn’t have to be flashy and full of stuff to work… it can be simple too! Many people like a more minimalistic approach to decorating a bedroom because they believe it helps the mind calm down when it is time for bed.

I can see the logic behind that Idea. So take a look and see if there are any ideas you want to incorporate into your own room.

65. Small Room with Cozy Bed

66. Simple Bedroom with Elegant Touches

67. White Light Room with Mauve Accents

68. Triangle Room

69. Simple Room with Cute Black & White Bedding

70. Simple Low Bed

71. Simple Shelf with Spots

72. Wooden Bed Frame

73. Cute Room with Simple Rug

I hope you loved this list of the cutest teenage girl room ideas, I know that it definitely got my creative juices flowing. Remember, there are so many ways to take these ideas and make them your own. You can choose your own color pallet, hang some personalized posters on the walls, or simply just fill it with things that make you happy.

The important part about this is that you love your space!