Inside: Best prom poster ideas + easy diy.

Everyone knows the fun of prom starts with asking your date. Promposals have been rising in popularity for the past 10 years, and it’s no secret as to why: They are super fun! It gives teens something to look forward to and get creative about during school.

If you clicked on this article, I bet you are a teen who is looking for some inspiration for your own prom poster. Well, you are. in the right place. I have gathered over 60 of the best prom poster ideas that will help spark your creative fire. There are tons of ideas here, so I know you love at least some of these.

Top Prom Poster Ideas

Take a look through the ideas below, and make sure to stick around for the cool DIY at the end. It’s simple and easy to follow along with, so even those of you who aren’t crafty will enjoy it. Okay, let’s dive in!

Simple Prom Poster Ideas

First off, I thought I would show you some of the simpler prom posters. If you aren’t one to go super frilly, then this is definitely the list for you. Each example is funny, cute, and the perfect way to ask your future prom date to go out with you. Take a look at these ideas, and then go look at the DIY at the end of the lists!

1. We’d Be the Freshest At the Prom

2. I’m No Harry Styles But…

3. Sandlot Prom Poster

4. You Bet Your Grass…

5. Will You Stick By My Side…

6. I’d Be a Lucky Duck…

7. I Know You’re Gay…

8. If Wishes Were Fishes

9. Goldfish Themed Poster

10. Hairdo Bear Poster Theme

11. Hot Cheeto Themed Posters

12. Taco Bell Themed Poster

13. Croc Proposal

14. Floral Promposal

15.  Converse Themed Idea

Funny Prom Poster Ideas

If you think humor is the way to go, then this is the perfect list for you. Take it from me, that the funnier your poster is the better the outcome will be. So this list is full of some of the funniest ideas I could find. You can use these ideas and then make them your own.

16. Uno Card Themed Prom Card

17. Crumbl Cookie Poster

18. Starbucks Poster Theme

19. Makeup Themed Poster

20. Swimming Poster

21. Sloth Prom Idea

22. Friends the TV Show Idea

23. Let’s Party Like It’s 1989

24. Be My Chick at Prom

25. Office Show-Themed Poster

26. Disney Themed Prom Idea

27. Stranger Things Poster

28. Creepy IT Themed Idea

29. Tangled Themed Poster

30. Moana Themed Poster

Sweet Prom Poster Ideas

Sweet Poster Examples

If you want to go in more of a sweet direction, then this is the list for you. It’s full of some very romantic ideas. Many of these are still funny, so don’t worry. Remember that you can take an idea and use it as a base for your own poster. So if you don’t find something that you like 100%, fix it up to match with your idea!

31. Pink and Girly

32. Boba Tea Proposal

33. Van Gogh With Me

34. Sushi Roll Poster

35. Spiderman Themed Poster

36. I Know I am Not Tom Holland But…

37. Plant Lover’s Theme

38. Breakfast At Tiffany’s

39. I Can’t Picture Going To Prom…

40. Orange Poster Idea

41. Luke Combs Themed Poster

42. Candy Themed Poster

43. Big Bear Poster

44. Floral Themed Idea

45. Cute Up Themed Hoco

Best Prom Poster Ideas

Best Prom Poster Ideas

I saved the best for last. These are my absolute favorite prom posters that I have seen, and I put them all together in the list below. If you have yet to find a poster that you liked(which would be very surprising), you will definitely find one here. And after this list, we can get into the DIY!

46. Netflix Themed Poster

47. Basketball Themed Poster

48. Light Up Poster

49. Cute Decorated Poster

50. Hoco is for my Girl

51. Reese’s Themed Poster

52. Musician Themed Posters

53. Sports Themed Poster

54. No Date Poster

55. Unbearable Idea

56. You Don’t Need a Mister

57. Simple and Sweet Idea

58. In and Out Idea

59. Dutch Bros Idea

60. Lego Poster Idea

61. Watermelon Idea

Simple Prom Poster DIY

Prom Poster Ideas: DIY

Now we can get into the fun part: The DIY! After looking through the ideas above, I bet you are itching to get your hands on a poster board. Speaking of which, let’s start this off with the supply list!


For this DIY, you will need:

  • Poster Board
  • Markers
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Since this DIY is going to be very simple, this is all you really need. But remember, you can always spice up your board as you need, so you can add glue and other things to decorate it when the base is done. Think of this DIY as a jumping off point. You can leave it as is, or you can spruce it up however you like.

Step One

First things first, you, of course, need to come up with your poster idea. Lucky for you, I am pretty sure that part is already done since you have looked through all of the ideas above. Once you have gotten solid on the phrase and theme, you can continue on to the fun part: Decorating the board!

Step Two

Now you need to start writing. This part will take a little bit of setting up if you want your words to come out straight and clean./ First, you need to take your pencil and ruler and use them to create lines across your board. Imagine you wrote out the phrase and mentally calculated how much space you are going to need for each word.

Pick the size of the lettering that will work best with the amount of space on your board and how many words are in the phrase. This is important; pick a max height for your letters and make either another line or some dots over your baseline.

This will help make your writing look super clean and clear. So go ahead and do that now.

Step Three

Lastly, you are going to write out your proposal. Take your time with this; you can use a pencil first; that way, you have more room for error.

After this, you can continue decorating the board, or you can call it done. It is completely up to you, but little arts and crafts never hurt anyone, and chances are it will make your soon to be date feel even more special because you took the time to really go for it. Just some food for thought.

Prom Poster Ideas


So…are you excited about prom! I bet you are! I hope you loved this list of the top prom poster ideas and that the DIY was helpful. I know writing on a board might seem like a simple thing to do, but it’s a bit trickier once you get into it.

If you want to continue on the prom idea fun, I have more about where this came from. So take a look here!

The most important thing to remember during Prom season is that you have fun and take your time with it. It goes by so quickly, and as weird as it sounds…these are the days that you are going to look back on when you get older. So make it count, ask the girl you like out, spend extra time on your promposal, and just be in the moment!