Inside: Best ideas for the aesthetically pleasing trampoline sleepover teens will love.

So, you have two things: a trampoline and a teen who wants to through a slumber party. It’s a good thing those two things go hand in hand.

Trampolines make for the perfect non-conventional twist to a pretty basic concept (a sleepover), with a little work the end result is adorable. Creating the perfect space for our teens is simpler than it may seem.

Trampoline Sleepover Ideas for Teens and Tweens

There is one major thing that is a must: It HAS to be aesthetically pleasing. Teens these days like to take photos of basically everything, so having a cute space setup is super important!

How to Make a VSCO Trampoline Sleepover

So for those of you who have heard of this term but have no idea what it is, fear not. I’ll explain!

VSCO (referred to as ‘visko’) is an app that teens can use to edit their photos into beautiful, aesthetically pleasing images they can put on the internet.

Over the years, the term ‘VSCO girl’ and ‘VSCO boy’ became popular names that refer to teens that fall under a specific aesthetic. They would often have hydro flasks, metal straws, and scrunchies, and they ALL know how to take great photos.

So now the term VSCO is used when describing something that is trendy and aesthetic. The goal of throwing a VSCO trampoline sleepover can be translated into a picture-perfect, cute trampoline sleepover. Not so bad, right?

There are many things that you can do to take this slumber party from regular, to VSCO and I go over all of the things you need to achieve that. Starting with a checklist of must-have items that should be at your sleepover.

Trampoline Sleepover Checklist

1. Sleeping Mats – I know that the trampoline is technically going to be their bed for the night, but that doesn’t mean it’s comfy enough as is. There are many things you can do to add some comfort; Laying down blankets, and using lots of pillows…but the best way to achieve ultimate comfort is to add some sleeping mats!

2. Soft Blankets – Sleeping bags will be there, but softer blankets are a must for keeping your teens cozy and warm during their night outside. The more the merrier.

3. Sleeping Bag – As I said above, sleeping bags are a must! You can put it on the invite that it’s B.Y.O.B, aka bring your own bag!

4. Battery Powered Twinkle Lights – These look so cute strung up around the trampoline, and they add some extra lighting. They create a magical atmosphere.

5. Flashlights – I think flashlights are an absolute necessity. There is nothing worse than being scared in the dark without a light to bring you comfort.

6. Disco Party Lights – Adding some fun disco lighting can be the perfect way to make this night extra special.

7. Portable Speaker – Music is a non-negotiable for any party, but especially a trampoline party. A portable speaker makes this possible.

8. Bluetooth Projector – I think a movie night is the absolute perfect thing to do at a slumber party, regardless if it’s indoors or outdoors. The latter comes with some roadblocks, roadblocks that can be fixed with a Bluetooth projector!

10. LED Trampoline Lights – If you would like a more permanent, weatherproof lighting option then you must get these awesome LED lights that were made for a trampoline.

Snack Tray for a Trampoline Party

Snack Ideas for a Trampoline Slumber Party

11. Candy Snack Tray

12. Movie Night Snack Plate

13. Chinese Food

14. Party Size Nachos

15. Pizza

16. Chips and Dips Board

17. Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

18. Cheesy Garlic Twists

19. Jalapeno Poppers

20. Fruit Platter

21. Sliders

22. Cookie Sandwiches

23. Mac N Cheese Bites

24. Breakfast for Dinner

25. Walking Tacos

26. S’mores Dip

27. Apple Pie Bite

28. Cheese Burger

29. Walking Dessert

30. French Toast Roll

Trampoline Sleepover

Trampoline Sleepover Ideas

31. Food Center

32. Sting Lights

33. Cover With Sheets

34. Canopy of Sheets

35. Lots of Blanket!

36. Put a Tent on Trampoline

37. Crafting Session

Sleepover Activities

38. Face Masks – Face masks are one of the best ways to treat yourself, so why not do this with all of your friends.

39. Make Friendship Bracelets – It’s a great way to connect with the people you love.

40. Finish the Lyrics – This is a game on YouTube, just look it up. You play a song for about 5 seconds and then stop it and the person who is playing has to finish the lyrics.

41. Beanboozled– This is a gross game, but it’s loads of fun. Half of the jelly beans are normal and yummy, the other half is weird and disgusting. It’s a safer version of Russian roulette.

42. Movie Night – You can use a laptop or if you want to be fancier, bring out a projector like the one I linked to above!

43. Play Board Games – Board games are a classic way to bring people together.

44. Never Have I Ever – Another classic game and super simple. Teens have been playing it for decades and they will continue to do this for as far as I can imagine.

45. Listen to Music – You don’t always have to have an activity that involves planning and work. Just simply listening to music while you chat with your friends is a cool enough time.

46. Try Not To Laugh – Go onto youtube and look up try not to laugh videos, the first person to crack a laugh wins! It’s funny, free, and a guaranteed good time.

47. Karaoke – This one speaks for itself.

48. Photoshoot – SInce we are throwing a VSCO slumber party, it’s only right that our hard work creating an aesthetic setup is photographed!

49. Paint Your Nails – This is a simple but shared activity that promotes bonding!

50. Make Over – I’m 99% sure it’s illegal to have a slumber party without a makeover.

51. Truth or Dare – This game will keep them occupied for hours – here’s a list of the best truth or dare questions!

52. Star Watch – Might as well take advantage of the opportunity we don’t normally get: sleeping outside. You get to stare at the stars for as long as you want.

DIY Trampoline turned into bed

DIY Trampoline Sleepover

Step One: Invites

Creating your invites is very important and there are many ways that you can do this. Whether you buy premade ones from the store or you order them online, there are a few things that you need to include.

The main things are when and where the party is at(duh), the theme, and if they need to bring their own sleeping bags or not. Prepare beforehand!

Step Two: Collect Your Supplies

Next, it’s time to stockpile your supplies. You can order them online, shop in person, or even use the online grocery pickup option that many grocery stores offer.

I recommend getting as many of these before the actual party as you can, this will help to relieve stress.

Step Three: Set Up

Now it’s time to set up the space!

Take some sheets and pin them up all around the sides of your trampoline. This will help to ensure your teens feel extra safe. Plus they double as a screen for the projector, if you are going the movie night route.

And that’s about it, now you have everything you need to get this trampoline sleepover started! There are so many ways that you can switch this up so it better matches the interest of your teen, so take these ideas and run with them.

Better yet, have your teen help you when planning it. That way they get to feel in charge, and you get to create the perfect party for them that includes all the things they want.

Games, music, movies, whatever it is you choose this will be a night that your teens and tweens will never forget.