Inside: Best throwback day outfits ideas that will make you fall in love with that era everyday.

Our clothes are an extension of ourselves; they are how we present our personalities to the world. Even if we don’t realize it, this is the case. I think one of my all-time favorite things about clothing is how easily they reflect the time period they came from.

You can tell a 70s outfit from an 80s one, each holding their own personal style. These days, fashion is a good mix of different time periods thrown together to create something new. There are a few days a year that we have the excuse to go FULL throwback with our clothes.

Stellar Throwback Day Outfits You Need to See

One of those days is during spirit week in High School; I am talking about throwback day. If you don’t know what this day is, don’t worry. I am going to go over that, along with some outfit ideas for the day.

What is Throwback Day?

Throwback day is a themed day that takes place during spirit week in High School. You may know of it as a few different things, including decades day. The idea behind this day is that you come to school dressed in a throwback outfit.

Now, you can keep this simple and just go with a decade theme, or you can get specific with it. For my throwback day, I found an old photo of me from childhood, and I found an outfit that was similar to what I was wearing in the photo. Then I brought it with me to school so I could show everyone what I referenced.

You can do something that specific, or you can keep it simple. The most important thing is that you are having fun and wearing clothes you normally would not.

Throwback Day Outfits

First up, I have a fun mix of different outfits from different decades for you to choose from. Maybe ask your parents if they have any photos of them from their time period, that way, you can have some personal examples to work from. It can also be fun to dress up as your parent. Take a look at the simple ideas below to see which outfit ideas you like.

1. 80s Workout Gear – You will never go wrong with some 80s workout gear when you are trying to find outfits for a throwback day. These are simple to put together and guaranteed to always get a laugh.

2. Jazzercise Outfit Ideas – Jazzercise was a very popular form of exercise back in the day, so this is a fun one to dress up as. It’s similar to the idea above since they both have bright colors and spandex.

3. Neon Workout Gear I just wanted to send this idea home with the ultimate neon workout gear outfit idea. There are so many ways you can complete this outfit, but these are my favorite of the bunch.

70s Outfits with 3 different outfit ideas

4. 90s Theme Outfit – The best thing about throwback day is that you can choose any decade, not just one. So take a look at this themed outfit from the 90s.

5. 70s Hippies – The 70s was such a cool time for outfits. There were so many flowers and groovy colors; I was just obsessed.

6. Bright 80s Outfit Idea – The 80s wasn’t just grunge and goth core. It was also super bright too! It all depends on your style, but I think this is a wonderful option.

7. 80s Babies – 3 different outfit ideas in one photo…I don’t think it gets any better than that. Check out this friendship trio rock the 80s baby look.

8. 70s Bell Bottoms – You cannot have the 70s without bell bottoms, you just can’t. I know that bell bottoms are coming back, but this is your excuse to wear the largest pair that you possibly can. Go big!

9.  80s Ugly Sweater – Ugly sweaters are the way to go in my book. Your throwback day can be anything you want, so why not be comfortable?

10. Turtleneck Sweater – Turtlenecks are a very 50/50 sweater option for me. I think that they are perfect for throwback day, though. So check out this inspiration and see what you like.

11. Outfit Idea with Jacket and Shirt – This outfit idea has a LOT of jean, so you could be going for the 90s or early 2000 with this look. Yep, to all you 2000s babies out there, you are getting older.

Throwback Day Outfits

Simple Outfit Ideas

Sometimes, the simple outfits end up being the loudest. The ideas below should fill you with inspiration for your throwback day. I think that you may even already have some of these pieces in your closet if you just look for them.

12. Cute Classic Flower Ideas – This floral outfit will literally turn heads on throwback day. It’s too cute not to! Take a look and see if this is up your alley.

13. Triple Outfit Idea – Here we have another throwback triple threat. There are so many different directions to go with this themed day, do whatever makes you feel the most you.

14. Saved By the Bell Inspiration – What better place to get inspiration for throwback day outfits than from popular sitcoms from back in the day?

15. Classic Throwback Look – Here, we have a classic throwback look. Check out the high-waisted pants that are paired with the adorable crew neck; it doesn’t get much more 80s than that.

16. Jean Overalls – If you love overalls but haven’t had an excuse to wear them to school, now is your chance.

17. Vintage Look – Sometimes you just have to go with a super vintage look. Check out this Idea to see what I mean, how could you resist this?

18. Stranger Things Outfit Ideas – How perfect would this throwback day be if you also dressed up as your favorite character?

19. Sweater with High-Waisted Pants – I am 99% sure that everyone owns a pair of high-waisted pants these days, so this should be the easiest outfit option.

20. Classic Black Tank Over White Shirt – The small tank top worn over a t-shirt is such a throwback look, I had to include this!

21. Oversized Vest idea – I love oversized vests, and I think after looking at this outfit, you will too.

Stellar Throwback Day Outfit Ideas

Stellar Throwback Day Outfits Ideas

I had to use a throwback word to describe these throwback outfits, so here is a list of stellar ideas to help you make a decision on what to wear. These speak for themselves.

22. Green Sweater Idea

23. Wooden Shoes Idea

24. Classic 90s Look

25. Punk Outfit Idea

26. Turtleneck Over Shirt

27. Rainbow Sweater

28. 70s Baggy Clothes

29. Dark Green Pants

30. Yellow Shirt with Matching Pants

31. Patchwork Sweater


There you have it, some of the most stellar throwback day outfit ideas that you will ever see. Don’t you wish we dressed like this all the time? I just love reflecting on history through clothing.

There are so many other spirit day ideas to think about. If you are looking for ideas for this one, you must have others that you need help with as well. I got your back! I am now the certified spirit week queen, so check out some of my other ideas and I think you will be prepared for whatever theme they throw at you.