Inside: What to Wear on a College Tour: Best Outfit Ideas For Teens.

Going to college is such an exciting thing, but the excitement doesn’t just start the day you walk onto campus. It begins long before that, when you turn in your college applications and when you go on your College tour.

There are so many things that you can do to prepare for these things, too many to cover in one article alone. So today I want to focus on one of my favorite things: What to wear on a college tour?

I have come up with 45 of the cutest outfit ideas that you use on your big day, as well as some tips and tricks for choosing your threads.

What to Wear on a College Tour: Outfit Ideas

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into this. There is so much to cover and so little time. To start out, I thought it would be helpful to cover what kinds of clothes you’ll want to wear, and then follow that up with examples and ideas.

What to Wear on a College Tour

So I have lots of tips and tricks for this section that I will break up into two categories: Casual and Professional. It will be up to you to decide which look you want to go with on your college tour.


So if you are going to go with a more casual look, that’s great. But there are still some guidelines that should help you when you are making your decision.

A college tour will take a few hours, and regardless of the weather, you are going to want to be comfortable. There will be lots of walking and meeting new people, so it is important to wear something that is both appropriate and something that is good to move in.

You still want to appear put together and tidy, seeing as this is your first impression that you’ll be leaving on your school. You may even meet people that will be your potential friends come fall. So dress to impress. Perhaps you’ll go with a clean T Shirt or sweatshirt with a simple pair of jeans and sneakers, or maybe you’ll wear a cardigan.


Now, if you are planning on sneaking in a college interview while you are on campus, then you are going to want to dress up a little more than just a T-shirt and sneakers.

These interviews are important, and what you wear will make an impression. If you put more effort into looking professional, it will not go unnoticed. You may want to consider a casual blazer look with some simple jewelry and nice shoes. You don’t want to overdo it, and you don’t want to underdo it. It’s a thin line that you’re walking, and you will walk it with style.

I have lots of professional looks for you to check out below. These should be a great jumping-off point when you are working out what you want to wear. Lots of other soon to be students will be rocking these looks too, so don’t be afraid to dress up a bit.

Casual College Visit Fashion

What to Wear on a College Tour: Casual Ideas

First up, I thought we could start with some of the more simple ideas. These are great for the casual looks that I mentioned above. Even though you are going with a more regular look, you still should feel put together when you are done. So don’t be afraid to add some jewelry or a bag to finish your look.

1. Striped Cardigan Outfit

2. Green Corduroy with White Turtleneck – The turtleneck points this look slightly into the more professional scale, but it is still super cute.

3. Patterned Sweater Idea

4. Cute Simple Outfit – Simple outfits like this are the best for your college tour. They are well put together and comfortable!

5. Dark Academia Sweater Idea

6. Cute Fall Outfit Idea – Fall outfits are great for any time of year in my opinion, and who knows, maybe you are taking this tour during fall. So check out this idea.

7. Zip Up Clean Cozy Hoodie

8. Cutest Casual Plaid Idea

9. Cozy Bookworm Outfit

10. Lemon Outfit – I love this lemon T-Shirt. It is the prime example of casual but put-together.

11. Buttoned Up Cardigan and Jeans

12. Casual Green Hoodie

13. Light Green Cardigan

14. Cropped Shirt with Leggings – Just because you are going to college doesn’t mean you can’t wear something casual like leggings. Check this out.

15. Blue Jeans Outfit

What to Wear on a College Tour

College Theme Outfits

Now it can be super fun to dress up in your college to be’s merch. This will look like a T-shirt or a sweat shirt with its name on it. You can pair this with a simple pair of jeans and clean sneakers, and I promise you will end up with a great look that everyone will love. You’ll fit right in! Below are some examples of different College Merch.

16. Berkley Sweatshirt

17. University of Tennessee

18. Yale University

19. Chicago University

20. Los Angelas Sweatshirt

21. Harvard University

22. Hawaii University

23. Illinois State

24. Dartmouth

25. Boston College

26. Ohio State Jacket

27. Arizona State

28. New York State


30. Cincinnati

Professional Outfit Travel Ideas For Teens

What to Wear on a College Tour: Professional

And lastly, we have some more professional outfit ideas that I think you will love. These are simple and sophisticated and guarantee you a good start to your interview. This is your first little step into the world of adulting, so why not do it with class and style? Take a look at these and see which ones may be the best fit for you.

31. Beige Outfit Idea – Going with a monochrome look may be your best bet when going in for a college interview. This way you can take clothes that you already have and make them work.

32. Clean Grey and White Clean Fit

33. Green Sweater Outfit

34. Blue Slacks and White Sweater – Slacks are something that many people are overrated, but I love them. They have such a clean feel to them.

35. Dark Blue Pants with White Shirt

36. Cream Turtleneck with Brown Pants

37. Cute Beige Sweater Vest – Yep, sweater vests are back in. I am pretty sure they never left the college campus, though.

38. Light Blue Cardigan

39. High Neck Shirt with Cardigan – A clean cardigan is another great way to go when you are dressing professionally.

40. Brown Outfit Idea

41. Professional Cardigan with Tan Slacks

42. Cute Tan and Brown Outfit – I think tans and brown will give you a sense of responsibility and maturity.

43. Argyle Patterned Sweater with Turtleneck

44. White Sweater Vest

45. Light Green Sweater Vest Idea

I hope this article made you feel a little more prepared to walk onto your soon-to-be campus for the first time. It can be so much fun to dress up, but the most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable in your clothes.

If you loved finding outfit ideas this way, I think you would love some of the other outfit ideas that I have come up with. These are some of my favorite outfit ideas for teens that will help you to continue dressing nicely when you get back home from your college tour.

I really hope I helped you learn what to wear on a college tour. I know this can be extremely confusing, but it can also be so much fun.