Inside: These homecoming poster ideas to get you and the whole student council in the dancing spirit.

Homecoming is such a fun experience for high schoolers, but there’s more to it than just a dance. There are weeks of preparation that go into homecoming.

Teens need to figure out who they are going with, how to ask them, what to wear, how they will pose for their dance pictures etc.

The teens that will be running for homecoming king or queen have even more on their to-do list; they have to put together their campaign!

To get people to vote for them, they need to get their names out and let people know that they are running. One of the best and most classic ways to do this is with a poster!

Homecoming Poster Ideas That POP

You can create your own DIY poster that will tell your fellow students to vote for you when the time comes and then hang them on the walls of your school.

I’ve created a list of some of the cutest homecoming poster ideas for you to look through for inspiration.

Homecoming posters are also used as a way to ask someone to be your date for the dance. Sort of like a Promposal but for homecoming, and there are so many ways that you can go about that. So I also made sure to include ideas for that as well!

Homecoming Proposal Posters

1. Best Friend Proposal – One of my favorite things to see is best friends who ask each other to go. How cute is this proposal?

2. Song Quote – Song quotes are one of the most sure-fire ways to have a great proposal sign. It’s simple and effective, and it rhymes(mostly).

3. Be the Bomb 

4.Track Puns – If your future date has a specific sport they love, defiantly use that to your advantage as this guy did.

5. Let’s Taco Bout Home Coming –  I mean…tacos. Say less.

6. Football Proposal 

7. Croc My World – Crocs are in now. This would have been nice when I was in middle school but better late than never.

8. Chick-fil-A Proposal 

9. Star Light Quote

10. Baseball Pun

11. Will You Be My Date?

12. IT-Themed Poster – As creepy as it is, many people love the IT movies. If the person you want to ask is a fan of horror movies, then perhaps going with this IT poster will be all it takes to get them to say yes.

13. Rose Rhyme

14. Cute Football Gift

15. Volleyball Proposal

16. Cute Candy Poster – Who can say no to candy?

17. Goldfish Crackers – Incorporating their favorite snack into it will not only show them that you care but will also leave them with a delicious snack.

18. Cute Freedom Sign

19. I can’t BEAR to go to homecoming without you – Bear puns…who can get angry at that? Serve it up with a life-sized teddy bear and you got yourself a date.

20. Tennis-Themed Proposal

21. Marvel-themed Proposal

22. Friends Show Proposal – Friends is a classic show and it’s perfect to incorporate into a proposal sign because of its iconic font and cool look.

23. Mac N Cheese Homecoming

Homecoming Queen Posters Example

Homecoming Queen Posters

Voting for a homecoming queen is also a big part of this dance’s tradition. To get your name out there, you gotta put out some good PR. These homecoming poster ideas are the best way to do that. This list below contains some of the best and most hilarious examples of posters that you can make for your campaign!

24. Sweet Bribes – Candy is never a bad idea to include on or near your poster. Take a look at this sweet bribe.

25. Greys Anatomy Choose Me

26. Mirror Mirror – For this poster, they even include the image of a little mirror. I love it.

27. Vote Caroline

28. Cute Stop Sign – Glitter is never a bad idea when making a sign, it’s a real attention getter and isn’t that the whole point of creating a sign?

29. Victoria’s Secret – This one cracks me up. It’s a pun on Victoria’s Secret, and they use a bag as the sign, it’s perfect!

30. Queen Theme

31. Colorful Letters

32. Snapchat Theme – This Snapchat-themed poster is sure to get you some votes.

33. Cactus Theme 

34. Hands Down Card Poster

35. Funny Running Poster – ‘I don’t run very often but when I do it’s for Homecoming Queen.’ GOLD.

36. Helmet Theme Poster – This one may take a little extra time to cut the poster into the shape of the helmet, but so worth it in the end.

37. Rhyming Poster

38. Frilly Poster with Sparkles

39. Google Themed Poster – This is so creative! They drew a google search screen with their name as the top result for who should win.

40. Don’t Be A Dum Dum

41. You’re a Star

42. Don’t Go Bananas

43. Spongebob Themed Poster – We all know SpongeBob still has a hold over us all, so this themed poster a guaranteed yes!

44. Double Bubble

Homecoming King Poster with Example

Homecoming King Posters

45. Sports Theme Poster –  when creating a homecoming king poster, you can never go wrong with a sports theme. Just check out this example!

46. Triangle Poster –  Who says that a poster has to be square, you can make any shape you like! Switch it up.

47. Football Themed

48. Vote for Ian

49. Don’t Trash Your Vote – This one is hilarious. Bonus points if you are able to put it up over a trash can in your school!

50. Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds

51. Backwards Poster – This one is a bit of a mind twister but it’s perfect. By the time they read it they will want to vote for you.

52. Take Note and Make the Right Vote –  It rhymes…enough said.

53. King and Queen Votes

54. Don’t Pick Your Nose

55. Word Game Poster – This is a play on wheel of fortune but it’s perfect for getting people to vote.

56. Fishing For Votes

57. Horton Hears A Who

58. This Drink Is On Me(Water Fountain) – Obviously, the drinks are on you…they are free. I think humor is really the way to go for any teen election.

59. Vote For Gage

60. Cell Phone Poster – This one may take some extra effort and art skills but it is so cute! They Drew an old school phone on their poster and wrote ‘vote for _’ as if it were a text.

61. Card Themed

62. In and Out

63. Hot Wheel – This is a hot wheels-themed poster, they did such a great job.

64. Games

65. Redcard Homecoming Pun 

Homecoming Poster Ideas

Homecoming Dance Posters

For this last group of homecoming poster ideas, I included all of the proposal posters that I just couldn’t leave out. There is a wide mix of themes, all in varying levels of difficulty so if you haven’t gotten an idea for your poster yet, there is something in here to help you out!

66. Homecoming would suck without you!

67. Dance-Themed Poster

68. Reeses Themed Poster

69. Yeti Themed Proposal

70. Smoothie Poster

71. Donkey-Themed Poster

72. Cute Cookie Proposal

73. Mountain Dew Poster

74. Response

75. Cute Starburst Proposal

76. Song Quote

77. 100% Per-Cent

78. Piñata with Poster

79. Don’t Be A Chicken

80. Uno-Themed Proposal

81. Lucky Duck

82. Hot Cheeto

83. Buffalo Wings

84. Kool Aid

85. Lucky Charms Theme

86. Hi-C Punch Poster

87. Queso Questions

I hope you found some ideas that you love, whether it’s for a proposal or a campaign poster. There are so many ways that you can take these ideas and run with them to make it your own, so don’t be afraid to branch out.
And remember, it never hurts to add candy. Because whether you are convincing someone to vote for you or to be your date…a little sweet bribery never hurt. I know there are so many things to think about; like what you’ll wear, corsages, etc. But this is a super fun event, so I hope you have the time of your life.