Put on your yoga pants and grab a spatula because we’re cranking up the heat with these Soccer Mom vs BBQ Dad Spirit Week ideas that will have you laughing through the halls.

Spirit Day of soccer mom vs bbq dad with two teens dressed up.

Spirit Weeks are always engaging and loads of fun! They bring unity with a newfound sense of camaraderie between students and the school staff.

With so many stereotypes out there about Soccer moms and BBQ dads, this spirit week will be unforgettable. These top ideas will have the teachers just as excited to participate as the students, which always makes the event most fun.

In need of other spirit week ideas to fill out your calendar? Why not try:

Combined Inspirations Of Soccer Moms and BBQ Dads Spirit Week

Be ready to make some great memories with these combined inspirations of Soccer Moms vs BBQ Dads Spirit Week!

Grab your cameras and your Spirit attire, and let the good times begin.

Teens dressed up in spirit for soccer mom vs bbq dad week at school.

The Grand Entrance Day

Parents usually play a behind-the-scenes role during Spirit Week, ensuring their teens have the proper daily tools and attire. But this particular day, parents can play a vital role if you drive your kids to school!

Or for those teens who drive themselves, you can dress your vehicle accordingly to show your spirit.

Backpack Day

Bring anything but a backpack to store your stuff in this day!

Party In The USA Patriotic Day

Show your American pride wearing red, white, and blue, or stars and stripes!  Whether you’re sporting the soccer mom standing for the National Anthem or your BBQ dad attire like it’s the 4th of July.

Squad Day

Collaborate with friends and decide if you’re going to be rockin’ as a soccer mom squad or a BBQ tailgating crew

Stone Age Day

Kids always think their parents are soooo old.

Here’s a chance to wear something that they consider to be ‘Stone Age’ and out of style.  Who knows, maybe they’ll bring back a new trend!

Duo Day

Pick a partner where one represents the soccer mom and the other is sporting the BBQ dad.

Food Day

Dress up as either a soccer mom snack or something a BBQ dad would grill up.

Career Day

Put away your soccer mom and BBQ dad attire, as it’s time to get back to work!  Dress up this Spirit Day wearing your aspired career attire.

Teens dressed up for soccer mom spirit week sporting the pink barbie attire as well as neon clothes.

Soccer Mom Spirit Week Ideas

Fun Fact: The term ‘Soccer Mom’ was coined back in 1995 as part of a campaign slogan of a woman running for City Council in Denver, CO.  

It’s time to celebrate all those Soccer Moms with a little fun included – Don’t be a Karen, pack the snacks, sanitizer, and sunblock because it’s time to kick off with the soccer mom Spirit Week ideas.

Crazy Weather Day

Soccer moms will sit there and storm any weather that comes their way!  Dress accordingly for any crazy weather as you sit there and people-watch with all the goofy outfits!

Work Out Day

Most soccer moms don’t dress up for the game, so get comfy and wear your exercise clothes!

Hair Day

Style your hair or wear a hat that a soccer mom would surely wear!

Barbie Day

‘I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world’.

Layers Day

There’s no such thing as too many layers for a soccer mom. How many layers can you wear?

Morning After Oscars Day

Up all night so wear what you want to sleep all day in!

Neon Day

Soccer moms wear bright bold neon color shoes and sportswear. Dress lit like a neon sign.

Pool Party

Don’t forget the floaties and make sure you stay hydrated!

Teens dressed up in spirit for BBQ dad spirit week ideas including jersey and tropical day.

BBQ Dad Spirit Week Ideas

It’s time to start up that grill with these BBQ dad Spirit Week ideas.

Facial Hair Day

Get silly and creative, whether using face paint or fake mustaches to show your spirit.

Back Of The Closet Day

Pull something that’s been buried in your closet to wear this Spirit Day. Wrinkled attire is welcome!

Adam Sandler Day

No explanation is needed for this fun Spirit Day.

Jersey Day

Grill up this Spirit Day by wearing a jersey of their fav sports team or player.

Tropical Day

Many BBQ dads wear Hawaiian shirts while they turn up the heat on the grill.

Cowboy Ken Day

Classic and fun way to enter the Mojo Dojo School House. 😉

Men In Black Day

Black attire only for this Spirit Day.

Gone Fishin’ Day

Rock the boat as you showcase your school Spirit wearing your fishing attire.

Teenagers dressed up for high school Spirit Week.

Funny Basic Mom Vs Basic Dad

Showcase your family in a funny way with these spirit week ideas that you could easily turn into a basic mom or basic dad type of day.

Tacky Parent Tourist Day

Do you know how parents can dress to impress?

Just the opposite happening here… For this Spirit Day, they will dress like they’re tack tourists.

You know, where they would be so embarrassed because they’d stick out like a sore thumb.

Backwards Day

That’s right, show your spirit by wearing your clothes backward.

College Mom Day

A great day to wear comfies or sport your fav college wear.

Pattern Mismatch Dad Day

This Spirit Day clashing with patterns is encouraged.

PJ Parents Day

No need to set your outfit out the night before when you can just come as you are for PJ Day.

Inside Out Day

You can even sport your soccer mom or BBQ dad attire inside out.

Bling Day

Bring on the bling… your clothes, your hair, your accessories, and your jewelry. Shine bright like a diamond!

Dress As Your Type Day

So what’s your type look like?

Battle of Soccer Moms Vs BBQ Dads will be an epic one everyone will enjoy.

Enjoy the heated competition between Soccer Moms vs BBQ Dads all spirit week long and be sure to vote for your favorite ones at the end of the week.