Inside: Cutest 1960s teenage fashion ideas to repurpose for today.

Clothing has been around since the caveman era. Granted, back then, it was more for survival reasons than for style, but that is no longer the case. Many people use fashion as a way to express themselves. You get to show your individuality every single day.

There have been so many different styles over the centuries and decades it would be impossible to fully cover them all in one article. So today, we are going to focus on the 1960s, from the early to late 60s. The fashion was impeccable!

1960s teenage fashion: 21 Cutest Outfits

I gather 21 of my all-time favorite 1960s teenage fashion examples for you to look through. It is well known that the most recent generations love to recycle styles from different times, so you will most likely recognize a lot of little features in these outfits. What are you waiting for? Take a look and step back in time.

Cutest Outfits of 1960s Teenage Fashion

I thought we could start out strong with our first list. As you look through these ideas, screenshot or bookmark the ideas that you like. I think that by adding clothing to your wardrobe from past decades, you are literally bringing those times back to life. So check these out. They are too cute not to!

1. Suede Brown Skirt Outfit with Cute Shirt – This style of skirt is something that you might already recognize. I love that we recycle styles, but I wish we would advertise the era we got the idea from. It’s like history!

2. Rainbow Under Shirt with Red Overalls – I am silently geeking out about this outfit. It was definitely popular towards the end of the 60s and right before the birth of the 70s. You can just see where the 70s got their inspiration.

3. Flair Jeans with White Shirt – Yep…another late 60s iconic style: Flair jeans! When I was growing up, skinny jeans became the mainstream thing, and these kinds of pants were rejected. I am so happy they are back.

4. High-Wasted Dress – How cute is the cut on this dress? They really knew how to make a girl look elegant in the 1960s. What do you think?

5. Groovy Bright Floral Dress – I am deeply obsessed with this pattern. It’s like the entire decade of the 70s was based on this singular floral dress. I love it!

6. Patchwork Jeans – Instead of throwing pants away when they got holes, they would add patches. This started out as something that was thought of as stupid looking, but it became a trend. Funny how the human brain works.

7. Unique Flair Pants – I need to find a pair of these flair pants like yesterday. I am not joking…these need to be a part of my wardrobe.

Outfits Straight out of the 1960s

Outfits Straight Out of the 1960s

Next up, this list is full of outfits that are literally straight out of the 1960s. When you are looking through these, really picture what it must have been like to live during this time. This is one of the coolest ways to get at least a little glimpse into the past. If history class focussed more on fashion, I might have paid attention. It doesn’t get more 60s than these!

8. Cute Modest Outfit Ideas – At the very beginning of the 60s, modesty was very important. Thank goodness that has changed these days, but there were some cute styles that came out of this need. Check these out.

9. Jean Overall Outfit – Jean overalls were not invented in the 60s, but they were sure popularized during these times. Isn’t it weird to think that an article of clothing can be older than you? I love this.

10. 3 Different Outfit Ideas – I love these photo edits because you get the entire essence of this decade with a single photo. Which one of these is your favorite?

11. Overall Shorts with Long Sleeve – There were still some adorable ways to style overalls during the hotter months. This is one of my favorite ways I have seen overall shorts styles. Take a look.

12. Cute White Boots Outfits – Okay…these were probably more towards the 70s as well…but still. White GoGo boots, I couldn’t have created this list without including them at least a little bit.

13. Classic 1960s Pants Look – You have to look at these classic 1960s pants. These are the epitome of this generation, and I love them. It’s funny to think that our grandmas were wearing this stuff.

14. Halter Cut Pink Dress – Halter tops were created in the 1960s…who would have thought? How cool right? Check out this awesome pink dress that has a halter top.

Must See 1960s Teenage Fashion

Must-See 1960s Teenage Fashion

Lastly, here are my favorite outfits on this whole list. I try not to save the best for last because you deserve to see the best throughout, but I just couldn’t help it with these ideas. The 1960s really knew what they were doing. Isn’t it so interesting to see how things have changed, and how they have stayed the same? You can really see it with fashion!

15. Late 60s Outfit Idea – I think the next article I make is going to have to be 1970s outfit ideas because it is the greatest sequal to this one. We get to see how the clothing in this post evolved to create the famous 70s looks.

16. Matching Couple Outfit Idea – Yep…people dated back in the 60s. I mean, I know you KNEW that…but had you seen photos? Our relatives were their own people too. It’s odd to think we will be looked back on like this. Sadly, my generation will be known for that cringy early 2000s outfits.

17. Orange Jumpsuit Fit – Who would have thought the 60s could make prison look chic? Okay, sorry, I had to make that joke. It is an orange jumpsuit, after all. But still, this is super cute.

18. Dark Achedamia 60s Outfit – Dark Achedamia is one of my favorite styles to wear during the October and November months. Honestly, I let my wardrobe follow the sun. Since it gets darker earlier…so do my clothes!

19. Modern Version of a 60s Look – I love to see how people today would style clothes to look like the 1960s.

20. Crochet Tops from the 1960s – Yep, crochet tops were popularized here in the 1960s. Who would have ever thought, right? I love these and am so happy they are popular again.

21. Hot Summer Outfit in Black and White – Lastly, I wanted to finish this article off with a photo that was straight out of the 60s. Look at these 3 women just killing the sidewalk runway during a hot summer day.

1960s teenage fashion

So…what did you think? Is your mind blown? It should be because mine is. I cannot be alone in my astonishment, the 1960s really had it going on in terms of fashion.

Outfit ideas are one of my favorite things to write about because clothing is one of my top hobbies. I am actually learning to crochet my own tops right now. If you are interested in continuing this fashion fun, I have plenty of other outfit ideas to share…check them out.

Until then, keep dressing cool. I challenge you to create an adorable outfit that has one piece from each of your favorite decades. This is a fun one.