Inside: Cutest DIY teen bedroom decorations that you need to have in your life

I recently discovered my love for all things decor. I think it may be the fact that I am a full-blown teenager at this point, or quite possibly, it could just be the fact that my FYP on TikTok is suddenly full of DIY Teen bedroom decorations. But either way, I have been on the hunt for some fun ways to spruce up my bedroom.

So far, I think I have come up with a pretty solid list of things that you could put together that will help pull your space together in a way that is both cheap and super cute!

Photo of messy table with craft supplies

Because let’s face it, the world can be expensive, especially when you don’t have any source of funding besides your parents(to the parents reading this, check out these tips for creative ways to give your teenager money). I really think these ideas are going to inspire you to create a space that you are excited to be in!

DIY Teen Bedroom Decorations

I have found that the best way to find DIYs is to figure out what genre you are looking to create in. For this reason, I have essentially gathered all of the important decor categories for you to figure out which ones you want to include. Then you can make each one more personal by starting from scratch!

DIY Teen Bedroom Wall Art

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to decorate your bedroom is through wall art. I like to get creative with DIY wall art by using materials such as washi tape, fabric scraps, or even old records! You can find almost all of your materials at thrift stores, so I highly recommend that you make a day of it and go shopping around your local Goodwill!

You can create geometric patterns, inspirational quotes, or unique designs to personalize your space with your DIY teen bedroom decorations. Another popular option is to create a photo wall by displaying favorite memories using string lights, clothespins, or decorative frames(that you can also find at a thrift store).

Honestly, when it comes to wall art, I try and infuse my space with as much of my personality as I can. So think about what it is that you like, what your hobbies are…essentially, what in your life makes you feel happiest right now? Use that to decorate.

Dreamy Lighting

Genuinely, if you were to take anything away from my ideas, I am hoping that it would be this. Overhead lighting is probably one of my least favorite things in the entire world. It always puts me in a bad mood and makes it hard to romanticize small moments.

Low, warm lighting can completely transform the ambiance of a room. You can experiment with different lighting options to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that doesn’t bug you out!

String lights are versatile and can be hung on walls, around mirrors, or draped across the ceiling. Additionally, DIY lampshade makeovers using fabric, paint, or decorative paper can add a touch of personal style to any bedside table or desk(as long as they are fire-resistant and safe).

Just try and add as many little lights as possible. Maybe even a candle or two. I would recommend staying away from candles, though they are beautiful, but I recently learned that they are not great for your lungs.

Photo of cute chair

DIY Teen Upcycled Furniture For Bedroom or Dorm

Everyone knows that the world is expensive and that there are already so many new pieces of furniture being built that the old ones have nowhere to go but into thrift stores and the Facebook marketplace.

You can give old furniture a new lease on life by upcycling it with a fresh coat of paint or creative embellishments! You can express your individuality by choosing bold colors or unique patterns that suit your taste! Additionally, repurposing items such as wooden crates or vintage suitcases as storage solutions or bedside tables can add a touch of personality to the room.

From the most colorful theme you can think of to even a grey teenage girl room, there is furniture out there that will fit your style with flair.

Honestly, there are so many different benefits to upcycling your furniture that I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to. They make the biggest difference in your room! I recently made a book nook with a used chair that I reupholstered, and it turned out so cute!

MUST-HAVE DIY Teen Bedroom Decorations

I hope that you have seriously loved my ideas so far. There are just so many more out there that I am bursting at the seems(upcycled furniture joke for ya) to share them. But for now I am going to stick with the MUST HAVE DIY teen bedroom decorations.

Personalized Accessories

Teenagers love to showcase their interests and hobbies; that is just a well-known fact. So I encourage you to create personalized accessories to adorn your bedroom.

For example, you can make a DIY jewelry holder using an old frame, chicken wire, and some hooks. You can also decorate plain throw pillows with fabric paint, embroidery, or iron-on patches that represent your favorite bands, movies, or sports teams.

There are so many more Personalized DIYs out there, so go forth and find them, my friends!

Photo of person creating an organizational DIY box

DIY Teen Functional Organization

When my room is messy, my mind is messy.  So keeping a bedroom organized is essential for a peaceful and clutter-free space! DIY organization projects can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing(believe it or not). You can create your own cork boards using fabric and a foam board or repurpose mason jars as pen holders or makeup brush organizers.

Utilizing hanging shelves or pegboards can provide additional storage for books, art supplies, or other essentials. All in all, there are many ways that you can add little decor pieces that are both cute and functional, so definitely include some!

Inspirational Quotes

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for some inspirational quotes. Motivational quotes can serve as daily reminders of positive thinking and personal growth, so why not include that positive energy into your room?

You can let loose your creativity by designing your own quote posters or using stencils to paint inspiring words directly on the walls. Alternatively, you can also create a DIY letter board using cardboard or a pegboard and change the quotes whenever you desire.

This is one of my favorites because only positive things can come from it. So take the time to add some words of affirmation to your space! If you need some help finding quotes to start with, check out this list of inspirational quotes high school students will benefit from!

DIY teen bedroom decorations

I’m hoping that my recent obsession with DIY decor has rubbed off on you a little bit. There is no better feeling than sitting down in your room after you have spent a few hours rearranging and decorating. It’s a new space for you to explore who you want to be, and with the help of some cute decor and words of affirmation, I really think that your future is looking bright.

If you are super excited about DIYing your room but don’t know where to start, check out these cute teenage girl room ideas

The bottom line is this; by taking some extra time to put some TLC into your space, you are showing yourself that you are worth the effort of a cute and clean room. So what are you waiting for?