Bring out the tissues, because my baby is graduating high school!

It may take weeks to prepare for the grand celebration, but save yourselves some homework cause we’ve put together kickass high school graduation party ideas.

It’s a big BIG milestone, let’s celebrate them this one last time at home, in style.

Kickass high school graduation party ideas for seniors.

Easy High School Grad Party Ideas

There’s always a period between their last day of school and graduation itself. Think about hosting during that time frame to save yourself from party fatigue. If you have a child graduating, that means most of their friends will be having events to attend.

Pro Tip: Scheduling a little early like this will also save you from overlapping with other grad parties.

Here are a few high school graduation party ideas to help you out as you start this often overwhelming planning process:

1. Photo Booth

Photos booths are a must-have when celebrating your precious graduate.  The setup can be simple or extravagant, either way, the graduates will have photos that they can take with them and enjoy looking back for years to come!

2. Polaroid Guest Book

Capture the beauty of the moment by creating a guest book of photos!

3. Video Guest Book

4. Jenga Guest Book

Here’s a fun way for the guest to sign their names and write down a fond memory that they have with the graduate.

5. Commemorative Video

Make a meaningful video full of the graduate’s journey including videos and photos.  This may be the highlight of the party!

6. Advise, Wishes & Words Of Wisdom Cards

Gift the graduate with the advice and wisdom from all the attendees with these thoughtful cards.

7. Charcuterie Board Table

Dish out beauty and taste with a charcuterie board table!

8. Wall Of Memorabilia Lane

Display photos and memorabilia of all they’ve overcome, all they’ve achieved thus far, and all stages of their childhood.

9. This Or That About The Grad Game

Who really knows the graduate best? Play some fun interactive games that are centered on the superstar graduate!

10. DIY Donut Wall

Add some deliciousness with a donut wall.

11.  DIY Bagel Board

DIY bagel boards of fun and filling for all.

12. Candy Buffet

You know the dealio, make their celebration sweeter with a candy buffet.

 13. Party Hashtag

How amazing would it be for your social media savvy graduate to be celebrated with a party hashtag that all of their friends and family can share photos and congrats messages to?

14. Card Box

15. Party Favors

These adorable grad caps can serve as bottle toppers, party favors etc.

16. Books Versus Cards

Suggest buying the grad a book instead of buying a card.

17. TikTok Dance

Send instructions on choreography in advance to the guests, it could go viral!

18. Open Mic

Singing, sharing a memory, or getting roasted.

Themes For Graduation Celebrations

So many graduation themes, so little time! And if your family is anything like mine, they’ll say…

graduating is the theme!

But not so fast, there are other ideas that will make your party stand out in style that fits your Senior well.

Variety of them ideas for high school graduation party.

19. Rustic Farmhouse

This theme brings peace, a calmness.  Celebrate with a rustic theme party to set the tone for a relaxed and intimate celebration.

20. Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Dr. Seuss never gets old, so celebrate their future path with an Oh, The Places You’ll Go theme!

21. Disney Celebration

Make it a magical graduation party with a Disney theme.

22. Tropical Luau

Heat up the party with a tropical luau theme, full of vibrant colors that match the grad’s personality.

23. High School Theme

Celebrate the school they just spent their teen years at with their high school colors and mascot theme.

24. College Theme

Which college did they accept?  Well, that’s the theme of this kickass graduation party!

Throw a college themed high school graduation party.

25. Future Career Theme

Is your graduate hopping right into a career?  Make the celebratory theme their future career path!

26. Throwback Theme

Have some fun with the throwback theme tailored to the year they kicked off kindergarten!

27. Hollywood Glam

Roll out the red carpet and have your graduates and guests dress to impress!  Great time for photo ops!

28. Wild Wild West

Gather the cowboys and cowgirls by celebrating the graduation western style!  They’ll be doing the boot scoot boogie with this theme!

29. Rent Out A Restaurant

Making the setup and cleanup + food prep a piece of cake! Because you really will need a break with everything going on right now.

30. White Out Party

A white-out party is all the trend these days, have a theme that will get your teen and their friends excited! If not white, possibly try a school color they could all show up styled in.

31. Car Parade Party

This was a big deal a couple of years ago, but can still be a fun way to celebrate your senior with family and friends on graduation day!

Decor ideas for high school graduation parties.

Grad Party Decorations

Time to deck the halls and the walls to prepare for the graduation bash. These party decorations will showcase the importance of what they’ve accomplished, while keeping our high school graduation party ideas chill enough for our teens to enjoy.

32. Balloons

Toss in some oversized balloons for this oversized event!

33. Banners

That say celebrate, their favorite high school saying or wishes for their future are all fun ideas.

34. Backdrops

Choose a backdrop that goes along with your theme or one that your graduate loves.

35. Streamers

A package like this is easy to hang and makes a great statement/photo backdrop for your party area.

36. Centerpieces

You can purchase beautiful centerpieces to decorate the graduation tables or create more customized ones yourself!

31. Tableware

Dress up the table to match the decor.

37. Drink Tubs

Grab all the coolers and drink tubs you have so everyone stays hydrated for the big event.

38. Serving Trays

Serving trays can be decorated beautifully, but are very handy too as they are easily portable.

39. Yard Signs

Everyone starts and ends in the front of the house, be sure to decorate that too!

40. Gift Table

Deck it out and dress it up!

41. Water Bottle Labels

Personalize the water bottles with graduation labels.

42. Confetti

Add some confetti to balloons or on the tabletops for additional decor.

Outdoor High School Grad Party Ideas

It’s not too hot nor too cold outside in May and June, so take the party outside if possible.

With an outside party, you can often fit more people and get the natural decoration to work with. Just be sure if you live somewhere known for wind or late spring storms (like where I live), that you have a solid plan B.

Outdoor graduation party ideas for high school seniors.

43. Ice Cream Truck

Have the best outdoor bash around by getting your ice cream truck stationed right at the party!

44. Garden Graduation Celebration

Throw the graduation amongst the beautiful aroma of flowers.

45. Party At The Park

Host the celebration at a park so there’s plenty of room for plenty of guests!

46. Lawn Games Grad Party

Turn your backyard into a tournament!

47. Bonfire Party

Celebrate the graduation by everyone hanging around a bonfire, under the stars while taking a walk down memory lane by sharing stories and much laughter.

48. Outdoor Party String Lighting

String lighting adds such a beautiful touch, setting the mood for the party.

49. Pool Party

Splash up the celebration by having a pool party!

50. Solo Cup Signatures

Place permanent markers next to the solo cups so the guests never lose their drink again.

51. Inflatable Serving Bar

These are fun.  Blow up the inflatable, fill it with ice, and add drinks so the guests can see what they’re grabbing without having to dig around.

52. Pallet Backdrop

A pallet backdrop adds a nice rustic touch.

53. Balloon Garlands

Balloon garlands are becoming increasingly popular and are great for backdrops of photos.

54. Bug Spray Basket

Fill a few baskets with bug spray so your guests can focus on just having fun.

55. Sky Lantern Sendoff

Sky lantern sendoffs are so captivating to witness and be a part of.

56. Grill Out Party

Light up the grill so there’s something for everyone!

Make a graduation party into a grill-out to celebrate the graduate.

57. Have Food Catered

Order from the graduate’s favorite place to eat or from a small local business so there’s one less thing you have to worry about.

58. Picnic Style

Grab your baskets and finger foods for a kickass picnic-styled grad party.

59. Rent Out Rooftop

Find a local venue where you can rent the rooftop to celebrate this unforgettable celebration.

60. Huge Marquee Letters

Whether you get huge marquee letters to spell the graduate’s name/initials or to spell Happy Graduation, this will add depth to the decor.

61. Outdoor Movie Screen

Create a video of memories throughout their high school years and have it playing continuously on an outdoor movie screen.

Tips on throwing high school graduation parties for larger sized groups.

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Large Group Graduation Parties

The two main tips for planning a graduation party with large groups are to

  1. keep it simple and
  2. give yourself grace

Choose a couple of colors for a theme, whether it’s their high school or college-bound colors, or if it’s just colors that bring them joy.

Choose food that pleases & serves the many. Don’t strive for 20 million different recipes you’ve been trying to get around to from your Pinterest board, this is not the occasion for that.

Pro Tip: For large groups, catering is often more affordable than cooking multiple dishes on your own. Check out the prices before you decide.

You may be hosting a graduation party for multiple graduates. If this is the case, at least you’ve joined forces as there is strength in numbers.

High school graduation party ideas for boys.

Kickass Grad Party Ideas for Boys

Let the boys be boys with these grad party ideas that celebrate the man they are quickly becoming.

62. Sports Event

Take him and a couple of close friends to a sporting event and surprise them with their celebration being projected over the announcements.

63. Celebrate Tailgate Style

Your graduate will love this simple, yet satisfying graduation party.

64. Arcade Party

There’s nothing wrong with the boys getting together to celebrate their graduation by hitting up an arcade.  Some bumper cars, laser tag, and good old pinball machines.

65. Fishing Weekend

Let him enjoy the great outdoors for a weekend with his boys.

66. Sports Themed Party

For the athletes and sports fanatics.

67. Top Golf

‘I’m bored’, says no one EVER at Top Golf.  Host the celebration at one of their locations.

High school graduation party ideas for girls.

Girls Just Wanna Graduate Celebration Ideas

But not all the grads are Material Girls :). Here are some trendy and traditional ways to celebrate your favorite graduation girl.

68. Beach Party

Some girls would rather spend a day at the beach with their closest friends.

69. Weekend Retreat

Rent a cozy Airbnb where they can bring their closest friends.

70. Barbie Party

That’s right, animate the party by bringing Barbie to life with a Barbie -theme!

71. Pretty In Pink Party

There is such a variety of pinks, have fun dressing and decorating everything in different shades of pink.

72. Disco Ball & Bling Party

Make your graduate ‘Shine bright like a diamond’ by making everything sparkle!

73. Floral Theme

I know it can be overwhelming to plan a grad party amid all the feelings you’re already having, but you’ve got this.

Sending our kids off into the world with a big celebration with these fun high school graduation party ideas is something they’ll never forget. Now let’s get this party started!