Inside: The best prayers for teenagers to help ensure they are guided.

Being a teenager is a very confusing time in our lives. As adults, we know what it was like and how hard it was. Now as our children get older, we have to watch from the outside just as our parents before us had to, and it is HARD.

All you want to do is protect your kids from the things in this world that are hard, hurtful, and uncomfortable but we cannot always do this.

As they get older it is important to instill a foundation of trust in their higher power, because we will not always be there to protect them.

What are good things to pray for your teens about?

If you are looking for some prayers that you can say on a daily basis to connect with your higher power about your teens and their needs, then look at the list down below. I compiled some of the best prayers for teenagers that are precise and to the point.

These will help give YOU a sense of security during this beautiful time of change and growth. Take a look!

Prayers for Teenagers: Sons

1. Dear Lord, please protect my son today as he goes to school. Let him absorb knowledge, and guide him as he becomes a strong and confident adult who helps the world.

2. Lord, please be with my son today so that he may follow in your footsteps with ease and feel your presence.

3. Heavenly Father, let today be a joyous one for my son as he goes throughout his day. Give him the power to discern what is right and wrong, and not follow the crowd. May he do what makes him happy.

4. Dear Lord, please watch over my son today. Let him learn your teachings that hurting others is wrong, and to always put kindness first.

5. Lord, today let my son feel courageous enough to walk on this path of love and light. Guide him away from any wrongdoing and deception.

6. Heavenly Father, please be with my son today and help guide him with your light so that he may be able to overcome certain temptations that the world may offer him.

7. Lord, I am not worried for my child today because I know that you have your watchful eye protecting him and I am grateful.

8. Dear Lord, please continue to be a rock for my son as he learns to navigate this confusing world.

9. Father, fill my son’s heart with the strength that being kind brings so that he will continue on that legacy as he goes throughout his life.

10. Heavenly Father, during this time of turmoil please look after my son so that he may turn these hardships into strengths that he can overcome.

Prayers for Teenagers

11. Lord Father, I want to thank you for your teachings and your loving light that fills our lives. Thank you for looking after my son and being his guide no matter the time of day. We are eternally grateful for your guidance.

12. Father, your presence and guiding force is more appreciated even I can fathom. You continuously protect my son so that he can live the most full and loving life and it brings me so much joy. Thank you.

13. Dear Lord, your sacrifice has not gone unappreciated. Every day I wake up and see my son’s smiling face I know that it is you I have to thank. You protect him always and for that my love for you grows and grows.

14. Heavenly Father, today’s world is so confusing for a teenager and so I ask you to look over my son as he learns to navigate it.

15. Lord, please teach my son the power of love over hate for anyone and everyone so that he may go through his life with your wisdom.

Good prayers for your teenage daughter

Prayers for Teenagers: Daughters

16. Heavenly Father, please watch over my daughter today as she broadens her mind. Help her to become the strong, intelligent woman I know she is capable of being.

17. Dear Lord, please continue to serve as our daughter’s rock today as she embarks on her journey of everyday life.

18. Lord, may you be with my daughter and guide her to use her strong judgment to follow the path of love.

19. Heavenly Lord, as my daughter goes to school today protect her with your divine wisdom and guiding light. Be there for her for any hardships or trials so that she may come out steadfast and strong.

20. Lord, I ask that you be my daughter’s shield today from the dangers that may cross her path so that she may return home safely.

21. Father, I hope that you follow my daughter and give her the tools to be her best self today. That kind of guidance will ensure her ability to become the best adult she can be when the time comes.

22. Heavenly Father, fill my daughter’s heart with kindness, compassion, and the wisdom that you carry.

24. Lord, thank you for the infinite power that you carry into our lives. The comfort you bring is what get’s us through even the most trying times.

25. Father, thank you for looking after my daughter as she learns to navigate her teen hood. It can be such a confusing time, and I am comforted knowing your presence is always here.

26. Heavenly Father, as we wake up again unto another day, please let my daughter feel your kind and giving spirit so that she may spread it to those around her.

27. Lord, as my daughter walks through life today, please present her with the challenges and strength to be more like you.

28. Dear God, please help my daughter along her path as she goes throughout her life today. Teach her the divine power and infinite wisdom that comes with choosing love over hate.

29. Heavenly Father, thank you for all of the joy that you fill my daughter’s life with. Please supply her with loving friends, great experiences, and safety always.

30. Lord, please bless my daughter with the ability to discern when something is not right for her and give her to power to make that decision.

Prayers for Teen Grandkids

Prayers for Teenagers: Grandkids

31. Heavenly Father, I don’t know what my grandkids are up to today, but please keep them safe in their endeavors.

32. Lord, please care for my grandkids the way you do for me each and every day, bestowing on them the light and wisdom of your divine power.

33. Father, today will you take extra care of my grandkids, and fill them with your divine joy and goodness so that they can experience life in all of its glory.

34. Heavenly Lord, may you fill my grandchild’s heart with the wisdom to choose right from wrong. As well as the strength to make that decision for themselves along the path.

35. Lord, I give my sincerest thanks for keeping my grandchildren safe today.

36. Heavenly Father, may my grandchildren be grateful for the food in their bellies, the roof over their heads, and the comfort you provide each and every day we wake up. Thank you for keeping them safe.

37. Dear Lord, if my grandchildren are ever going through a hard time, please provide them with your loving wisdom so that they can overcome it. With you by our side, we can overcome anything.

38. Heavenly Father, Thank you for caring for my grandchildren today, tomorrow, and for eternity.

39. Lord, my grandchildren are well aware that you are their savior and that you are always with them. Thank you for all of the comfort and wisdom that brings them.

40. Dear God, please bless my grandchildren with your knowledge so that they will be able to go through life with ease and success.

41. Lord, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the amazing grandchildren you have given me. May you continue to bless and protect their sweethearts.

42. Heavenly Father, You have given me long and happy life and it is my hope that you will do the same for my grandkids.

43. Lord, you are the best gift that any of my grandchildren could ever have and I thank you for always being there for them through the good times and the hard times.

44. Dear Lord, may you be right by my grandchild’s side today so that you can teach them to walk your path with dignity and love.

45. Heavenly Father, may you fill my grandchildren’s hearts with light and love so that they may be able to live the happiest lives possible.

46. Father, please guide my grandkids as they walk the path of righteousness and love as you have taught me.

47. Dear God, please know that you are eternally loved and appreciated for all that you do for my daughter and grandkids. You keep them safe and healthy, and with you, I know all is well.

I hope that you enjoyed these prayers for teenagers and that they gave you some inspiration for your own prayers. Remember, you can use these by themselves or you can add whatever you like to them to make them more personal for you.

After all, the relationship between you and your higher power is extremely personal. So get personal! Use these as a jumping-off point. There are other awesome ways you can help to foster your teen’s connection with God on a daily basis as well. We talk all about them here!