Inside: Amazing 19th birthday photoshoot ideas that will make your jaw drop.

We all know taking photos is one of the biggest things to do during a birthday. I mean…if you don’t what will you have to post? All jokes aside, having a photo shoot for a birthday is not only a super fun time but a great way to make memories and save them for the years to come.

I’ve done many photoshoots during my teen years, and looking back on it now I just wish that I had some inspiration that would have helped to make them better… because some of them are pretty cringy. I’ll admit it.

These 19th birthday photoshoot ideas though are fun for all seasons and will make this milestone birthday one to remember.

Jaw Dropping 19th Birthday Photoshoot ideas

So in order to help save you from those embarrassing photos, I came up with some of the best 19th birthday photoshoot ideas that will ensure that you get the cutest and coolest photos that you possibly can!

So take a look and get some inspiration for your 19th birthday shoot.

Where To Do Them

1. The Beach – I think that the beach is one of the best places for a photo shoot if you are lucky enough to have one at your disposal. They offer some of the most range and beautiful scenery you can get. Plus, it’s a wide open place so you are less likely to be around lots of people(depending on where you decide to go).

2. A Field Of Flowers – A field of flowers is another great option. There is nothing like a nature-filled background to make your photos feel warm,  beautiful, and well executed.

3. Bookshop – Bookshops are so great for taking photos in. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and they give you lots of options on actions to do while you get your photos taken, such as reading or browsing the books!

4. Colorful Wall – I’m sure you have seen this kind of photoshoot before, but it must be included! Find yourself a big colorful wall somewhere around where you live. The natural lighting and the large wall will act as the perfect natural studio.

5. Plant Shop – If you are a fan of plants, then a plant shop may be the perfect place for you to set up for your photo shoot. Not only are the plants adorable, but they add lots of green and cool texture to your photo.

6. Laundromat – Sounds odd, but check out the example I gave. The laundromat is a surprisingly photogenic place. Plus it’s perfect for a 19th birthday photoshoot, you’re an established adult now…you gotta do your own laundry!

7. Grocery Store – Yep, you read that right. The grocery store is such a cool place for a photo shoot. You can really make sure of all of the props and especially the grocery cart. You just have to be careful not to get other people in your photos or disturb anyone while they shop.

8. Bedroom – It’s simple, but a classic. You can have a cute photo shoot in your bedroom, it will come out as good as if you were to go somewhere. There are so many things you can be doing for these 19th birthday photoshoot ideas; Reading, doing a face mask, playing an instrument, watching Netflix!

9. A City – A city is a perfect place for a photoshoot. Even taking a simple walk around the block can hold so many different photo opportunities you would be shocked.

10. The Woods – The woods are a no-brainer, because of the trees and the greens! Come on, it doesn’t get much more whimsical than that.

11. An Arcade – Growing up doesn’t mean you don’t get to do anything fun anymore, and a photo shoot at an arcade for your 19th birthday is one of the best ways to make this statement!

Outfit Ideas for birthday photos

Outfit Ideas

This is a list of several different outfit ideas that range from warm to cold weather, so whatever climate you are in, your outfit will be cute and comfortable! Your clothes are a big part of your photoshoot, so you want to make sure that you are feeling the most confident.

The more confident you feel, the better your photos will be.

12. Simple Top/Bottom Combo with Colorful Sweater

13. Yellow Sun Dress

14. Cute Sweater with Headband

15. Yellow Pants with Smiley Shirt

16. NYC Outfits

17. Casual Cute Warm Outfit

18. Puffer Jacket/Jeans Combo

19.Pleated Skirt with Sweater and Sneakers

20. Overalls

21. Beautiful Yellow Dress

22. Winter Weather Outfit

Summer Photoshoot Ideas

23. Flower Picking – This might seem straightforward, but you’ll see it has some of the cutest results! During the summer there are flowers everywhere, so find a space with tons of them and spend some time creating your own bouquet.

24. Beach Picnic – If you want to have some extra fun, get your friends together and head down to the beach for a picnic! It’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s a good time for everyone.

25. Find a Park – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, growing up doesn’t mean life gets boring! You still get to do all of the fun things you did as a kid, including playing at the park. Find a swing set and get to swinging!

26. Bike Riding – One thing that will always improve a photoshoot is an action shot. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking stiff and posed! So having an activity that you are doing while the photos are being taken is a must.

27. Bubbles – Simple and adorable! If you wanna spice up your summer photos then pack a bottle of bubbles with your supplies.

28. Use A Mirror – And I am not just talking about when you are getting ready. Get yourself a portable medium-sized mirror and place it on the ground. Angle yourself in front of it and take photos. It looks unreal!

Winter Photoshoot Ideas for turning 19

Winter 19th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

29. Use the Snow – If you are lucky enough to live somewhere with snow, then you have to use that to your advantage. The girl in the photo shaped a snowball into the shape of a heart, but make it your own!

30. Cozy Clothes – If it’s wintertime when you are doing your photo shoot, then you have to make sure to wear some comfy warm clothes. These will double as their own props!

31. Christmas Tree – This one was inevitable, but you have to use your Christmas tree to your advantage!

32. Hot Cocoa – Warm drinks are a crucial part of the colder months, and they make for the cutest props. So consider adding a cute mug of hot cocoa to an indoor photo shoot.

33. Christmas Lights – Christmas lights don’t have to be only for your tree, you can use them for your shoot too! Like the guy in this picture, he wrapped them around himself and created a beautiful and interesting picture.

Fun 19th birthday photoshoot ideas

So, do you have a good idea of what you want to do for your photoshoot? If you love more than once and can’t choose, you can either flip a coin or simply do them both!

If you loved more than two, well…bookmark this article and come back to it. Use it as a checklist for your photo goals. I’m not even 19 anymore but I’ve gotten tons of inspo for my own photos. My Instagram is about to be upgraded!