Inside: Coolest prom send off ideas that will make your teens night.

Prom is a pretty big milestone to reach when you are a teen. By the time you are in high school, you already have this idea built up from years of movies and media that Prom is going to be the most magical night of your life. So how, as parents, do we help make this dream a reality?

This is a wonderful question. Well, other than paying for the fancy clothes, there is really only one thing you can do that can make their night even more special: Throw your teen a Prom Send Off!

Trendy prom send off ideas teens will love. Photo of red carpet leading out of house.

Chances are you are going to be taking a million photos anyways, why not make the background for those photos extra cute? Plus, this is your moment too. Your child is growing up, and their milestones are also yours…so you deserve to party! If you are feeling confused, let me explain.

What Is a Prom Send Off Party?

If you have never heard of this in your life, you are probably very confused. I get it! I was confused too when I first heard of these.

A prom send off party is essentially a party that you throw for your teen right before they leave for their prom. You may throw it an hour or 2 in advance so they have time to enjoy it.

It gives you the opportunity to get photos of them in their fancy clothes and with their date with a cute background that looks extra special. You will also serve some food, listen to some music, and send your teen off to have a wonderful night. It’s loads of fun!

Sure, it takes some extra effort, but it is well worth it. One day you will look back and be so thankful that you were that extra.

What Do You Serve At a Prom Send Off?

Another great question. This is up to you, but typically you are going to serve finger foods. Nothing to messy or crazy, since they will be wearing their fancy clothes.

There is nothing worse than looking back on your prom and noticing that you had a HUGE red stain down the side of your light pink dress from spaghetti before the dance.

So think of classy finger foods that everyone can enjoy. This party is a chance for the whole family to get to experience your teen going off to prom, so they are going to need to eat their feelings. It’s hard to see a kid all grown up!

Ready to check out these prom send off ideas? You’ll love them.

Trendy prom send off ideas teens will love. 3 different examples.

Trendy Prom Send Off Ideas Teens Will Love

1. Red Carpet Send Off – I wanted to show some very doable examples first, that way you don’t get overwhelmed. You can include a cool red carpet like this if you want to make them feel extra special as they leave to go off to their night of dancing and fun.

2. Balloon Driveway Party – You don’t need a whole lot of space to create a prom send off party, you just need somewhere to put a cool red carpet and loads of balloons.

That’s all this party really is anyways. I feel like the red carpet(or a carpet of some kind) is a must because it makes them feel so special and cool as they leave.

3. Cute Photo Back Drop – I love to see when parents include an awesome photo backdrop like this because it just goes to show how perfectly simple it is to make a photo THAT much cuter. All they had to do was set this up and they were good to go.

There are plenty of options online to choose from, so it won’t be that hard.

4. Garage Epic Send-Off – Okay, how cool is this send-off? They literally made a huge star out of balloons. I have no idea how they did it, but I am going to find out because I need one of these at my next party.

This is a bit over the top but in the best way. You just know that this teen is so deeply loved by their parents. It makes me a little emotional!

5. Prom Arch Idea – You can totally find these balloons on Amazon, and they make the perfect little backdrop for this send off. I think it’s the little things that count in the long run. You don’t need to go wild with the decorations, but some word balloons will really pull the whole thing together. Don’t you think?

More party ideas. Photo of garage with prom balloon arch.

More Party Ideas

6. Unique Background for Send Off – Okay, you know this teen is the king or queen of the household. Look at that amazing chair setup! They are totally doing a whole photoshoot before they leave, you know it. I love the sparkly gold and the throne…I am so pumped about this one.

7. Silver Decoration Ideas – If you want to look classy then you need to check out this amazing silver-themed decoration idea. They made a little background with a small sparkly curtain, and it goes with their outfits so well. This is super well thought out, and I am obsessed.

I think parents these days are just the right amount crazy. I am totally going to be doing this for my kids when the time comes. How could I not?

8. Awesome Patio Chair – Since when did these thrones become so popular? Because I need one like yesterday and I cannot find one anywhere. Honestly, it makes me happy because you know not everyone is going to win prom king or queen, but at least these teens know that they are deeply cared for at home.

They are the kings and queens of their parent’s hearts, and these send off parties are really proving that to me.

9. Purple and Silver Photo Opt – If your teen’s school has a specific color scheme, I think it is super fun to include that in your send off party. This girl is sitting in front of a backdrop that consists of purple and silver. I think it looks so cute!

10. Red Carpet Moment – Lastly, I wanted to show you this simple red carpet moment. This will help you get that action shot right before they get into the car(or limo) to drive off to their prom. I am absolutely obsessed with this, and I think you will be too when you see it.

prom send off ideas

So, are you going to throw your very own prom send-off for your teen? After looking at these prom send off ideas, I have a hard time believing that you could resist them.

Prom is a very important time in a teen’s life. One that you have very little power in making even more enjoyable. After they leave, their night is going to be spent with their friends, dancing and having fun. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t ANYTHING you can do.

This send-off will send the message to your teen that they are your whole world. And isn’t that what it is all about? If you want to look at some more prom ideas, you can take a look at this.