Inside: Take a look at these cute and creative poetry activities high school students will grow from.

Poetry has been near and dear to my heart since I was a kid. Granted, that wasn’t that long ago, and many of the adults in my life would argue that I am still a kid…but it’s meaningful to me nonetheless.

I’ve found that there are many creative outlets that help me to feel more connected to myself and my emotions, but poetry just surpasses them by a landfall. Because of this, poetry is a part of my everyday life. Throughout my High School experience, I have found so many fun ways to bring the benefits of poetry to my friends and classmates.

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That is what I am going to share with you today. Below you will find a list of my top six creative poetry activities high school students NEED if they enjoy the written word. I can’t wait for you to try these!

Poetry Activities High School Students Will Love

For this first list, I want to introduce you to some classic forms of poetry that deserve to be experienced. Whether you have stage fright, writer’s block, or any other hurdle, I know these tasks will help you jump them.

Poetry Slam

This is probably the most well-known form of poetry…a Poetry Slam! You can organize a poetry slam in the classroom, where students can showcase their original poems in a dynamic and supportive environment.

This one might feel a little out of your comfort zone, but I think you will quickly realize how fun it is. Plus, you can always create your own group of people you trust, that way you feel more safe to be vulnerable if you want.

I want you to experiment with different poetic forms and themes, while also becoming aware of the importance of effective delivery and performance. What you write already has emotion, but if you deliver it like a robot…it just won’t hit home. Get passionate about it!

This activity has not only allowed me to express myself confidently but also it promoted public speaking skills and self-assurance, which I happy to say continues to become better everyday.

Found Poetry

I want to introduce the concept of found poetry to you, which involves creating poems using pre-existing texts, such as newspaper articles, advertisements, or even textbook passages! By selecting and rearranging words and phrases, you can transform everyday language into poetic art.

This activity encourages critical thinking, as you must carefully analyze and reinterpret the source material to convey new meaning and emotions.

My favorite way to do this activity is to hit up my local thrift store and find some awesome hold books that can be used as your words. It’s lots of fun!

Poetic Response

For this activity, select a thought-provoking poem and ask your friends and classmates to write a personal response to it. Encourage them to explore their emotional reactions, connections, and interpretations. This activity encourages students to engage deeply with the themes and ideas presented in the poem, fostering empathy and introspection.

Students can share and discuss their responses, allowing for rich conversations and multiple perspectives. I have had so many amazing conversations born from this activity. So I highly recommend it!

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Creative Poetry Activities High School Students NEED

Okay, this is the section that I have been most excited about. These are some of my most creative poetry activites high school students NEED if they enjoy poetry. There are so many different ways that you can make these your own, so get creative with it! I’ve added these ideas to my short term goals students will benefit from.

Collaborative Poetry

If you have a poetry club or class in your High School, then you must check out this next activity.

Divide the class into small groups and assign each group a theme or topic. Each group will then collaboratively write a poem, with each student contributing a line or stanza. I have found that doing this helps build teamwork, creativity, and negotiation skills, as students must work together to create a cohesive and meaningful piece of poetry.

The final poems can be displayed or performed for the whole class to enjoy.

Poetry Analysis Stations

I am obsessed with this activity at the moment. Set up different stations around the classroom, each focusing on a specific poem. At each station, provide copies of the poem along with guiding questions or prompts related to poetic devices, themes, and interpretations.

Students can rotate through the stations in small groups, analyzing and discussing the poems at each stop. I love this because it really gets your creative juices flowing in a way that explores many different themes at one time. I always leave this one feeling so much more confident in my ability to read and write poems.

Poetry Podcast

YEP! A poetry podcast is a thing, and it’s super awesome.

You can encourage students/classmates to create their own poetry podcasts. In small groups, students can write, perform, and record their original poems, incorporating sound effects and music to enhance the experience.

This activity combines creativity with technology, allowing students to explore different mediums of expression while developing their communication skills and technological literacy. I think some of my favorite personal poems ha e been created through this form of self expression. It’s out of the box and PERFECT.

The Benefits of Poetry Activities High School Students Love

Before I let you go, I want to share something that I though was truly amazing. According to this article, 

Another study found that guided poetry writing sessions significantly alleviated both symptoms of depression and trauma in adolescents who have been abused. Other studies found that poetry therapy with a certified therapist helped cancer patients improve emotional resilience, alleviate anxiety levels and improve their quality of life.

You don’t need to have had a tough childhood to be able to benefit from poetry, but if you have…then I urge you to connect with this form of expression even more! It adds a serious set of life skills high school students will benefit from.

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I hope that these ideas have made you feel inspired to start participating in more poetry around your High School. Or at the very least, amongst your friends! Starting out, I actually just enjoyed some of these activities with a group of girls in my room. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Poetry truly has the power to change lives. At the very least, it has allowed me to understand and feel my more complex emotions, and for that I am seriously grateful.

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