Inside: Best motivational bulletin board ideas for High School.

Motivation can be a powerful thing, especially when you are young. Believe it or not, High Schoolers have a lot of things that they require motivation for. Things like keeping up their grades, maintaining good self-esteem, and applying to colleges.

Teachers’ words can only do so much. It’s been proven that seeing words every day can have profound effects on how much they are comprehended. So it is of no surprise that schools will put up motivational boards that help to act as inspiration for the students even when they least expect it.

 Motivational Bulletin Board Ideas for High School

There are so many different ideas that have been used for these boards, and it inspired me to create a list of some of my favorites. I got a little carried away, so check out this list of over 100 motivational bulletin board ideas for High School.

Motivational Bulletin Board Ideas for High School

Motivational bulletin boards really work, I can speak from experience. We had this one board that I would see every day, it was about being aware of your inner dialog, and it really left an imprint on me. I hope the ideas in the list below do the same for you.

1. Take Care of Yourself

2. Which Hat Are You? Board.

3. Remember Your Why

4. Post It Note Motivation

5. Pass on the Positivity Sticky Note Board

6. Change Your Mindset

7. Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

8. Share a Cup of Kindness

9. Sweet Birthday Bulletin Board

10. Random Acts of kindness

11. Cute Envelope Bulletin Board Idea

12. Change Your Words, Change Your Mind

13. Sweet and Simple Bulletin Board

14. Choose a Positivity Board Idea

15. It’s Okay Too…Board

Funny Bulletin Board Ideas for High School

Funny Bulletin Board Ideas

Sometimes the best way to get through to a student is through humor. As funny as that sounds, it is the truth. Take a look at some of the funniest motivational bulletin board ideas for High School.

16. Things to Re ‘Meme’ ber

17. You Missed Being At School…

18. Meet the Person Responsible for Your

19. Famous Failures Cute Board

20. Funny Fire Dog Meme Board

21. Simple Meme Board

22. We Were On a Break!

23. Friends Themed Board

24. Who You Gonna Call?

25. Back to the Grind

26. STD Awareness Board

27. IDK About You…But I’m Ready for Winter Break

28. What’s in my control? Controller Board

29. Mario Themed Board Idea

30. Fafsa Get Money

Colorful Board Ideas

If you want to go for a pop of color, this is definitely the list for you. Below you will find some bright, cheerful and in your face style boards. Make sure that your board is noticeable enough to catch your student’s eye.

31. Donut Stress, Do Your Best

32. Popping into Good Study Habit

33. Believe in yourself and you will succeed

34. Elements of Success

35. When You Enter This Classroom

36. Be You! Colorful Door Idea

37. Amazing Things Happen Here

38. Friends Themed Board Idea

39. Twitter Tea Sis Idea

40. Snapchat Filter Board Idea

41. Picture Perfect Year Idea

42. Take What You Need Board

43. With a Mission, Anything is Possible

44. Goal Setting Idea Board

45. Awareness Bulletin Board Idea

Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

If you want to go with a specific theme, the list below is the one for you. I have gathered some of the coolest themed bulletin board ideas that you will ever see! Don’t believe me? I guess you will just have to take a look and decide for yourself.

46. Inside Out Day Idea

47. Rethink The Stigma

48. Self Care Themed Bulletin Board

49. Valentine’s Day Themed Day

50. Self Care Bingo Idea

51. How to Build a Great Relationship with Your Friend

52. Take What You Need Give What You Can

53. Welcome Back Themed Board

54. 70s Inspired Themed Board

55. Plant Themed Board Idea

56. Bookshelf-Themed Board

57. Lemon-Themed Board

58. Tea-Themed Board

59. Bob Ross Themed Board

60. Harry Styles Themed Board

Best Boards for Inspiration

Best Boards for Inspiration

Here we have some of my favorite boards for inspiration. Each one of these works for different parts of the year. For example, you can put the college ideas up towards the end of the semester when it is time to start applying to colleges.

61. Spongebob Themed Board

62. Oh Deer, Finals Are Here

63. Making a List…Checking it Twice

64. Which Harry Styles Are You

65. Good 4 U Board

66. Don’t Be Meanies Burnbook Idea

67. Study Things Idea

68. First Day Back

69. What Will You Grow?

70. Career Day Themed Board

71. Where Will Your Road Take You

72. College Flag Idea

Bulletin Board Ideas for High School

Next up, I thought I would bring it back to the basics and show you some classic bulletin board ideas for high school. These are super cute, and even the simplest of boards will inspire the students. Check them out!

73. College Readiness Board

74. I Applied Board

75. Where Will You Be Seen?

76. You Are Beautiful Mirror

77. Advice to My Self

78. Did You Know

79. Instagram Bulletin Board Idea

80. Memories in the Making

81. Funny Board LOL

82. Book-opoly Bulletin Board Idea

83. Off with Your Head Board

84. Neon Bulletin Board Ideas

85. Interactive Board Idea

86. Now Starring In Board

87. High School Graduates

 Motivational Bulletin Board Ideas for High School

Cute Board Ideas

I think the cuter the board, the better the effects. That might just be me, but I really think that aesthetics go a very long way. So check out these boards and see if any spark your interest. I bet more than one will capture your heart!

88. School Data Wall

89. The Road to College Starts Here

90. Class of 2022 Board

91. We Came As Stranger, We Leave as Friends

92. Thank You Next, Semester

93. You Have a Place In History

94. Be Historic Board Idea

95. Rooted In History

96. Totally Awesome Tuesday

97. Thursday Themed Board

98. Full Graduation Garb Look

99. Words To Lift You Up

Unique Motivational Bulletin Board Ideas for High School

Unique Motivational Bulletin Board Ideas for High School

Lastly, I wanted to finish off this list with some unique ideas that are out of the box. I love each and every one of these and I think you will too. Take a look and see if any of these ideas will work for your classroom. If you find more than one that you love, find space for it in the hallway.

100. Up Themed Board

101. Challenge Sticky Note Board

102. Self Care Idea

103. Rainbow Brain Idea

104. Meet the Person Responsible for Your Grade

105. Tangled Bulletin Board Idea

106. Elf Themed Board

107. Big Deer Board Idea

108. A Toast to the New Year

109. Danny Phantom Idea

110. Nemo Disney Themed Board

111. I Need Space Self Care Board


Sometimes, students need a gentle reminder that they are awesome or that they are in control of their future. These boards have the power to do just that.

I hope you loved these Motivational bulletin board ideas for high school. Honestly, even though I am not in High School anymore, I  have been inspired to make one of these in my home. If you loved these ideas, perhaps you should continue on this inspirational fun and take a look at some of our other inspirational ideas.

So put up one of these awesome ideas; I think you will be surprised by the effect that it has. Such a little thing can have ripple effects that last throughout the students’ lives. I am proof of this.