Inside: Best ways to save my teenage memories to keep them for years to come. 

Ah, the teen years. Such a beautiful time for growth and transformation. You are learning how to be more independent, and that comes with so much more fun. And with that fun, come memories that you will want to hold onto.

Think back to the memories that you created just a few years ago…do you remember yours?

Or is it started to get a little frayed at the edges and hard to remember?

How to save your teenage memories

Regardless of your answer, just know that forgetting is normal. It happens to everyone as we get older. Our brains have to make room for any new information we are taking it. New info in one window, old memories out the other, It is just how it goes.
But it doesn’t have to be.
I created a list of some of the best ways to save teenage memories that you need to take a look out for right now before you forget anything else. It’s never too late to start something, have a look.

How to save your teenager memories

1. Journalling

Journalling is one of the absolute best ways to hold onto your memories for the rest of your life. It’s simple, cost-effective,  and can last for decades to come. You can use your journal to write down the happenings of your daily life, making sure to include the date and time stamp of when you are writing.

With this, you can immortalize your very first love, your first dance, your first bad grade…all of it. And the best thing of all is that by writing down how all of these things made you feel and how they went down, you are literally creating a little view into your past for future you to look through.

One of the best things about journaling is it has so many benefits. Obviously being able to keep your memories is one of them, but there are so many more. It can help you to improve your mental health, it can be used as a form of mindfulness, and it helps you to work out those writing muscles. Not to mention it gives you the opportunity to gather your thoughts.

2. Scrap Booking

Scrapbooking is another great one. With this, you can take mementos from your favorite experiences, and create a book full of them. You can make a page for the first concert you went to and include the tickets and any other items that remind you of that night.

You can take flowers from your first date and dry press them, and save them forever on the page. Imagine it like journalling but on steroids. Scrapbooking also gives you more of an opportunity to use your creativity in a way that journalling does not.

You get to choose the layout, the style of the page, and how you want the font to look. The whole thing is basically like a collage of your life. This will be especially fun when you are flipping back through it 20 years from now and are able to remember everything so very clearly.

Make a Time Capsule

3. Make A Time Capsule

Time capsules are a classic way to immortalize a memory. For those of you who have never heard of a time capsule, it’s essentially an airtight sealed container where you keep your most valuable mementos. You save all your keepsakes along with a letter to your future self and put a date on it.

This date is when you’ll be allowed to open it to take a look at everything you decided to keep safe. That is essentially what this is, a way to completely protect your absolute favorite items from the time serious you are in until you are ready to see them again when you’re older.

Digital ways to keep my teenage memories

4. Create a Photo Album in The Cloud

This one is super simple and super effective. Everyone knows how tragic it is to look at your entire camera roll because it wasn’t backed up. Photos are basically windows into the memories of our past. They are super valuable! So for this idea, make sure you have your camera roll backed up into the cloud.

Now instead of just letting all of your camera rolls be your place for memories, you are going to want to create a brand new, entirely separate album with the name of your choosing. This album is going to be your special keepsake album. In this, you will only put the absolute best memories. Whenever you take a photo during a time you will want to remember, just move it to this album. In 10 years’ time, you will have an entire album full of only the best memories.

5.  Make A Private Youtube Channel

This can be private or public if you are brave. But the idea behind it is that you are creating your own little home videos. This is probably the absolute best way to save memories because you will literally get to watch them back.

If filming youtube videos makes you nervous, don’t worry! No one is going to see them unless you want them to. You can put your videos in private so only you can see them.

Saving them on youtube will ensure that they are not going anywhere and that your videos are safe and sound.

Creative ideas

6. Write A Year In Review

Every single year on New Year’s Eve make it a tradition to spend some time recapping your whole year. The good, the bad, and the ugly. This is basically like a highlights section of your life.

This can also be a great idea because it will give you the opportunity to reflect on what things made your year harder, and you can spend the next year working to improve it. It’s a great mindfulness exercise similar to journaling. That is essentially what you will be doing anyhow. Make sure to date it and then save the paper in an airtight container so it remains safe!

Make A Pressed Flower Memory Book

7. Make A Pressed Flower Memory Book

Regardless of where you are, chances are that there are flowers nearby. If you are in a concrete jungle, there’s a flower stand nearby. If you are in the middle of a random field, there will be some wildflowers. My point here is, that you can make a point to pick a flower every time you have a meaningful experience.

Then put it in a book and write down the memory that goes along with that flower. Picture books work great for this because the plastic covers allow the flower to remain safe for years.

My Teen Memories

My teenage memories keeping is easy with this favorite idea is to create a Chat Book from all your social media photos from that year! It is so easy to do and you’ll treasure it forever. 

I hope that you enjoyed all of these super fun ways to make your memories last a lifetime. You are more than welcome to do all of the ones that spoke to you, not just one.

It stands to be said that having something to help preserve a memory from your teen years is so important, but you must remember to still be in the moment. There is no worse feeling than looking back and realizing that you only remember seeing your favorite artist play through the view of your cell phone screen as you recorded them.

Trust me, you learn that one the hard way.