Inside: Top teenager 80s hairstyles that are making a comeback.

I think my favorite thing about style throwout the decades is that they always circle back around. I mean, I can confidently say that I never would have expected the mullet to make a comeback. These trends keep me on my toes, that is for sure.

I get it, though; some styles are totally worth revamping. Doing your hair the same old way over and over again really gets old. So why not get a fresh cut? I struggle with this question all the time. I am currently trying to grow out my hair, but a pixie is really calling my name. Give me the willpower not to go for it!

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Popular teenager 80s hairstyles on the rise. Photo of girl with 2 tone unique hair.

Since I am full of pent-up hair-cutting energy, I thought a great outlet for me would be to share some of my favorite haircuts that are straight out of the 1980s. So take a look through these teenager 80s hairstyles that I really think you are going to love!

Classic Teenager 80s Hairstyles

You can never really go wrong with a classic. I wanted to show you a good mix of original old school looks mixed in with some fresh takes, so below that is what you will find. Take your time as you look through these, truly imagine yourself in each to see which will be the best fit!

1. Classic 80s Hairdue

2. Hot Roller Idea

3. Little Barrette Hairstyle

4. High Pony Tail

5. Huge Hair Style

6. Double Braid Idea

7. Vintage Photo Idea

8. Bright Yellow Scrunchies

9. Blown Out Hair

10. Classic Messy Bun

11. 80s Punk Rock Hair

12. Large Curly Hair

13. Big Blown Out Hairstyle

14. Drew Barrymore In the 80s

15. Farrah Fawcett

16. Spikey Hair Idea

Popular teenager 80s hairstyles on the rise. Photo of old school and new school 80s hair styles.

Popular Teenager 80s Hairstyles On The Rise

Next up, I have even more teenager 80s hairstyles and inspiration for you. Sometimes all we as people need is that little push to go and do the things that you are too scared to do. This is that push for you. Fine a hairstyle that fits you, and go for it!

17. Big Curtain Bang Tutorial

18. Classic Curls Idea

19. 80s No Heat Curls

20.  Huge Hair Idea

21. 80s Hair Clip

22. Punk Hair Tutorial

23.  Lovely Braided Curls

24. Brooke Shields’s Hair

25. 80s Hair with Bangs

26. Long Shag Cut Idea

27. Hairspray Hair Idea

28. Modern but Classic

29. Long Silky Hair

30. Beautiful Curly Hair

Teenager 80s hairstyle tips. Photo of teen with Barretts in their hair.

Teenager 80s Hairstyle Tips

Okay, I saved the checklist for last. Well, it’s less of a checklist and more of an inspiration list, if you catch my drift. Check out the list below to find some of the top hair tips that are straight out of the 80s.

31. Hairspray

You are going to need TONS of hairspray if you are hoping to achieve a classic 80s hairstyle look. Those people did not just get all that volume and thickness from genetics. So invest in some hairspray if you are serious about this hair.

32. Curls

If you don’t have curly hair, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to achieve the classic 80s curl! There are plenty of tutorials online, but one of my favorites is the legging method.

You take a pair of leggings and separate your hair into two sections. Then you wrap it around the pant of the legging and let it dry like that. Heatless waves courtesy of Fabletics!

33. Blowout

If you aren’t afraid of the height, you need to go in to get a blowout. Honestly, as a human with hair, I think you need to experience this at least once in your life. You are really missing out on that post-hair appointment confidence boost.

34. Volume

Many of us nowadays are a little too scared of volume. But if you are going to attempt a certain teenager 80s hairstyle, chances are that you are going to have to boost those locks up a bit. Just run with it! With great height come great confidence.

35. Scrunchies

You are going to want to stock up on scrunchies. These were super popular in the 80s, and they have officially made their comeback in the 2020s. Well, actually I don’t think they ever really left. Scrunchies are just too cool for that.

36. Teenager 80s Hairstyles – Barretts

I have seen way too many awesome girls and guys adding old-school Barretts to their hair to not add it to this list. Honestly, a lot of popular hair accessories today are the exact same as they were decades back. Some style never changes, and Barretts are one of those timeless accessories.

37. Hair Dye

If you aren’t afraid to dye your hair, I would recommend doing so. Do a fun color that you never thought you would be brave enough to do. I have always wanted to dye my hair, but I am a natural redhead. I feel like if I do, there will be a whole mob on my front porch with pitchforks.

38. High Ponytail

Think of Ariana Grande and her crazy high ponytail. Isn’t it super weird to think that her style was originally based on an 80s look that was then changed a bit to match our time and style a little better? I love that we can really see the roots!

39. Hair Beads

Hair beads are a super cute option if you are looking for ways to style your hair to match the 80s vibe without cutting it. My older sister and her friends used to always wear colorful beads at the end of their braids to help make their style a little more unique and beautiful.

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40. Bangs

Giving yourself bangs is usually associated with a bit of a mental breakdown, but I can say from experience that they are the best thing to ever happen to my hair. Obviously, everyone is different when it comes to style, but I’ve had my bangs for almost five years, and I have never grown tired of them.

41. Teenager 80s Hairstyles – Half Up Braids

You can always do a fun little half up braid look by putting a half pony in your hair and then braiding the ends. You get bonus points if you add a few hair beads to the mix.

42. Lots of Layers

I recently went in and got lots of layers added to my hair. It really helped me get that feeling of a new hair look without cutting off any of the lengths. I got the best of both worlds.

43. Heatless Curlers

If you don’t like the legging trick, you can invest in some heatless curlers!

44.  Teenager 80s Hairstyles – Hair Sparkles

Yep, this is a thing, and it’s a super awesome thing. I think I may like these better than the tinsel hair extensions. 

45. 80s Punk Mullet

This isn’t advice so much as it’s a not-so-subtle nudge from me to go and get that chic punk mullet. You know you want to.

Okay…so I am guessing that you have found the hairstyle that made you think to yourself…should I? Hold onto that question because I have the answer…YES! You need to go for the things that you want, even if they are a big change. Life is too short not to do some fun things with your hair!

I really hope that you loved this list of teenager 80s hairstyles that are on the rise. I am telling you, you may be surprised by the amount of confidence that comes from just going for it.

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