Inside: Tips + Tricks for Teens Hiking. 

Given the numerous benefits for tweens and teens getting outdoors, including developing self-esteem, teamwork, and communication skills.

They learn these skills by being in a really healthy environment disconnected from digital devices. Even at very young ages, being outside the classroom creates a different, very positive energy where we see (youth) open to new ways of learning and interacting with one another. It’s more than just leaves and logs; it’s about life skills.

In this day in age, it is important to get kids off the couch, off their electronics, and experience the great outdoors (which sounds so much easier said than done)

Since hiking is an easy activity that can be a simple afternoon adventure or a wildly huge accomplishment. There are a few things to think about to get teens hiking ready! Check out our tips, tricks, and hiking ideas.

Backpacking for Teenagers

5 Tips for Teens Hiking

Hiking with teens can be so much fun, adventurous, and exciting. But with all that, there are a few things that we can help with to make it even better. Check out our five favorite tips about backpacking for teenagers.

Adventures for Teenagers

1. Bring Friends

Family and friends are big motivators for kids. Teens especially love to hang time with friends, and hiking together is a great place to bond and have fun. Friendships are strengthened through shared experiences, and going on an adventure together is one of the best ways. Kids and parents can also share and grow from spending time with each other.

2. Get them involved in the planning and preparation

Many of us realize the journey can be more rewarding than the destination. So if you want to motivate teenagers to keep going, let them help you pick a fun destination can. The choices are unlimited, ranging from a waterfall to an amazing lookout or peak, or a pristine campsite for the night.

Look at maps and compare options together, calculating mileage and times. And ask the kids to plan activities playing games, singing songs, geocaching, for example so they’ll be engaged during the hike, or organize the hike as part of hunting for a geocache. Help them feel involved, and they are more likely to care.

Teen Summer Hiking

3. Let Teens Hiking Explore

Don’t rush the outing. Instead, be flexible with time and be willing to adapt to the kids’ curiosity. Stop and study the scat you see, for instance, or identify edible and non-edible plants. Maybe even discuss the weather. Learning about our natural world is yet another way for kids to engage, so come prepared with kid-friendly discussion topics.

4. Bring Snacks

No matter the length of hike or age of the hikers, always bring food. Even if you ate just before leaving the trailhead, someone will be hungry about 15 minutes later. Plus eating on the trail can help boost energy level and mood.

Make it fun and pack a picnic to enjoy at your destination, allowing an extended rest to soak up the scenery before finishing the trip. Finger foods like seasonal fruit, nuts, cheeses, and salami work well on the trail.

5. Encourage them to share THEIR story

Provide your youngster with tools to capture and record thoughts for reference later. Give them a notebook and pen to jot down stats, observations, and feelings. Give them a camera to capture the world through their eyes. Applaud creativity and individuality, and they’ll enthusiastically jump at the chance. Discuss their findings and why it interests them, which is likely to encourage further participation in the great outdoors.

Teen Summer Hiking Programs

If you have a teen passionate about hiking and looking to give back to their community and learn new skills then check out Landing: Teen Summer Hiking Program. This program is one of the best backpacking summer camps for teens interested in exploring more with hiking and giving back.

TeenSummer Hiking Programs

More Fun Ideas for Teenagers

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