Inside: Trendy & Cute winter outfits for school.

Wintertime is one of my favorite times of the year, and not just because of the holidays. Sure, they may be a big part of it, but the thing that I love most about wintertime is the OUTFITS!!! And we can wear those all season long.

I could say this about any of the four seasons, but I think that wintertime has my heart when it comes to fashion. Otherwise, our wardrobes will get boring! So today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite cute winter outfits for school.

I have so many ideas and examples that I know you are going to love.

Cute winter outfits to wear to school

I made sure to make each outfit casual, cute, and warm while also sticking with the trends. So if you are on the hunt for some new winter outfit ideas, you are in the right place.

Casual Cute Winter Outfits for School

I thought we could begin with some more casual looks. I know that it can be nerve-wracking to experiment with fashion while at school, and when it’s super cold out, the only thing you want to be is warm and comfortable. These ideas are each so cute and comfy that you are going to be excited to get your online shopping order together.

1. Vest and Sweatshirt Combo – I think that vests are making a comeback, and I could not be happier. How cute is this outfit? Take a look.

2. Cute Sweater Outfit with Jeans – When it comes to wintertime, you can never go wrong with a classic sweater and jeans combo. Check this one out for inspiration.

3. Puffer Jacket Outfit Idea – Puffer jackets are the superior form of jacket for wintertime. No matter what the weather, the puffer jacket with keeping you warm and dry through it all.

4. Warm Outfit Idea – I think that during the colder months, prioritizing your warmth is super important. But that does not mean you don’t get to look cute while you do it.

5. Plaid Shirt with Jeans – This plaid shirt is just so cute. It reminds me of every Christmas movie, because I am not sure that one exists without one of these cute things in it.

6. Corduroy Jacket Outfit – Corduroy has made quite the comeback in recent years and I am here for it. What about you?

7. Classic Sweater Idea – Sweaters are probably something that we all have hanging in our closets come wintertime. Learn how to style yours here.

8. Green Jacket and Turtleneck Jacket – Turtlenecks are one of those tricky pieces of clothing that are hard to style. But not anymore, and especially not in winter. Take a look at this idea.

9. White Christmas Sweater with Jeans – I am obsessed with this style of sweater. I don’t think it get’s much cuter than this.

10. Beige Monochrome Outfit – Dressing in different shades of the same color is one of the best ways to make yourself seem put together and stylish.

Trendy winter outfits

Trendy Winter Outfit Ideas

Many people will make fun of things that are trendy, but I really don’t see why. Obviously, the things that become trendy only get so popular BECAUSE they are so cool. The cream of the crop! So take a look at some of the cutest trendy winter outfit ideas that you can incorporate into your wardrobe today.

11. Cozy Leggings and Baggy Shirt Outfit – I think leggings are the way to go when it comes to being comfy, cozy, and wintery. Jeans are nice, but nothing is quite as comfortable as an elastic waistband. There are so many different kinds of insulated leggings that you can invest in for this time of year.

12. Long Sherpa Coat – Sherpa is one of my favorite looks to sport this year. And it’s perfect because it’s literally like wearing a soft blanket on you all day long.

13. Street Style Plaid Shirt – I think that street style is one of the most popular ways to dress this year, and I see why. There are so many different ways you can go with it, and all of them are cute.

14. Cute Healed Boots – If you aren’t afraid of a little height, these healed boots are an adorable option that you can try out for you.

15. Cute Sweater with Base Ball Hat – Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t wear a baseball hat. These are such versatile pieces of clothing!

16. Sherpa Fit with Uggs – This is probably one of my favorite cute winter outfits for school. It’s the perfect mix of cozy, comfy, and cute. I’ll take two, please!

17. Heart Sweater in Pink – This pink heart sweater is so cute I just had to include it. Don’t be afraid to go with bolder outfits; this is the time to go big!

18. Neutral Fall Outfit Idea – Neutral fall colors look great during early winter. I have found that most fall items still look great well into the Holiday season.

19. White Sweater with Plaid Green Scarf – Scarfs! I feel like scarves get slept on by basically everyone, and it makes me sad. Let’s change this. They not only add color to an outfit, but they keep you warm.

20. Red Beanie Outfit – Beanies are something that you have to take advantage of during the colder months. They are super stylish and go with basically any winter outfit.

21. Big Sherpa Street Look – Sherpa and Street look? Sign me up.

what to wear to high school when its cold out

Cute Winter Outfit Ideas for School

Next up, we have some of my favorite cute winter outfit ideas for school. These are probably going to send you down a rabbit hole of online shopping, so you’re welcome in advance. Think about which pieces you could keep for longer than just the season, lots of these are timeless and can last you for years!

22. Sherpa Jacket with Leggings

23. Corduroy Jacket with Leggings

24. Black Cardigan with White Turtleneck

25. Warm White Crewneck

26. Cute and Cosy School Look

27. Boots with Cream Overcoat

28. Large Jean Jacket with Black

29. Comfy fit with Doc Martens

30. Green Puffer Coat with White Shoes

Warm Winter Outfits

Lastly, I wanted to show you some super warm and cozy options for those of you that live in a state that experiences extreme cold weather like snow. That is next level and requires some more layers to keep you warm. So those list is full of options like that. Just because you layer doesn’t mean you can be fashionable too!

31. Brown and Beige Outfit

32. Cute Warm Beige Jacket

33. Perfect Winter Coat

34. Old Man Sweater Idea

35. Soft Jacket with Graphic T

36. Perfect Cardigan

37. Sweater with Sherpa Jacket

cute winter outfits for school

And there you have it; cute winter outfits for school. I hope these inspired you to get your fashion on even during the cold months.  Layering and bulking up can be cute and fun!

If you loved this and want to keep the winter outfit ideas rolling, I have you covered. There are so many different ideas that you would absolutely love, so take a look.

Wintertime is my favorite season, with the holidays, warm drinks AND the fashion change…I am just living for it. I hope you are too!