Inside: The best halloween crafts for teens to give them something fun to do. 

Halloween is a special holiday, but it is also a holiday with a null period. Between the ages of 14-21, this holiday because a grey area of uncertainty. Are you too old to dress up? Too old to trick or treat? It can be so confusing.

First of all, let it be said that you are never too old to dress up, and you are never too old to go trick or treating, no matter what those grumpy adults say. Candy is for everyone! But still.

I know how much pressure goes into being a teen, so if you want something that will rise that Halloween spirit without having to do something out of your comfort zone, then you are in the right place.

Halloween Crafts for Teens

I have created a list of fun Halloween crafts for teens that will excite you for this holiday season. They range from easy peasy to complex, so there is something for any level of crafter. Most of these come in kits, so you will have everything you need.

So without wasting any more time, let’s jump in.

Simple Halloween Crafts for Teens

I wanted to start with the simpler crafts. I know how being overwhelmed can turn craft motivation into crafting devastation. So the small bites will be first; that way, they go down easy! You must check out the later lists if you are a seasoned crafter.

I got most of these in kit form, so you will have everything you need from the get-go. Speaking of getting…get going!

1. Rock Painting – You probably don’t need an actual kit for this, but it will simplify things even more, so why not?

2. Magnet Painting – I had no idea this was a thing. How cool!

3. DIY Pumpkin Stress Ball – Everyone knows how deeply stressful it can be to be a teenager. This craft will not only help them with that, but it will be fun to decorate!

4. Spooky Jar

5. Scratch Off Mask

6. Window Art DIY – Window art can be so much fun because it catches the light and it transforms a whole room.

7. DIY Sticker Maker

8. Glow in the Dark DIY

9. Pumpkin Painting – If you want to switch up the regularly scheduled pumpkin carving, then I recommend something like this. It’ll save your hand from cramping up.

10. Monster Key Chain

11. Halloween Beads

12. Cute Monster Doll DIY – Don’t let the idea of this being childish scare you off sometimes; the best crafts give off that vibe. But this will be a fun time guaranteed.

13. Happy Halloween Sign

14. Halloween Pipe Cleaners

15. Create a Halloween House

Halloween Craft Ideas Tweens

Adorable Spooky Crafts For Tweens & Teens

I think that people tend to view certain crafts as child business when they are just simple fun. The crafts below are a little more complex, but don’t let that scare you. They are still so simple to make and will bring you so much joy and holiday spirit that it will be well worth the time.

My personal favorite is the resin earrings, my 8th grade daughter LOVES making this kind of craft right now. Take a look below to get ideas.

16. DIY Hanging Witch Hats

17. Halloween Embroidery Kit – Embroidery can be such a fun pastime. If you start with this, you will find that you’ll be embroidering every holiday.

18. DIY Resin Earrings

19. DIY Blank Mask – Create your own Halloween costume with this blank mask DIY. How cute!

20. Different Shaped Masks

21. Cute Fairy Halloween Jars

22. Decoration DIY

23. Halloween Suncatcher

24. DIY Earrings – If you like making earrings but don’t want to buy everything separately, then you have to see this kit. It has everything you’ll need.

25. Halloween Slime Kit – Slime is satisfying for any age, and you can quote me on that.

26. DIY Cobwebs

27. Mini Witch DIY

28. DIY Spider Decor

29. Halloween Cookies – A little bit of classic Halloween baking will brighten up not only your day but everyone who tries your goodies.

30. DIY Graveyard

Halloween crafts for teens

Etsy Halloween Crafts

If you like supporting small businesses while getting your craft on, this is the list for you. I have found that Etsy is home to some of the cutest crafting kits on the earth, and I am not being dramatic here. You have to see for yourself.

Go through the examples below and tell me that you didn’t fall in love with at least three or four of these kits!

31. Ghost DIY Kit

32. DIY Halloween Card

33. Halloween Haunted House

34. Witch Craft

35. DIY Wreath Kit

36. Bat Sewing Kit

37. Cute Bracelet DIY

38. Macrame Bat

39. Halloween Candle Making Kit

40. Cute Tier Tray

41. Chic Pumpkin Craft

42. Build Your Own Skeleton

43. Halloween S’more DIY

44. Felt Pumpkin DIY

45. Pumpkin Suncatcher

46. String Witch Hat

Unique DIY crafts, example of halloween embroidery

Unique Halloween Crafts

If the crafts above weren’t to your liking, have no fear. We still have this last list that holds some of the cutest and most unique Halloween crafts that you will love. You can use them as decoration or give as gives when you are done, so you can have them for years to come.

You may even want to make craft sessions a reoccurring tradition around the spooky holiday. Find out why below.

47. Cute Witch Painting Kit – See if you can get your Van Gogh on and make this simple project a sight to see.

48. Halloween Embroidery Kit

49. Cute Feminine Embroidery

50. DIY Boo Sign – These string signs are one of my new favorite DIYs. They are simple, satisfying, and oh so cute.

51. DIY Halloween Bird Feeder – This one is for you wildlife lovers out there.

52. Cute Pumpkin DIY

53. DIY Fortune Teller

54. High-Quality Painting Activity

55. Crochet Apple Pattern – A poison apple is a Halloween staple, so this craft is epic. If you are good at crocheting, then please, for all that is good in this world, make this.

56. Scary Wreath

57. Wooden Painting Kit

58. Pumpkin Cross Stitch – Cross stitching is one of the most satisfying pastimes. I think that if you just start one, you will find that out for yourself.

59. Witch Crafts – As if the name itself wasn’t punny enough…

60. Pumpkin Mosaic – This is one of the more complex ones, but it’ll be well worth the work!

61. Wooden Ghost

62. Halloween Painting Set

63. Halloween Craft Supplies

There you have it, over 60 of the internet’s coolest Halloween crafts for teens, some of them even involve costume making! What did you think? Did you find something that you loved? If you didn’t, I would be shocked because my shopping cart is full. Whoever said crafting is better on the budget were liars, or perhaps they never saw these crafts.

I hope that you found inspiration from these, and if you didn’t purchase one for yourself, then I hope that you had fun looking through them at the very least. Crafts aren’t just good for your brain but for your soul. It sounds cheesy, but I have never met a crafter who was unhappy.

Halloween is such a fun time to incorporate some festive activities. You have to give these teens something to do since they aren’t be trick or treating. Why not have that activity include some hot gluing?