Inside: Top funny prank call ideas you have to try.

CALLING ALL PRANKSTERS! I have the ultimate list of the top funny prank call ideas that you HAVE to try. So really, it’s more of a Pranksters-calling-all situation because as soon as you read these, you will be reaching for your phone.

I know that we have all heard the classic prank call, ‘is your refrigerator running?’, and it was epic…for the 70s. But nowadays, that prank will not cut it. People are smarter now, and they have heard it before. So you need some new material.

Below I have compiled some of my favorite prank call ideas that you can use.

Top Funny Prank Call Ideas to Try

Remember that you can make these your own. These ideas are just a jumping-off point for you, so fit them to your pranking needs and change anything you like. Take a look!

Funny Prank Call Ideas for Random People

I thought the best way to go about this was to break the list down into the different people you’ll be calling. After all, you can’t really use the same prank on someone who knows your voice or your number; it just won’t work! This first list is for random people. So check these out!

1. Call and ask if they want to take part in an important survey. If they say yes, start asking them random questions about food.

2. Call and ask about classes they listen to online. When they seem confused, just keep selling it.

3. Call and ask for a random name. When they say you have the wrong number, ask for a different name. Keep this going as long as you can.

4. Call a random business and exclaim that you are quitting. This is a classic, but you can never go wrong with this beauty.

5. Call and pretend to be an angry Amazon customer who got a damaged package. Really put on the angry customer attitude and sell it!

6. Call them and act like they really hurt your feelings. Make up a situation that happened earlier that day and put on the waterworks.

7. Call and pretend to be a laundry service, act like they forgot to pick up their wedding dress, and make up a funny story to go along with it. Something like, ‘Just because the wedding got canceled does not mean you get to leave the dress here.”

8. Call someone and say that their name was written on the inside of a bathroom stall and to ‘call this number to hear a funny joke.’ When they say you have the wrong number, ask for a joke anyway.

9. Call and ask about their life story. Say you are doing a project for school and need to know.

10. Call and ask random questions right as they answer. Like, do you like cats or dogs more?

Funny Prank Call Ideas for your parents

Funny Prank Call Ideas for Your Parents

I love to prank call my parents, even as an adult. What else am I supposed to do when I get bored? Take a look at these ideas and see which ones would work best for your folks.

11. “Mom, there was just a delivery at the door that I had to sign for. Did you order 50 Pounds of fish?”

12. “Hey, Dad, are you with mom? Are you sure because she just called my name from downstairs, and when I went to look, she was not there?”

13. “Hi…so I found a kitten. Can I please keep it? It was in the woods, and it was the biggest kitten I’d ever seen. It looks like a mini cub!”

14. Call and say that you decided to quit High School to pursue being a puppeteer.

15. Call and ask for $1000 and see what they have to say.

16. Call and say that the washing machine was overloaded, and the laundry room is filled with bubbles now and it flows into the house.

17. Call from upstairs and ask them to come to get you. When they ask where you are and when you left, play it up. Say something like, ‘huh? You dropped me off at Cindy’s yesterday. You were supposed to be here an hour ago.’

18. Call and say you dented the car to see what they will say.

19. Call and ask if they have your cell phone charger and really get angry about it.

20. Call and say that you found out that you are adopted and that they can’t lie to you anymore.

21. Call and convince them that you saw a ghost in your house.

Siblings’ Funny Prank Call Ideas

Siblings are the best people that you can prank because they deserve it. Plus, you get to really freak them out without it having any repercussions on you. Love it!

22. “Hey…so I need you to come and get me. I am at the police station. When you get here, act like you are my mom. Please don’t tell our parents.”

23. “So, don’t freak out, but moms about to call you. She found some stuff in my room, and I told her it was yours. If you cover for me, I will love you forever.”

24. “Dude, I just met *insert their favorite artist* at the mall. I am serious!”

25. “Mom just called me looking for you, and she sounded super angry. She says she needs to talk to you right away. What did you do?”

26. “I just found a kitten. I need to sneak it into your room when I get home.”

27. Call your sibling and ask if they will take part in a random survey. Then proceed to ask them random questions about cheese.

28. Call and ask your sibling for $100 and see what they say. When they ask you what for, refuse to tell them.

29. “I just got in the biggest fight with mom and dad. I told them you back me up, so when they ask, you better agree with me.”

30. Call them and say that you ran out of toilet paper and need them to bring you some.

31. “Did you just feel that earthquake?”

Funny trick Calls

Top Funniest Prank Calls

And lastly, these prank call ideas are my favorite on this whole list. They’re simple but very effective and you will have a hard time not giggling when they answer.

32. “Can I call you back? I’m busy.” So for this, you are going to call or facetime someone you know. As soon as they answer, say, Can I call you back? I’m busy. And see their reaction!

33. Call a restaurant and try to reserve a bathroom time. When they tell you you don’t have to, tell them that you had to do that last time, and you almost peed your pants.

34. Call and ask to speak to the manager of a restaurant. When they get on the phone, ask how their day has been and then have a regular conversation before you hang up.

35. Call a bakery and ask them if they make specialty cakes. Then proceed to describe in vivid detail the most outrageous breakup cake that you can. At the end of the call, say, ‘oh my gosh. He’s calling me. Never mind, scrap the cake.’

36. Call and quote adele’s song ‘Hello.’

37. Call someone you know and confess a fake secret to them.

38. Call Subway and ask when the next train is coming.

39. Call a burger place and ask them to describe the kind of buns they use.

40. Call Domino and ask for Pizza huts number.

41. Call McDonalds and Carl’s Jr at the same time and let them talk to eachother.

42. Call and ask Victoria’s Secret what the secret is

43. Call a restaurant and make a reservation for a celebrity.

Funny Prank Call Ideas


Well, I hope you loved these funny prank call ideas. Whether you want entertainment at a birthday party or a hangout, or if you are simply bored, these will definitely get some laughs. If you are interested in more fun ways to alleviate your boredom, we have lots of ideas that you can go through, so check those out here.

Prank calls are a classic way to spend an afternoon, and I love that this tradition is still alive and well. The only thing that has changed is the content of the prank and of course the technology. Be cautious of caller ID!