Inside: Tips + Tricks for Teens Hiking. 

Given that being outside has been linked to improved self-esteem, teamwork, and communication in preteens and teenagers.

When they are raised in a truly wholesome environment, unplugged from modern technology, they develop these skills. Teenagers, even at a young age, seem more receptive to new methods of education and socialization when they are not in a formal classroom setting. There’s more to it than just learning how to build a fire and survive in the wilderness.

We need to encourage today’s youth to leave the TV and video games and instead explore the outdoors.

Hiking is a simple pastime that can be a small afternoon adventure or a huge, life-changing success. Teenagers should consider a few things to ensure they are properly equipped for a hiking trip. Learn from our experiences and our suggestions for hiking.

Backpacking for Teenagers

5 Tips for Teens Hiking

Hiking with teens can be so much fun, adventurous, and exciting. But with all that, there are a few things that we can help with to make it even better. Check out our five favorite tips about backpacking for teenagers.

Adventures for Teenagers

1. Bring Friends

Children are greatly inspired by the support of their loved ones. Among all age groups, teenage friends enjoy spending time together, but teens, in particular, find that hiking with one another is a great method of bonding and also having fun. A great way to bond as friends is to embark on an exciting journey together. Parent-child interactions provide opportunities for both parties to learn and grow.

2. Get them involved in the planning and preparation

There are many of us who have come to appreciate the idea that the trip itself may be the most memorable part. Teens can be encouraged to keep going if they have a hand in deciding where to go. There is no shortage of options, whether you’re looking for a waterfall, an incredible viewpoint, a lofty peak, or just a super clean campground for the evening.

Together, you should consult maps and compare your options by calculating distances and travel times. To keep the kids entertained on the hike, have them prepare some games and songs to sing or organize a geocaching hunt to complete before you set out. If you make them feel like they’re contributing, they’ll be more invested.

Teen Summer Hiking

3. Let Teens Hiking Explore

You shouldn’t rush through this trip. Change your schedule to accommodate the kids’ questions and interests. Take a moment to observe and learn from the poop you come across, or to learn the difference between safe to eat and non-edible plants. Maybe you could talk about the weather. Preparing kid-friendly discussion topics about our natural world is a great way to get kids involved.

4. Bring Snacks

If you’re going on a hike, no matter how short or how old the hikers are, you should always bring food. Someone will get hungry about 15 minutes after leaving the trailhead, even if they ate right before they left. In addition, trail food can be a great way to maintain energy and positivity.

Have some fun with it by planning a picnic to eat when you get there so you can take a long break and enjoy the view before continuing on your journey. Trail-friendly snacks include fresh fruit, nuts, cheese, and processed meats.

5. Encourage them to share THEIR story

Give your child a way to write down his or her thoughts so they can refer to them later. Provide them with a journal and pen for keeping track of data, thoughts, and feelings. Enable them to record their experiences with the world by providing them with a camera. If you praise originality and risk-taking, they will respond positively. Talking about what they found and why it’s interesting can get people excited about getting outside and exploring more.

Teen Summer Hiking Programs

If you have a teen passionate about hiking and looking to give back to their community and learn new skills then check out Landing: Teen Summer Hiking Program. This program is one of the best backpacking summer camps for teens interested in exploring more with hiking and giving back.

TeenSummer Hiking Programs

More Fun Ideas for Teenagers

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